Club President   

By: Joe Dotterer - Club President

It has been a few months since my last report. I've been on a couple of hunting trips (with no success) and one long RV trip that covered a total of 17 states.
The best highlights were seeing the Alamo and the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX., visiting past Oranco President Curt Case and his wife Patti Case near Waco TX., Seeing my stepmother and half-sister in TN and brothers in Bloomington IN. On our way back, we stopped at the Pope & Young Museum in Minnesota. If you get a chance to go, do it, it's worth your time. Then we went to NFAA Headquarters in Yankton SD. What a huge and beautiful place. Again, it’s worth a trip.
Of course, I missed the Tomahawk shoot and that was the biggest shoot we have had in many years. It turned out to be a bad time to try some new things. At the monthly meeting there was a lot of discussions on what went wrong and what not to do the next time.
We are still working on a few projects and they should be done by the Christmas shoot. While speaking of the Christmas shoot. I would like to tell our members that if you know a family in need please come to the shoot with the number of toys needed along with the sex and ages so that we can pick out appropriate toys. We can also use toys for older kids such as foot balls, soccer balls, and other sporting goods for boys and girls. Also, makeup, hair brushes, perfume and other like things for older girls. 
Elections are in February. Nominations are open to everyone for all offices. If you would like to know about any office and what is expected, please feel free to give me a call.
Our Annual Banquet will be March 25th, so mark your calendar to keep the date open. We don't have a location yet, but we will keep everyone informed. This will be our 65th Annual Banquet so it will be a special one with lots of nice door prizes.
Merry Christmas,
Joe Dotterer
(951) 897-5685    
Club Vice President

By: Pete Whitworth - Club Vice President

It’s the middle of November already and Thanksgiving is just 5 days away.
Our annual CHARITY SHOOT is in three short weeks, Dec. 10 th .
If you haven’t been to the Charity shoot, it is a standard 42 target single arrow 3D tournament. Scoring is 10/8/5, and we just changed the Doe Tag Rules to be
-5 for hitting Doe or +5 with a Doe tag. We did this to conform with the majority of local clubs to lessen confusion.
Fees for this shoot are $5.00 plus an unwrapped gift worth at least $10.00. Cubs and Pee-Wees are $5.00, OR free with a gift.
The following contains my opinions on the reasoning behind the Oranco tournament policy. Particularly regarding “Inclusiveness”.
I hear constantly that Oranco is viewed as “Excluding” Traditional shooters because we do not have “Trad Stakes”. Apparently in their opinion this makes us Not Inclusive.
I firmly disagree, and here is why… We set up a tournament to challenge archers, sometimes push limits, and determine champions. Tournaments have never been about ethical hunting distances, it’s more about learning your limits so that hopefully you will impose ethical distances on yourself. 
Our tournaments are designed to be a challenge. All shooters are welcome at Oranco to test themselves and compete against others, regardless the type of equipment you shoot. 
Oranco recognizes Recurve, Longbow, Bare Bow, Bowhunter Freestyle, Bowhunter Freestyle Limited, Freestyle and Freestyle limited, in all age groups from Pee-Wee to Senior.
That is my precise definition of inclusive. Everyone is welcome.
Back when I first started shooting, there were no compound bows (yeah, I’m old). For a few years compound bows were not allowed on the ranges, and there were no styles for them to compete in. There was a very long debate to determine if they should be considered archery equipment. That was Not Inclusive, and it has been corrected in a way that includes mechanical shooting devices and those who shoot such devices.
The distances didn’t change because we added compounds, we stuck with the distances that were created by traditional shooters, shooting traditional equipment. If we were to have made a change at all, it should have been to increase the distances for compounds. Certainly, nobody ever considered lowering the existing distances for the people who created them.
I see flyers for Trad only shoots all the time. They do not accommodate compounds at all. My wife can’t go because she shoots a compound, so I haven’t gone. That is Not Inclusive.
At Oranco we try to set up our shoots at reasonable distances for all types of equipment, and occasionally we throw in a long shot, especially for the Trad shooters who get pleasure from watching their arrows fly.
Traditionally, traditional shooters have enjoyed a good novelty shoot, and I see that we all still do. Well, throwing in a few longer shots, or tournaments that have some longer shots that you are not accustomed too is also a novelty. Oranco is a great place for this because most of our shots have excellent backstop berms without too many rocks, that offer protection from breaking and losing the wood arrows that you spent two weeks making (OK, I spend too much time on my ammunition).
The NFAA field round distances going all the way out to 80 yards were created before compounds existed. Traditionally speaking, it has always been a tradition for bows shot off the shelf to shoot 80 yards. My dad had a 20 pin at 60 yards and I still have a picture of the arrows in the target (although the 5 ring was larger back then, the spot and white ring counted 5, and the outer black was 3, there was no 4 ring). The rings were different sizes too, but I digress. I’m 69 now, and I still can’t shoot anywhere near like he did, but I’m sure not going to quit trying. I’m in this for the challenge, and for fun.
So, if you shoot a traditional bow, and you like a decent challenge without undue risk to your arrows, come out and join us. Heck, it’s the Christmas shoot, wear a funny hat if you like. Let’s have some fun.
Oh, one more thing…The Tomahawk shoot this year had some unforeseen issues that can’t happen again. We had arrows skipping at more than one target, and this will be fixed. First off, we are moving the Signature Tomahawk target down into the bowl, and we will be shooting down at it from the Sniper Shack. That will prevent the skips, and it will also give you a good backstop, so you don’t lose arrows. 
The rest of the targets will be moved into positions mostly in front of the bales I think (that’s yet to be decided), that prevent skips. Also, we are eliminating the platform from all future invitational shoots because it slows the entire shoot down considerably. This will be done with the objective of keeping the distances and target sizes as close to what we had as possible.

