Club President   

By: Joe Dotterer - Club President

Nothing to report.
Joe Dotterer
(951) 897-5685 
Club Vice President

By: Pete Whitworth - Club Vice President

Nothing to report.

Pete Whitworth
(909) 223-5822

By: Louie Lopez - ob.treasurer@outlook.com

Nothing to report.

Louie Lopez
(714) 538-7202
Range Captain
By: Chriss Bowle s -  Club Range Captain
Nothing to report.

Chriss Bowles
(951) 757-4571
 Hunt Chairman

By: Bill Leal - Club Hunt Chairman   

Hi all,

A new year started for game taking in 2019. If you have taken any game, fill out a game card and list small and large game on the same card. If you run out of space, you can make up a new card. Game cards can be found at the club house on Sundays or email me and I will send them to you. Finally, it is very important put your phone number on it.

                                                      Well have a good year

Bill Leal 
(714) 803-9617 - Cell
(714) 523-5284 - Home
7328 El Dorado Drive
Buena Park CA 90620-7589
Range Secretary

By: Mark Houston - Club Range Secretary

I would like to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me. My name is Mark Houston and I've been a member of Oranco Bowmen for about 7 years. 

I was born at the Corona Naval Hospital and have been a resident of Southern California all my life. Like many of you, my love for archery started at a young age. My father got me into Indian Guides when I was 7 years old. Of course being all things Indian, the other boys and I learned to handcraft feathered headdresses, leather vests, loincloths and moccasins. But the coolest and most coveted of all, "the bow and arrows!" Made from tree branches with real sinew bow strings and feathered sinew notched wood arrows. We did chip some arrowheads out of rock and obsidian, but for some reason they never let us attach them to our arrows! 

When I turned 9 years old, my older brother gave me his aluminum recurve bow that he had made in high school metal shop. He was heading into the Navy and knew I had been eyeballing his bow for the last few years. It was my first bow that could fling an arrow with some authority. He didn't have any arrows left, so my two best friends and I hopped on our bikes and scrounged the entire neighborhood for all the soda pop bottles we could get and turn them in for cash deposit at the nearest gas station. We pedaled our bikes as fast as we could a mile and a half up the road to Grant's five and dime and bought 6 wood arrows with crimped metal points, feathers and plastic nocks. We jump back on our bikes and raced down to Basset Park taking turns shooting at a target drawn on a cardboard box for the rest of the day! Before long my buddies had their own bows,and we would steal away every chance we had to go to the park to shoot.

It's been almost 60 years since those bonds of friendly competition were forged! And I still look forward with anticipation and excitement of heading down to the range to shoot with my buddies! We call ourselves the Shady Archers, maybe better known as the Thursday guys. And you can find us most Thursdays weather permitting, shooting at the range till dark and sharing a meal together.

Recently, I've been appointed to fill the position of Oranco Bowmen Range Secretary and as one of my duties take charge of the Oranco Bowmen Champ Shoot, this coming Sunday March 3rd. I look forward to serving the club and membership to the best of my ability and being available whenever the need arises.

Mark Houston
(760) 605-1155

Due to poor weather conditions we will be postponing the Champ Shoot to March 10th. We apologize for the inconvenience, however we do not want to risk the health of our work party members and club members.

We will be excited to welcome you all next Sunday.

Remember: Members shoot free. Guests are $5 with an accompanying member. A FREE lunch will be provided throughout the day to all shooters. Awards will be presented at the banquet for Members Only.

The shoot venue will be 14 field targets - 14 hunter targets - 14 animal targets and we're very excited to add 14-1 arrow 3D unmarked targets. No rangefinders. Sign up’s are from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. with a 9 a.m. shotgun start time. All cards must be in by 3:30 p.m. Double scoring is mandatory with a minimum of three archers per group. All styles and ages from Cubs to Seniors.

We are excited to see you there!
Tournament Chairman

By: David Bacon. - Tournament Chairman

Our JFA Class on February 3rd was rained out but on the 16th we had a special Beginners Archery Class where we had 13 archers including some girl scouts and it was a lot of fun. We had a mix of both Youth and Adult archers looking to get started in our sport and it was great to see some of the parents out there spending some Archery time with their kids. After the beginners class I took the girl scouts and their leaders out to the valley range to shoot some field targets which qualified them for their Archery Badge. All in all it was a nice but muddy day on the range.

