Orcutt & Company Celebrates 30 Years in Business

2018 marks our 30th year in business!

We want to thank you, and all our clients over the past three decades, for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Over the years, three generations have had the opportunity to make an impact in our community. The first generation—Richard (Dick) and Nancy Orcutt, founded Orcutt & Company; the second generation—Doug Orcutt and Greg Orcutt; and now the third generation—Brogan Orcutt.

We are grateful and blessed to have the continued opportunity to help you and your businesses flourish.
Get to Know Brogan Orcutt, Firm Administrator
This month we spotlight Brogan Orcutt, Firm Administrator at Orcutt & Company.

As a member of the third generation in the family business, Brogan has been with the team nearly two years.

On a day-to-day basis, you can find Brogan serving and supporting business clients and individuals, making sure their problems are solved.
What do you enjoy about your role?  I have many different responsibilities, so each day is a little different.

I am also given the opportunity to be creative and think of ways that we can improve and better serve our clients.

Coffee or tea?  Coffee.

Early bird or night owl?  I would say I am both; I am most productive in the morning, but I enjoy staying up late.

What’s your favorite vacation destination?  The Rocky Mountains during the winter. I don’t think there is a more beautiful place and I love to ski.
What’s on your desk right now?  A lot of papers. I am currently working on a handful of different projects.  

What’s your favorite sport to play or watch? My favorite sport to play and watch is lacrosse.
What’s something that clients might be surprised to learn about you?  I still play lacrosse whenever given the opportunity.

I also coach a 7 th  grade lacrosse team.

What do you like to do outside of work?  Anything outdoors and anything active. I love to camp, bike, ski, climb and workout. 

Have feedback or any ideas on how we can better serve you? We'd love to hear from you! Email Brogan at or give him a call at (513) 576-1989.
Halloween Horror? These Facts & Figures May Scare You
Halloween: a time for candy, for spooky costumes…and—at least this year—a time for some scary facts and figures. Happy Halloween!
It’s been estimated that taxes account for around 47.82% of the cost of an average kid’s costume, which equates to about $11.66.

That can come from taxed synthetic fibers, tariffs for imported costumes, and more. ( Source.)

This could potentially scare you: $17,000. That’s the median retirement savings for families aged 56 to 61. ( Source.)

How far would people go to not pay taxes? 11.24% of people polled said they would name their first child “Taxes” if it meant they could have a tax-free future. Now that’s scary! ( Source.)

54%: that’s the percentage of Americans who are worried about not having enough money for retirement. ( Source.)

Will that candy corn be taxed? Each state differs on how they tax candy, and the distinctions may frighten you a bit. In Ohio, candy is treated the same as groceries.

Adding to the complexity: some states tax certain kinds of candy, and not others. So while that Milky Way Midnight candy bar may be taxed in many states as candy, in the same location, the regular Milky Way bar would not be taxed since it meets the definition of a grocery item. ( Source.)
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