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Dear St. Mary's Family,

What a joy it is to send you this announcement (see below)! Your virtual attendance is requested at the ordination service via the parish Facebook or YouTube page, both of which will be listed on the diocesan page as printed in the invitation.

I encourage you to join me in making a special contribution in honor of Lynda and Isaac's ordination to the diaconate. The funds will be used to purchase a small ordination gift for each of them from St. Mary's (a gift certificate for clerical clothing), but bulk of the funds will begin a discretionary fund for each of them to use to help those in need. You may drop a check in the collection plate, give electronically by clicking here, or mail a check to the church office. Checks should include "Ordination" in the memo line, and electronic contributions should list a similar phrase in the "Add special instructions" field. Please give generously!

And please join me in praying for Lynda and Isaac as they continue to prepare for ordination!

Fr. Charles
To the Glory of God and in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church

1307 Holmes Street
​Kansas City, Missouri 64106

(816) 842-0975