Club President   

By: Joe Dotterer - Club President

Nothing to Report.
Joe Dotterer
(951) 897-5685  
Club Vice President

By: Pete Whitworth - Club Vice President

Nothing to Report.

Pete Whitworth
Range Captain
By: Chriss Bowle s -  Club Range Captain
Nothing to Report.
Chriss Bowles
Range Captain
Hunt Chairman

By: Bill Leal - Club Hunt Chairman   

Nothing to Report

Bill Leal 
(714) 803-9617 - Cell
(714) 523-5284 - Home
7328 El Dorado Drive
Buena Park CA 90620-7589
Range Secretary

By: Tony Tobin - Club Range Secretary

At the last shoot, I was using a cane to get around. Well a week later, I had surgery done on my foot. So, for the last three weeks, I’ve been on the couch. Having this much time on my hands, has allowed me to strip and fletch 4 dozen arrows while watching the seasonal weeds grow in my yard.

I even let my beard grow out until I looked like a gray yeti, so much for that. I apologize for not being able to host the Champ Shoot this year. This is a shoot I enjoy putting on for the Members. I am thankful to have good friends on the Board, which offered to run the shoot during my absence.

I’m hoping by the end of the month, I will be able to get back to my normal routine. I’ll see you soon at the range, take care till then.

Till next month, shoot straight and focus on the gold .

Tony Tobin
(626) 354-2268
Tournament Chairman

By: Don Reiter. - Tournament Chairman

Nothing to Report.

Don Reiter
Membership Chairmen  
By: Samantha Ewertz - Club Membership
Nothing to Report.

Samantha Ewertz
Membership Chairman
Flint Captain

By: Jason Duysings - Club Flint Captain

Nothing to Report.
Thank you
Jason Duysings
  • Repaired about 12 scissored 3-D stands. New stands to be welded.

  • Joe and some volunteers keeping creek clean.

  • Solicited 2 quotes for fence repair (Also see Old Business #14 and New Business #1, below)

  • Weed sprayer quote pending – broad leaf spray for weeds not grass

  • 4x4 sheet and 10 foot stainless steel beam, other building supplies stolen after the Rendezvous shoot. Joe posted article in the newsletter.

  • Recall repairs on Kabota complete.

  • Fund raiser to re-elect Kurt Hagman County Supervisor was attended by 5 Oranco members. Really good discussion with Kurt Hagman. He is spearheading 100 year lease for Parks Department. Last lease was 50 years. County has been acquiring more land to expand park all the way to the airport. Funding to continue Pine to Euclid. All held up by next years’ budget in July. Hagman is pro sportsman/hunter.

  • Forks for tractor purchased and work perfect, Hitch receiver installed and working great too

  • Battery for security alarm changed

  • Quote for materials to extend awning at practice butts obtained (See Old Business #7)
  • N/A
  • Samantha trained Amanda on how to open the range. Amanda drafted a process document building on what Don already had written up and additional input from Samantha, Pete and Dave. Document will be stored in the club house for reference. Amanda opened range last Sunday with Pete and David. Ready to open on 3/18.

  • Goals: Send out Club Meeting Minutes within 2 days of meeting for inclusion in the monthly newsletter and agendas 1 week before meetings. Please send Amanda comments/edits on the Meeting Minutes ASAP so that the version in the newsletter is as accurate as possible; keeps records clean. Send new agenda items at least one week prior to meeting.
  • Getting ready for next shoot.
  • N/A

  •  Joe/David – missing info/updates from previous Board member. Following up.
  • List of trophies sent to Terry for the banquet

  • Turkey season opening – bearded only

  • Need more game cards; Pete to print copies
  • Current Membership: 462

  • Joe/Sam following up on member email and response. Sam responded – Done.

  • Joe passed along $25 for hay bale sale

  • Sam bought scanner and scanned all current memberships. Will upload to OneDrive account

  • Retained all old memberships from 2014-current only.
  • Out for several weeks after foot surgery.

