Even if you have already shared your story with Oregon Legislators this session, it is important that you reach out again to let them know the potential impact of these proposed cuts!
Advocacy Days at the Capitol
Dozens of a dvocates came to the Capitol for our final advocacy day o f the 2017 legislative session last week!  Thank you to everyone who helped deliver our thank you "mini-poster" to each of the 90 legislative offices to thank them for supporting the developmental disability community. 

We are excited to report that more than 300 people came to the Capitol to advocate for DD Services this session, and that is not even counting everyone who attended town hall meetings, called and emailed their state legislators! 

We hope that you will help us keep the momentum going to the end of the session - Please call and/or email today!   

Budget Update & New Tax Plan
With about three weeks to go, legislators are still wrestling with many large issues including the need to produce a balanced budget for the state with a $1.4 billion shortfall, evaluating and negotiating various revenue and cost containment proposals, and passing a comprehensive transportation package. 
The Joint Committee on Tax Reform is still holding hearings and receiving input on the most recently introduced "Revenue Reform and Education Stability Act of 2017" (HB 2830), and it's rumored this proposal might move out of committee early next week.  This proposal would temporarily increase the corporate income tax, raising almost $900 million in the next biennium.  It would eventually replace that tax with a Commercial Activity Tax (a gross receipts tax), the proceeds of which would be placed in a separate fund that would be dedicated to education.  
Recently Passed Policy & Budget Bills
With policy committees closed and most of the legislative efforts focused on negotiating big moving parts like revenue and cost containment proposals or moving budget bills out of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means and through the floors of both chambers, there are very few hearings taking place. 
Instead of listing hearings, we thought it might be interesting highlight a few bills that were recently signed into law or that will soon make it to the "finish line" in their legislative journey:
HB 2630 EN-Awaiting Governor's signature; will be effective January 1, 2018 
Makes changes to Oregon guardianship laws to ensure adequate safeguards for respondents and protected persons.
HB 2839 EN-Awaiting Governor's signature; will be effective on passage
Prohibits discrimination in organ transplantation.
HB 2845B-Awaiting votes on House and Senate floors; will be effective on passage
Directs Department of Education to convene advisory group to develop statewide ethnic studies standards for adoption into existing statewide social studies standards for public kindergarten through grade 12.
HB 3318 EN-Awaiting Governor's signature; will be effective July 1, 2018
Establishes procedures for conducting functional behavioral assessments and for developing, reviewing and revising behavior intervention plans for students with individualized education programs or 504 Plans.
SB 263 EN-Signed into law; effective July 1, 2017
Limits school district's ability to require students to participate in abbreviated school day program.
SB 268 EN-Signed into law; effective January 1, 2018
Requires Department of Human Services to make records regarding investigation of report of child abuse occurring at school or in educational setting that involves child with disability available to Disability Rights Oregon.
SB 834 EN-Signed into law; effective June 15, 2017
Requires Department of Human Services to develop and present proposal for creation of human rights commission to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to human services and health no later than December 1, 2017.
SB 1027 EN-Signed into law; effective on June 15, 2017
Prohibits Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority from seeking Medicaid payback payments from remaining balances in ABLE accounts.
You can review our usual weekly report of the Priority 1 and 2 bills the DD Coalition is tracking here.  

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