Avoid The Late Fees, Order Your Continuing Education Now!
The opportunity gets even better!
ABRC® will provide you with support service that will enable you to get the greatest value possible from your continuing education time.

Call Lisa or Janice at (800) 654-(ABRC) 2272 and they will assist you in determining what courses you have already taken, what courses you are eligible to take and what courses will help you improve your knowledge and skills in the lines of insurance in which you specialize.

While fulfilling your Continuing Education requirements, gain knowledge that can help you make even more sales

For a complete list of our Continuing Education Courses: Click Here: Course List

Many ABRC® courses have been certified by the State of Illinois Department of Insurance for 12 credit hours, the maximum number of credit hours allowed for one course. Other courses have been certified for various hours of credit. Let Lisa and Janice help you choose the courses that meet your individual needs.

Each custom designed SELF-STUDY program allows you to complete your continuing education requirements quickly with as LITTLE TIME AWAY FROM YOUR OFFICE, HOME AND OTHER ACTIVITIES AS POSSIBLE.

Each course is low in cost to you.

Each course provides you useful, practical information which will make you more confident, successful and professional.

ASSURED SUCCESS All continuing education course final exams are twenty-five questions, open-book, multiple choice and you can submit your answers online for a quick turn around.

Lisa and Janice will provide you maximum assistance to assure your success.