Cochran's Country Market

                                                                                 Specials in effect Sept 22-Sept 26, 2017               
Max in the Cochran's Pumpkin Patch.
...BIG (and Small), Beautiful Pumpkins!

Our Pumpkins are Beautiful & Plentiful. Come on down to Cochran's and find your Perfect Pumpkin!

Straight from the Mill...
Speerville Flour Mill products are Extraordinary!  Located in  Speerville, NB, Speerville Flour Mill  is dedicated to providing Atlantic Canada with tasty, nutritious food, of the  highest quality possible  

The Speerville folks believe it is critical to promote a regional food system, while encouraging organic farming, and a nutritious food supply. 

Speerville Flour Mill has always been a strong supporter of organic agriculture.

Read more about Speerville Flour Mill's history, their philosophy about eating close to home and their discussion about organic food on the Speerville Flour Mill website .

Oh, and head to Cochran's and check out our wide variety of Speerville Products! (we use Speerville Flour Mill products in our own baking too!)


Local Produce this week...
Grab some Fresh Blueberries & NS Strawberries...while they last!

Pickling Cukes
Buttercup Squash
NB Cauliflower
Micro Greens NB New Potatoes
Beet Greens
Leaf Lettuce
NB Carrots
Lettuce Salad Mixes
Large Zucchini
NB Beets
NB Beans
NS Strawberries
Wild Blueberries
Baskets Field Tomatoes
Fresh NB Corn
High Bush Blueberries
Green Tomatoes
NB Broccoli

See you at Cochran's,
Tim Cochran   

PS: Yes. We have Pumpkin Pie Spice (and a lot of other spices) on our Spice Rack. I'm pretty sure at this time of year, you can put Pumpkin Spice in just about everything. 
This Week's Specials...

Prime Rib



Prime Rib




Back Ribs



Combo Chops



NB Squash


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FRESH Turkey!
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