  • Louie provided Treasurers Report for February 2017 via email. Read by Joe.
Motion: Approve Treasurer Report – APPROVED
  • Talked to Travis about welding at the cook shack but may be delayed because of the rain. Needs to be completed by shoot on April 8.

  • Fielded about 30 calls about shoots canceled last weekend.

  • Joe – suggested writing a newsletter article explaining to members why shoots were canceled because of rain. Rain not just an issue for shooters but trying to avoid damage to the range/roads during setup and take down in muddy conditions. Safety issue for members/guests in slippery conditions (mud and grass on hillsides).
  • N/A
  • Proposed By-Laws update - David to email clarifications and Board to determine if additional meeting is needed to finalize.

  • Amanda – Shared details for proposal to organize member meet up opportunities including: Monthly meetups - Examples:

(1) New Member Meet-up – 1 st Saturday of the month 1pm – 2pm

(2) Get to know new members, 5-minute lesson of the day, shoot the range, “challenge shot”

(3) “Breakfast Club” – Example: 2 nd Saturday of the month 8am – 10am

(4) Socialize over coffee/OJ and donuts (donations accepted), shoot the range/practice butts

(5) Hunter's Club – Example: 3 rd Saturday of the month 3pm-5pm - Snack/drink potluck, 3D and Broadhead practice, broad head exchange event.

(6) Family Meet up – Example: 3 rd Saturday of the month 9:30am -11:30am - Socialize over hot dogs/water/soda (donations accepted), shoot the valley area, practice butts.

(7) Ladies Meet up – Example: 4 th Saturday of the month 9:30am -11:30am - Anything we want! Because we are AWESOME like that!

(8) Will ask for volunteers to lead/organize events for 4 hours work party credit. Holiday event examples:

a. Superbowl pot luck

b. Easter egg hunt

c. 4 th of July BBQ/Fire work viewing from the Mountain range

d. Halloween night shoot, trick or treat at the range

e. Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange and pot luck

  • Will ask for volunteers to lead/organize events for work party credits.

  • Tournament ambassadors lead a group of new tournament archers at an Oranco tournament. The Ambassador will teach archers how to score and discuss range etiquette. The Ambassador will monitor/correct shooters regarding illegal use of range finders, no overhead drawing, no alcohol on the range, etc. Ambassador will receive free tournament registration or 4 hours work party credit. Will initiate member survey to solicit interest in these events. Stay tuned! - Board gave green light to proceed.

  • Pete - Make signs indicating FITA targets closed Sunday 8:30-2pm. - No update

  • Joe - Contact Dalke Engineering for engineered bridge design - No update

  • Joe – Contact a structural engineer for an inspection and recommendation on what improvements can be made to the tree stand - No update

  • Joe - Cook House window repair - No action until interior cook house repairs are initiated.

  • Joe – Practice butt awning extension and install - Travis Scott quote - $9,900.00 not including powder coating or welding of clips and shims. Joe seeking/researching other quotes and found a supplier for $2,600 in materials

  • Joe – Fixes to mower - No update

  • Pete – Purchase mallets - No update

  • 75th anniversary of CBH/SAA lapel pin sale - Samantha sold some at the Scalps and skins shoot. Club will also sell pins on Sundays.

  • David – Oranco online store updates - Need to get with Joe on what sales are restricted and which aren’t (i.e., pins, club shirts, event shirts). Hoodies on order. Polo shirts for anyone. Special order in progress – should we order youth shirts? Jason to place order as needed. 

  • Joe – CBH/SAA Legislative defense fund donation - Motion: Donate all mulligan money from Big Game Shoot + Oranco match up to $500 to CBH/SAA Legislative defense fund - APPROVED

  • Motion: Donate $1,000 to CBH/SAA Legislative defense fund at the mid-year President’s meeting - APPROVED

  • Joe – tractor equipment purchase. Joe discussed tractor issues with Ruben from gun range. Ruben is getting $1.2M from AQMD to replace his tractors. Rebate is 80% of purchase. Oranco looking to replace “Old Blue” with a bigger horsepower tractor @$45k. Other tractor has frequent maintenance issues and leaks. Replace that tractor for $40k. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Joe to research replacing all three tractors and trencher under AQMD rebate program and sell old equipment for parts.

