Due to High Winds Race Might be Cancelled
Hello Orcas 100 runners and volunteers

Last night Moran State Park sustained significant damage from a windstorm with winds possibly exceeding 70 miles per hour. Dozens of large trees fell across roads, trails, parking lots and even one of the cabins at Camp Moran the race start/finish was destroyed when it was hit by two different large trees. We believe the worst damage was limited to the Cascade Lake area. We'll know more by tomorrow afternoon once we've had a chance to run the entire course. But the good news is we don't think anything from the current storm will prevent us from holding the race, it'll be a lot of work to clean everything up but we can do it.

The catch is another storm has a chance of happening this Friday and Saturday. As the NOAA weather forecaster put it in the current forecast discussion "It looks similar in some respects to the system of the past 24 hours... The hounds of winter still have Western Washington in their sights." So it's this next storm that has us worried. But it's too soon to have a decent forecast but right now it's forecast to be cold and blustery with a chance of snow. If it turns out there's a good chance for similarity high winds we'll need to cancel the race BUT the storm we just had is super rare so the odds of another one less than a week later seem slim.

Anyhow long story short it's possible we'll have to cancel the race but as of right now we are expecting, preparing and planning for the race to happen and you should too. We just wanted to give everyone a warning/status update.
We'll keep ya posted as the week progresses
James, Elizabeth, William, Steph, Rob, & Kesia
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