Our JOAD Class continues to do well and a few of the parents who attended the beginners class on Saturday brought their kids back on Sunday for the JOAD Class. I have had nothing but compliments on both classes and I want to give a special Thank You to our JOAD Coordinator, Vernie for taking this on and donating her time and the use of her equipment to the club so when you see her out there, show your appreciation.

The first ever State Traditional Championship was held at Verdugo Hills Archers earlier this month and I volunteered to give the CBH Vice President, George Papac a hand with score keeping and I have to say despite the cold weather and rainy conditions it was a blast. I think he ended up with 140 Archers willing to brave the cold and wet conditions to get out there and give it their all. The team from Verdugo Hills did a great job on the setup and made everyone feel very welcome. A big thanks to Verdugo for hosting and if you didn’t get a chance to dust off your old long bow…keep an eye on the CBH calendar for next years event.

The CBH Calendar is full of events going on in the area so when you get some time, go to www.cbhsaa.net and check out the event calendar. Mojave Archers has 10 events on the calendar and there is a lot going on at Riverside Archers as well and it seems there is something going on at San Diego Archers just about every weekend so let’s get out there and support the local clubs and don’t forget to wear your Oranco Club shirt and if you would like an Oranco hoodie or sweatshirt, get with Joe Dotterer to place your order.

David Bacon
(909) 217-4441
Club Secretary

By: Amanda Duchardt - Club Secretary

Hi All!
Thanks to all our members and guest that attended the February Club Meeting! Here are the goings-on highlights:

* Joe and Work Party helpers continue to make Oranco great with ongoing maintenance projects including rearranging range plugs, installing 60 log poles along the fence line to prevent theft, main cook shack remodeling, and planting trees just to name a few.

* Pete placed a large order for 3D targets for our tournaments.

* I’d like to remind our members to be each other’s keeper when it comes to safety on the range. If you see a member being unsafe please say something. If the behavior continues, notify someone on the Board ASAP so that we can follow up and make sure the issue is resolved. Stay safe out there!

* Stump and Varmint shoot brought in 87 shooters. Check out the scores online.

* The Oranco Annual Banquet will held at Oranco March 23. Cost is $20 per person. Last year the event got a lot of great feedback and we’re hoping to make it even better this year.

* Please join us for the Champ Shoot March 10! This tournament is FREE to members and $5 for your guest.

* The current Oranco Board of Directors was nominated and reconfirmed as the Board for 2019. In addition, the Board Appointed Mark Houston as the new Range Secretary. Check out his introductory article in this newsletter!

* Finally – LOTS of Exciting Motions were Approved by the Board this Month (see table below).
Want to be informed or get involved? Our next club meeting is Tuesday, March 12 at 7pm in the club house.

Club Meeting Minutes are available in a binder at the Club office or email Ob.Secretary@outlook.com for a copy. The Summary of Board/Member Actions from the last meetings are included below.

Amanda Duchardt
Membership Chairmen  
By: Samantha Ewertz - Club Membership

Nothing to report.

Samantha Ewertz
Flint Captain

By: Jason Duysings - Club Flint Captain

Nothing to report.
Jason Duysings
Two Year Board Member

By: Al Wiscovitch - Two Year Board Member

Hello everyone,

I would like to cover a few thinks coming our way. First our Champ shoot is set for March 3rd and I hope you all can make this shoot as it is for our club members and it’s free to our club members with lunch included. If you have never done this one it’s a field style shoot 14-field target 4-arrows, 14-hunter targets 4-arrows 14-animal. Shooting a animal round is a bit different on this round you take three of your arrows and you mark 1,2 and 3 when you get to the farthest yellow shooting plug you shoot arrow number 1. If you hit the scoring area you need not shoot another arrow. If you miss the first shot you move up to the next shooting plug and shoot number 2. If you hit the scoring zone there’s no need to shoot number 3. I hope you get the jest of this. There will be instructions on how to shoot this event. So don’t worry! Also this year we have added 14-3-D targets (unmarked targets) to make this a bit more challenging. So you need to come out and have some fun and hang out with your club buddies..
Now last subject I would like to cover.