  • Joe – Oranco fence repairs needed at 7 locations (Also see New Business #1) Quote 1: $5,875. Quote 2: $3,639

  • David – Oranco is 500 feet short of internet service. Will be another year wait for high speed internet. Internet waiting on the phone company. Oranco can’t trench for it either. Cable must be polished. Our name is on a list for service.
  • Motion: Accept bid to fix fences @$3,639 – APPROVED

  • Champ Shoot scheduled for Saturday but rain is anticipated. Possibly reschedule for Saturday 3/24.

  • David – Need to designate someone to check first aid kit. Gauze bandages are gone.

  • David – Valley Target 26 is getting shot up in just a few days. Consider placing a trail camera on that target. 

  • Joe nominated Al Wiscovitch as two-year board member. - Motion: Appoint Al Wiscovitch as two-year board member. - APPROVED

  • Al – finished printing Oranco banners. LOOK GREAT!!! Needs patch to correct that Oranco is located in Chino, CA not Chino Hills, CA. Al to follow-up.

  • Terry Lopez – Local boy scout troop trying to do a camp out 3/23-25. If Oranco shoot is canceled, would like to use the range. Put bows in cook shack for use on Saturday afternoon. Seeking volunteers to help out Saturday morning. Will rake range as a service project on Saturday afternoon.

  • Terry Lopez – April 20-22nd Boy Scout District Camporee at Firestone. Terry was asked to run archery portion on 4/21 for 450-500 kids. Will save $6 per head if Oranco can supply some bows and volunteers. Add announcements to Newsletter.

  • Jason – Past President Bud Gray attended Scalps and Skins and had a heart attack. Will be out of work for about a year. Proposal to donate one of the Scalps and Skins shoot money to him/family. No action taken by Board.

  • Richard Jensen (not Bob Jensen) passed away last month.

  • Jason – Found contact to replace some of the stolen materials for the cook shack for free.

  • Banquet deadline – Board agreed no exceptions for late RSVPs. Late RSVPs will be returned. Price increase to $30 for any additional attendance. All RSVP money received will be donated to charity.

  • Banquets RSVPs received – about 100.

  • Motion: Approve Special Membership for Mike Etinne, VP at Turners - APPROVED

  • Motion: Approve Special Membership for Scott Elliott, Turners employee – APPROVED

  • How many special memberships for archery shops? Will revisit at renewal time. Case by case basis. All special memberships addressed at renewal time. Needs to be a Board decision not just 3 Board Members.

  • David mentioned that he received 5 emails/calls re: banquet but Samantha has not received forwarded messages. Why isn’t Samantha getting emails?

  • Members contacting David for issues not pertaining to him. Mistaken as a Board Member due to contact list on website. Will update for clarity.

  • Amanda to work with David to get access to Secretary email. David needs a 4 digit code from Don Reiter to turn it back over to him and reassign to Amanda.

  • Jason – Received $2000 in target sponsors for Scalps and Skins. Will spend half at Turners and half at Scalps and Skins to purchase Scalps and Skins raffle prizes. Sponsor signs cost $120. David suggested placing sponsor signs 3-4 feet in front of shooting stake versus near target.

  • No Board Member updates from Tony Tobin in 6+ months. Can Tony Tobin email updates or appoint an alternate/stand in? Not necessary, only responsible for opening Sundays as scheduled, organizing Champ Shoot and working tournaments.

