Holocaust Remembrance Project        
Ordinary Objects/Enduring Legacies

Dear Friends,

The Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach is embarking on a new project which we hope will be of interest to many of our members. We are contacting JCAB members who are Holocaust survivors,  children of survivors or grandchildren of survivors to learn their stories and to photograph any photos or artifacts that they may still have, such as visas, identification cards, letters, postcards, Judaica, etc. We aim to gather all that we collect from you and publish a volume entitled  Ordinary Objects/Enduring Legacies .

It is our plan to dedicate this volume to the memory of our beloved Mark Ramer, himself born in Poland shortly after the war to Holocaust survivor parents. This project has been undertaken in other communities with very gratifying results.
To help launch this daunting endeavor we are attaching a form that will help in procuring the information we seek. 

We understand that each survivor’s story is a volume unto itself but we are limiting our intake to a few paragraphs that will accompany the artifacts we are showcasing. Our aim is to create an everlasting collective memory book for our shul.
After you send us your forms we will contact you to arrange for a meeting to scan or photograph your artifacts and to fill in any missing information.

We launch our project on the eve of Thanksgiving as we all gather together with family — those who still remember and those who are mandated to never forget. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  
Sue Talansky
Nicole Pines Lieberman, Jayne Luger,
Patricia Rabinowitz & Allen Rosenberg