Pete Whitworth
Flint Captain

By: Jason Duysings - Club Flint Captain

Scalps & Skins
Nothing to Report.
Jason Duysings 
(951) 906-4021
Club Newsletter  

By: Nick Scamperino - Club Newsletter Editor

Hope you have a fabulous Turkey Day! As November has come to a close, there have been a lot of things going on down at the Range. For those of you who missed the November Club Meeting, here is what was discussed:

Club Meeting - November 2017 - Topics

  • There was some maintenance work completed on the big tractor and the old tractor.

  • Work continues on the shade area for the Practice Butts to add an awning over the picnic table.

  • There have been some tree limbs that have fallen. We are working to get them cleaned up.

  • Joe's out of state trip was good, although he was unsuccessful.

  • Joe spoke to the Parks Department in regards to our lease and was told that they are still waiting to get their lease as well. They are expecting to see their lease in about 6 months.

  • Joe met with the survey people regarding the survey stakes.

  • The Camping Combo was changed on the front gate. Any future campers need to contact Joe.

  • Joe is selling his bunkhouse trailer, which is less than a year old. $33,000 firm. Low ballers need not apply. No negotiation will be considered.

  • Joe will be meeting with the Board Members in regards to operational functions of the range to include operating the lights, PA System, National Anthem, Siren, etc...

  • Don Reiter will be returning to Arizona for work and Kyle will be stepping in to fulfill his job duties.

  • Don brought in pricing for the bridge beams. He also suggested having an engineer check the specifications out to be sure they will suffice. There will be further discussion at a later date.

  • Chriss mentioned that we still need to get the new bales placed out on the range.

  • There was a discussion in regards to the upcoming State Meeting and the CBH Hall of Fame Awards Banquet. $45 per person. The yearbooks will be on sale. January 12th - 14th.

  • The State 900 Awards are in.

  • The Hunt Chairman wanted to remind everyone to turn in their Game Cards for Awards. He said he only has one card so far. He needs them in by January 31st, 2018.

  • Bill mentioned that you can pig hunt all year long. He said it should be a good year due to the cold weather. California has a drawing for hunting pigs on private land.

  • The Membership Chair said we are at approximately 405 Members.

  • The Flint Captain said that the Night Shoot went over well. He said they had 90 shooters. The Last Man Standing took home $240.

  • Joe said they are working on the items from the recent range inspection.

  • We will be contacting the Tree Trimmer contractor in order to get some of the trees cleaned up. Including some around the Club House.

  • There will be a By-Laws Meeting on December 16th at 2:00 pm. The Board is working on the Final Draft.

  • The Board is working through some recent issues that arose with Cook Shack during the last shoot.

  • The elevated platform will no longer be used during tournaments. It will only be open for Club Members moving forward. It becomes too much of a bottleneck as people end up shooting the target one at a time.

  • There was a request for a budget of $500 for toys for the Charity Shoot. The Board approved $250 for now and will re-address the issue as we get closer. Joe wants to make sure we are not getting too many of the same types of items. Last year we had 248 shooters. Joe also wanted me to mention the following:

  • We can also use toys for older kids such as footballs, soccer balls, and other sporting goods for boys and girls. Also, makeup, hair brushes, perfume and other like things for older girls.

  • City of Chino is asking for a donation to a local charity. Joe mentioned Katarina's Kids and The White House, which prepares meals and serves them to those that are less fortunate. Topic was tabled for the next Club Meeting, which will be on December 12th.

