Legislative Session Update
Although technically it could last another five weeks, there are definitely signs that we're nearing the end of the legislative session!
On the 2017-19 state budget front, while legislators still continue broader discussions around tax reform, members of the Education Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means went ahead and moved one big piece of the state budget forward this past week-the State School Fund budget.
The State School Fund budget is the largest single appropriation in the state budget, accounting for over 38% of the combined General Fund and Lottery Funds resources in 2015-17. The Legislative Fiscal Office recommendation for the 2017-19 State School Fund budget was to adopt a total funds budget of $8.2 billion, which is an increase over the current service level budget for 2017-19 but far short of the $8.4 billion or better advocates and school districts were asking for in order to avoid having to make cuts in staffing or other areas.
Moving this big budget out now will at least give school districts better information as they finalize their budgets for the next school year, and the hope seems to be that there will be additional funding to add to this base budget for schools in the Christmas Tree bill that passes at the end of the session.
Policy Committees in the House and Senate also closed at the end of last week. Bills that were not acted on and voted out of the "second chamber" (e.g., for a bill that started in the House, the second chamber would be the Senate) and moved out of committee by June 2nd died in committee. Legislators will continue working the numerous policy bills that ended up in the joint, revenue and rule committees until the end of the legislative session, many of which had fiscal impacts that make them less likely to be considered favorably in this budget climate.
The majority of legislative effort in the coming weeks will be directed towards moving bills that passed out of committee through the floors of both chambers and, most importantly, to producing a balanced budget for the next biennium, which has to happen before legislators can go home.

Final Advocacy Day of Oregon's 2017 Legislative Session
Our final DD Advocacy Day of the session is coming up on Monday, June 12th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Please make plans to join us as we thank legislators for supporting Oregonians with developmental disabilities and their families.  

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has wanted to get involved but hasn't yet been to the Capitol to see what it is all about!  It's easy to participate:
  • Add this DD Advocacy Day at the Capitol to your calendar 
  • Schedule visits with your State Senator and Representative 
  • Stop by the DD Advocacy Headquarters in Room 257 before and after your visits - We will be there to provide you with advocacy training, support and materials! 
Scheduled Hearings 
About half of the 41 high priority bills the IDD Coalition is still tracking are in the full Joint Committee on Ways and Means or its various Subcommittees. The IDD Coalition is also still tracking a handful of bills that ended up in the House or Senate Revenue or Rules committees. We will be watching to see if hearings are scheduled for any of these bills in the remaining weeks of the legislative session. You can review a current report of the Priority 1 and 2 bills the IDD Coalition is tracking here. The following hearings are scheduled for this coming week:

June 5th Monday
  • 8:30 AM / H-170: Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Education - Public hearing on HB 2720A (directs Department of Education to conduct study related to certain virtual public charter schools). | Public hearing on SB 182A (relating to professional development for educators in early learning through grade 12; establishes Educator Advancement Council).
  • 3:00 PM / H-170: Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Public Safety - Public hearing on HB 3067A (relating to family supports; authorizes Marion and Polk Counties to establish pilot Court Care programs to provide quality child care to individuals and families who are participating in court proceedings at local courthouse or transacting business at local governmental office).
  • 3:00 PM / HR F: House Committee on Education - Informational Meeting on "PAX Good Behavior Game" featuring presentations by Peter Buckley, Regional Achievement Collaborative Coordinator Director of Southern Oregon Success; and representatives of All Care Health; Phoenix-Talent School District; Southern Oregon Early Learning Services Hub; Early Learning Washington County; Hillsboro School District; and Washington County Health and Human Services.
June 6th Tuesday
  • 8:30 AM / HR F: Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Services - Public hearing on SB 397A (relating to the sharing of information between social services providers; directs Department of Human Services to convene work group to develop common client confidentiality release form to be used by public bodies and community organizations to enable and facilitate appropriate sharing of confidential information). | Informational Meeting with the Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority "ONE Integrated Eligibility Medicaid Project


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