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The correct bill number for the newly introduced Family Network proposed legislation is Senate Bill 1016.

Oregon's Legislative Session Week 6

It's Week 6 of the 2023 legislative session in Oregon. We were surprised this past week by unexpected levels of snowfall and revenue that exceeded earlier forecasts.

New DD Advocacy Day and Legislator Reception Date

With the amount of snow that fell this week, your GO team made the decision to reschedule our In-Person Advocacy Day and Legislative Reception. A huge thank you to the Willamette Heritage Center and Roth’s Catering for accommodating our need to change the date.

The new date for the GO! Advocacy Events is March 16th, 2023. We will hold our DD advocacy training online in Spanish from 10AM-12PM, we will have an in-person group discussion about the priorities of the DD Community from 3-5PM in preparation for our Legislator Reception from 5-7PM. Several key legislators are planning to GO! Space is limited, please use this link to RSVP.

State Economic and Revenue Forecast

Oregon’s Economic and Revenue forecast was released on March 22nd and exceeds expectations. The economic forecast is currently so strong that the state may activate the "kicker" system to return about $3.9 billion dollars to taxpayers in 2024 rather than investing the funds in state programs or holding the funds in reserve for future recessions. For more details, click here.

Focus on Regional Family Networks and SB 1606

The Oregon DD Coalition has identified the Regional Family Networks as an advocacy priority this session.  Regional Family Networks are peer-delivered supports by families, for families. They serve 20 of Oregon’s Counties, representing 76% of the state's population. Disability intersects with all other historically underrepresented families and the rates of disabilities in children continue to increase for families in all demographics. The Family Networks support families with diverse cultures and languages.

Regional Family Networks reach and connect with more than 13,500 families who have children with disabilities, many of whom have barriers to accessing the formal developmental disabilities system. Often time families who have children with disabilities report that they feel the barriers that exist in communities for their families and that they are left out of spaces within the cities and towns where they live. These Family Networks collaborate and partner with more than 5,250 community businesses, organizations, and non-profits to make Oregon’s communities welcoming to all who live in them.

Regional Family Networks allow families to receive support and then reach back a hand to another family who is newer on their journey. These Family Networks are a “soft landing” spot for families to begin a positive trajectory for their child and family in their community. Some of these peer-delivered services and supports include:

  • Information and referral
  • Family support
  • Community building and awareness
  • Advocacy
  • Parent training and opportunities
  • Leadership training
  • and so much more!

Regional Family Networks are included in the Governor’s Proposed Budget for DD Services at Current Service Level. The General Fund investment for Family Networks is currently $1,392,137. The funding request for the 2023-25 Biennium for is $1.5M for the existing Family Networks. The additional $107,863 requested will allow each of the Regional Networks to reach more marginalized families in need. 

The Family Networks were established ten years ago as an innovative sustainability service model through the provision of peer-delivered support. An important bill just introduced this week would make the current Regional Family Network system a permanent part of the DD services infrastructure by statute. More specifically, the newly drafted Senate Bill 1016 directs the Department of Human Services, in consultation with the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services, to maintain regional family support networks to provide peer-delivered supports for families of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The ongoing sustainability of the Regional Family Networks is a priority for the Oregon DD Coalition. Join us in support the Family Networks in their advocacy efforts to secure their funding and place in the DD Services System statute. Corrected Family Network Fact Sheet LINK.

Establish DSP Wage Standards

Finally resolve the DSP wage inequities by setting the average wage for Direct Support Professionals to 150% of the Portland Metro minimum wage and cover the cost of Paid Family Leave to stabilize this essential workforce and reduce turnover that places people with I/DD at higher risk. Long-term solution to a long-term issue. Link

Fully Fund DD Case Management

DD Case Management funding has not kept pace with increased workload and complexity of the work over the past several years. Full funding of the DD Workload Model and periodic administrative reviews are needed to ensure case managers who are a vital lifeline to Oregonians with I/DD are adequately compensated for their work. Link 

Support Regional Family to Family Networks

Regional Family Networks support more than 13,500 families experiencing disability, many who have barriers accessing the formal developmental disability service system. Regional Family Networks work in partnership with thousands of other community-based organizations to reduce inequities for marginalized families.


Support Healthier Oregon

Provides access to DD Services for everyone who meets disability criteria for DD Services and Medicaid regardless of their immigration status.


The GO! Bulletin focuses on updates, bills and topics of importance to the DD Community. Then at the start of each week we will post an updated bill tracking report that outlines upcoming hearings and work sessions for the week on our website and Facebook. Bills are still being introduced and we are updating our list of priority bills as we GO!

If you are interested in specific bills or legislative topics, this video goes through each step to help you find where bills are in the legislative process and how to sign up for email alerts to get updates directly.

Visit the GO Project's You Tube Channel legislative advocacy videos created by our GO! Advocacy Team.

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