  • There is some work that needs to be done on the Cook Shack in regards to some gaps in the windows.

  • The Chinese Restaurant where we had last year's Club Banquet will be closing around the first of the year. So we are currently looking for another place to hold the Banquet.

  • We are working on completing the table awning at the practice butts. Joe is also looking to add a cement pad to go under the table. Motion was approved.

  • There is an outhouse that needs to relocated as the tree above it is dropping debris all over it. Joe will do some research and will figure it out.

  • Terry Lopez wanted to thank Pete, David, and Oranco for helping to put on their recent Boy Scout shoot. They had 237 kids who attended. Terry said there was some instruction given, the kids were able to practice a little, and then it worked like a mini tournament. He said the kids has a great time.

  • The Board is open for Board Member Nominations for anyone looking to get more involved with the Club in 2018. If you have any questions in regards to the duties of any Club Board position, please reach out to Joe.

Some of these issues may be important to you and some may not be. The only way to have your voice heard is to attend a Club Meeting. They are held on the second Tuesday of every month. Please plan on attending the next one. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Nick Scamperino
Newsletter Editor  
Oranco Bowmen Archery Range

Occupying about 45 acres, Oranco Bowmen Archery Club is a NFAA certified 5-star range. This is the highest certification given by NFAA. We are the only range in Southern California with practice butts from 10-80 yards in 5-yard increments. If you need a place to "dial in" your bow, this is it! 

Oranco also has two NFAA roving courses: Our Valley Course is a level 28-target course, consisting of 14 animal and 14 hunter paper targets. For those who desire a bit more of a physical challenge, our Mountain Course is a hilly 28-target course offering 14 Field targets and another set of 14 animal paper targets. The Layout changes occasionally.
Oranco Bowmen Archery Club - Range Map 

Range Beautification Party : We would greatly appreciate your help and support to the upcoming Work Parties. Keep an eye out for the email blast. All Club Members and their families are invited. Per Joe Dotterer, Club President there will be an “ ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH ” served for ALL of our Volunteers who come out and help. Your assistance ensures that the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club remains the best in Southern California. There is a reason why people travel from all over California to shoot at our Archery Club. Get involved and help us out.  
Cook Shack Workers Needed : Positions are still available for volunteers to help out during the upcoming shoots. Tony Tobin will no longer be accepting calls for cook shack volunteers. Please contact Terry Lopez in order to reserve your spot at: (562) 900 - 4487. First Come, First Serve.  

Target Camping : This is NOT Allowed...Period. Your Membership will be terminated for doing this! The Practice Butts are for sighting in, improving your archery skills, and honing your accuracy. The Roving Range is just that, Roving. Shoot 4 arrows, Score them, then move on to the next target. 

You have been warned. Don't do it. It is not worth it.  

Safety Tips for Setting Up and Staying in your Tree-Stand or Climber

Stand safety is always important. Knowing these tips can help keep you safe when you’re in a tree . No matter what type of stand you have, it’s important to check your gear thoroughly, then check it again. Make sure nothing is broken, missing or old. If you leave your stands out over long periods of time, check carefully before climbing up or sitting as straps can easily dry rot. You also need to check your tree. This may sound obvious, but for newer hunters, it’s worth mentioning that you need to make sure the tree is alive, healthy and big enough to hold a stand and hunter.

Crossbow Hunter Accidentally Takes One in the Foot

Mechanical issues were at fault for this crossbow misfiring into hunter’s foot.
It’s a fact that’s difficult to get around. Mechanical devices, no matter how well-designed, will at some point work towards failure. Whether from overuse, lack of proper care or just time, malfunctions are a part of reality. That’s as true for our weapons as it is for our vehicles. One Indiana crossbow hunter found out all about that harsh reality recently.

Why Did You Miss? I Bet It Wasn’t Your Bow

Maybe you’ve seen the commercial from the bow manufacturer claiming that the reason you missed was probably your bow? It pushes human error to the side and simply states, “Why did you miss? I’m bettin’ it was your bow.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply pin all our misses on our equipment? Our bow, sights, arrow rest, and countless other gear get the brunt of our blame when we miss shots, but the reality is, in most cases, it was all us.

We all miss. Some more than others, but we all miss. If you bow hunt long enough it will happen. It’s never fun. In fact, it’s downright frustrating. So here’s a quick look at some of the reasons we miss when hunting with our bow. Hopefully it’ll help you shift some of those whiffs into punched tags.

Membership Chair
Range Captain
Flint Captain
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Mission Statement :
My Goal as Newsletter Editor is to help Members stay informed with the Operations and Activities that are going on in and around the Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Club Website: Oranco Bowmen Archery Club Website