This year I have been given the honor of being our banquet coordinator Oranco will be putting on our 66th annual awards banquet and get-together to be held at our club premises as last year. It proved to be quite popular and was voted this year to be held on the property again. Our banquet is a time to reflect on our club members with awards on their personal accomplishments and support to our range.

This year we will have a 20x40 enclosed tent there will be heaters to keep everyone comfortable and warm. There will be chuck wagon style food, soft drinks, desert and music to keep things lively. Rumor has it that Elvis will be at our event to entertain us with some of his classic songs. You don’t want to miss this..

Cost for this year’s event is all inclusive $20 00 per person. There will be 100 dinner seats available for this event so doesn’t wait for the last minute to reserve your dinner seats!

So please RSVP by March 19, 2019 RSVP to: Al Wiscovitch @ 909-322-3869 or email alwisco@msn.com

Thank you and hope to see all of you at our event this year!!

Al Wiscovitch
(909) 322-3869
Oranco Bowmen Archery Range

Occupying about 45 acres, Oranco Bowmen Archery Club is a NFAA certified 5-star range. This is the highest certification given by NFAA. We are the only range in Southern California with practice butts from 10-80 yards in 5-yard increments. If you need a place to "dial in" your bow, this is it! 

Oranco also has two NFAA roving courses: Our Valley Course is a level 28-target course, consisting of 14 animal and 14 hunter paper targets. For those who desire a bit more of a physical challenge, our Mountain Course is a hilly 28-target course offering 14 Field targets and another set of 14 animal paper targets. The Layout changes occasionally.
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club - Range Map 
Oranco is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Please remember to lock your vehicles when you are not present and always take your equipment home with you. We have received reports about stolen equipment, and want everyone to understand that you alone are responsible for your belongings . We advise you to put your identification information on your belongings and try not to leave anything unattended.

Remember: We are open to the public on Sundays and during shoots. During these events it is much more difficult to track who is on range property, especially if people do not sign in at the office.

Be safe and responsible everyone.

Range Beautification Party : We would greatly appreciate your help and support to the upcoming Work Parties. Keep an eye out for the email blast. All Club Members and their families are invited. Per Joe Dotterer, Club President there will be an “ ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH ” served for ALL of our Volunteers who come out and help.

Your assistance ensures that the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club remains the best in Southern California. There is a reason why people travel from all over California to shoot at our Archery Club. Get involved and help us out.  
Cook Shack Workers Needed : Positions are still available for volunteers to help out during the upcoming shoots. Tony Tobin will be taking over Cook Shack Assignments effective immediately. Terry Lopez will no longer be accepting calls for Cook Shack volunteers.

Please contact Tony Tobin in order to reserve your spot at: Cell# (626) 354-2268  . TEXT ONLY because he cannot answer his Cell Phone at work. Leave your name and your cell phone number.First Come, First Serve.   

Target Camping : This is NOT Allowed...Period. Your Membership will be terminated for doing this! The Practice Butts are for sighting in, improving your archery skills, and honing your accuracy. The Roving Range is just that, Roving. Shoot 4 arrows, Score them, then move on to the next target. 

You have been warned. Don't do it. It is not worth it.  

Doe Hunt Ends 48-Year Late-Season Bowhunting Drought

Those who chase whitetails during Wisconsin’s late-season bowhunting season often dub it bowhunting’s toughest challenge.

It’s not only cold, but the deer have been hunted since early September, making them increasingly wary of hunters toting everything from bows to rifles to muzzleloaders. The 2018-19 bowhunting season, for instance, opened Sept. 15, which means every deer still standing at sunset Jan. 6 – the season’s final day – survived 114 days of hunting pressure.

Hunting for the Fun of It

It's okay to be serious about bowhunting - but not too serious!

Some years ago, I attended the PSE Shooter’s School in Tucson, Arizona. To kick things off, the instructor had the students fill out a questionnaire. One question was, “What do you want to accomplish in archery?” Most students answered with things like to never miss, win more tournaments, kill more deer, whip target panic, learn to tune a bow better…

Mission Statement :
My Goal as Newsletter Editor is to help Members stay informed with the Operations and Activities that are going on in and around the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Club Website : Oranco Bowmen Archery Club Website