DD Advocacy Day at the Capitol
Monday May 22
The big day is almost here!  We hope you've already made plans to join us at our DD Advocacy Day at the Capitol on Monday, May 22nd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in Room 257 and we are excited to support the advocacy efforts of the developmental disability community!

This week our advocacy focus is on Case Management and Systems Efficiency!
If you aren't planning on coming this Monday, please make appointments with your legislators and join us for our last DD Advocacy Day of the legislative session on June 12th.  Legislators need to hear your stories about how developmental disability services have made a positive impact in your life.  In particular, legislators need to hear your stories to understand how the proposed targeted reductions would impact the lives of Oregonians with developmental disabilities and their families.
If you haven't been to one of our advocacy days before, you'll be glad you came.  In addition to making a difference you will have a lot of FUN!!! 

How to Participate:
  • Identify who your State Senator and State Representative are by using this link.
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss the importance of funding DD Services!  Don't delay... schedule your visits now!
  • Review the Oregon IDD Coalition Priorities to help you identify which focus topic you want to discuss with your legislators.
  • Wear something yellow to show unity in advocacy. 
  • Check in at the DD Advocacy Headquarters before and after your visits.
Each Advocacy Day includes: 
  • Training overview on the legislature and meeting your legislator (Starts at 11AM) 
  • Support to prepare for your legislative meeting 
  • Support to get to your legislator's office 
State Budget Proposals for 2017-19
This past week, the State Economist released the May Revenue Forecast, which is generally the forecast that is used to set the state's budget for the next biennium. 
Although the rate of growth in Oregon's economy is slowing, our economy remains strong . . . so strong, in fact, there is a possibility that Oregon's personal income tax "kicker" might kick, which happens when actual state revenues exceed forecasted revenues by 2 percent or more over a two-year budget cycle.  If this happens, estimates are that it would cause an excess $400 million to be returned to taxpayers in the form of a tax credit.
In addition, the forecast predicted an additional $200 million in revenue over the previous revenue forecast, which reduces the budget shortfall we're facing this session to $1.4 billion (down from the previous estimate of $1.6 million).  
We are hearing that the Co-Chairs might release additional budget information soon that takes into account the recent revenue forecast, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  In the meantime, the state budget process continues and there is still time to connect with your legislators before they make critical decisions that impact your life and the lives of other Oregonians with DD so let's "GO!" share your stories!   

Policy Bill Deadlines 
This past Friday marked the passing of yet another bill deadline that signals we are getting closer to the end of the legislative session.  Bills that didn't get a work session scheduled in their "second chamber" (e.g., for a bill that started in the House, the second chamber would be the Senate) by May 19th "died" in committee. The next deadline coming up is June 2nd -- bills that aren't considered in the second chamber and moved out of committee by June 2nd will die in committee.*   
After the June 2nd deadline, most of the policy committees will close, and the action for the rest of the session will be on finalizing and passing the budget bills to fund state government and working on bills that are assigned to joint, revenue and rules committees.  
*Note: These deadlines do not apply to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, other joint committees, the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue, House Committee on Revenue, and the Senate and House Committees on Rules.  Bills that are assigned to these committees can be acted on until the end of the session.
Scheduled Hearings 
Listed below are some of the bills we are tracking with hearings coming up this week.  You can review a current report of the Priority 1 and 2 bills the Coalition is tracking here
May 22nd - Monday


1:00 PM / HR 343:  House Committee on Judiciary-

  • Public hearing and work session on SB 57A (prohibits court from appointing deputy public guardian and conservator as fiduciary and requires court to appoint Oregon Public Guardian and Conservator as fiduciary).
3:00 PM / HR F:  House Committee on Education-
  • Public hearing and work session on SB 263A (limits a school district's ability to require students to participate in abbreviated school day program).

3:00 PM / HR E:  House Committee on Health Care-

  • Work session on SB 275A (requires covered entity to provide copy of health information regarding individual who is appealing denial of Social Security disability benefits for period from date of initial application to date of administrative hearing).
May 23rd - Tuesday


8:00 AM / HR E:  House Committee on Human Services and Housing-

  • Public hearing and work session on SB 58B (directs Long Term Care Ombudsman to appoint Residential Facilities Ombudsman within office of Long Term Care Ombudsman). 
  • Work session on SB 101B (authorizes child abuse investigation on school premises if investigation involves interview of suspected victim or witnesses but not person suspected of committing abuse). 
  • Work session on SB 268A (requires Department of Human Services to make records regarding investigation of report of child abuse occurring at school or in educational setting that involves child with disability available to Disability Rights Oregon).

3:00 PM / HR C:  Senate Committee on Education-

  • Work session on HB 2311 (makes 40-40-20 higher education goals relate to Oregonians completing education, rather than to all adult Oregonians).
  • Public hearing and possible work session on HB 3029A (allows parent or legal guardian of child whose sixth birthday occurred on or before September 1 immediately preceding beginning of current school year to delay enrolling child in public full-time school for one year for purpose of better meeting child's needs for cognitive, social or physical development).
  • Work session on HB 3340A (requires Department of Education to develop and provide to public high schools written materials regarding apprenticeship opportunities)
May 24th - Wednesday


1:00 PM / HR D:  Senate Committee on Human Services

  • Work session on HB 3262A (requires Department of Human Services, in collaboration with other agencies, to adopt rules related to prescription of psychotropic medications to elderly persons and persons with disabilities)
May 25th - Thursday


8:15 AM / HR 343:  Senate Committee on Judiciary-

  • Work session on HB 2630A (makes changes to Oregon guardianship laws to ensure adequate safeguards for respondents and protected persons).

1:00 PM / HR B:  Senate Committee on Health Care-

  • Work session on HB 2398A (prohibits health care provider from billing medical assistance applicant or recipient except as provided by Oregon Health Authority by rule).
  • Work session on HB 2839A (prohibits discrimination in organ transplantation).

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