  • 23. Email awards needed at banquet to Terry Adams.
April 10 th 2018 @7PM
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club
17504 Pomona Rincon Rd
Chino, CA 91708
*Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month

  • February 13th meeting minutes - Approved
  • Treasurer Report - Approved
  • Donate all mulligan money from Big Game Shoot + Oranco match up to $500 to CBH/SAA Legislative defense fund - Approved
  • Donate $1,000 to CBH/SAA Legislative defense fund at the mid-year President’s meeting - Approved Accept bid to fix fences @ $3,639 - Approved
  • Appoint Al Wiscovitch as two-year board member - Approved
  • Provide Special Membership for Mike Etinne, VP at Turners - Approved
  • Provide Special Membership for Scott Elliott, Turners employee - Approved

Oranco Bowmen Archery Range

Occupying about 45 acres, Oranco Bowmen Archery Club is a NFAA certified 5-star range. This is the highest certification given by NFAA. We are the only range in Southern California with practice butts from 10-80 yards in 5-yard increments. If you need a place to "dial in" your bow, this is it! 

Oranco also has two NFAA roving courses: Our Valley Course is a level 28-target course, consisting of 14 animal and 14 hunter paper targets. For those who desire a bit more of a physical challenge, our Mountain Course is a hilly 28-target course offering 14 Field targets and another set of 14 animal paper targets. The Layout changes occasionally.
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club - Range Map 

Range Beautification Party : We would greatly appreciate your help and support to the upcoming Work Parties. Keep an eye out for the email blast. All Club Members and their families are invited. Per Joe Dotterer, Club President there will be an “ ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH ” served for ALL of our Volunteers who come out and help.

Your assistance ensures that the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club remains the best in Southern California. There is a reason why people travel from all over California to shoot at our Archery Club. Get involved and help us out.  
Cook Shack Workers Needed : Positions are still available for volunteers to help out during the upcoming shoots. Tony Tobin will no longer be accepting calls for cook shack volunteers. Please contact Terry Lopez in order to reserve your spot at: (562) 900 - 4487. First Come, First Serve.  

Target Camping : This is NOT Allowed...Period. Your Membership will be terminated for doing this! The Practice Butts are for sighting in, improving your archery skills, and honing your accuracy. The Roving Range is just that, Roving. Shoot 4 arrows, Score them, then move on to the next target. 

You have been warned. Don't do it. It is not worth it.  

You Need a Bow String Loop

A string loop makes bowhunting so much better. When top tournament 3D archer and bowhunter Mike Mooney of Jacksonville, Florida, told me I needed to rig a string loop on my bow, I listened carefully.

“You’ll shoot tighter groups more consistently,” he said. “And you’ll save wear on the bow string serving when using a caliper release. Almost all 3D tournament shooters use loops, and those same shooters wouldn’t think of bowhunting without them.

GOOD ADVICE FROM A HUNTER AND MEATCUTTER.: Field dressing any animal can best be described as gutting it in the field (or in the woods). Most often, the purpose of field dressing is to make the deer or animal lighter so it will be easier to transport. Field dressing — or “knocking the guts out,” as Dad used to call it...


The world record grizzly bear came so close that archer Rodney Debias could smell the bear and hear him breathing. Rodney Debias of Windber, Pennsylvania took an Alaskan grizzly bear in 2009 that was officially recognized as the new Pope & Young world record in 2016.

Although an experienced and successful bowhunter, Debias’ dream of taking a  grizzly bear  with his bow eluded him for many years. Circumstances, however, were in his favor when in 2009 he was able to fly to Unalakleet, Alaska, to pursue his dream.

Rescheduled - Due to Inclement weather
The Scalps and Skins shoot originally scheduled for March 10th 2018 has been rescheduled for - Saturday, July 11th, 2018.

Oranco Bowmen Banquet

March 31, 2018

Country Style BBQ Dinner, Raffle and Entertainment

We Hope To See You There
Mission Statement :
My Goal as Newsletter Editor is to help Members stay informed with the Operations and Activities that are going on in and around the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Club Website: Oranco Bowmen Archery Club Website