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Second Week of Oregon's Legislative Session

We are only the second week into the legislative session, and it already seems to be moving quickly! Every day more bills are introduced into the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS), and your GO! Team is working hard to watch this incoming legislation for its impact on the DD community.


We have streamlined the GO! Bulletin to focus on updates and specific bills and topics of importance to the DD Community so we can get it out to you sooner. Then at the start of each week we will upload a revised bill tracking report that lists the upcoming hearings and work sessions for the week to our website and Facebook page. Follow us!

If you are interested in getting information about specific bills or legislative topics, this video goes through each step to help you find where bills are in the legislative process and how to sign up for email alerts to get updates directly.

Update on Senate Bill 571

Guardianship Enhancements

Last week's spotlight was SB 528. It had a hearing on Thursday, January 26 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Testimony was heard from disability advocates focused on maximizing self-determination and identifying regular check-ins for people under guardianship to ensure that it is still working for them. 

Focus on House Bill 2448: Case Manager Classification

DD Services Case Management is one of the Coalition's top priorities this session, so we are watching HB 2448 closely! House Bill 2448 would require the department of administrative services to review the classification, in partnership with ID case management entity representatives, every six years. One of the reasons that the wages are low, is that the job description that the state uses to build the funding model for case management is outdated. The job description has not been reviewed in two decades and doesn't reflect the increasingly complex work that case managers perform daily to support people with I/DD. Accurate wage calculations will lead to a living wage for these critical positions and bring more stability to the lives of people with disabilities. Follow the Hearing on Tuesday Jan 31st at 1PM in the Emergency Management, General Government and Veterans Committee.

DD Coalition Priorities This Session

Fully Fund DD Case Management with Policy Option Package 130 and House Bill 2448

DD Case Management funding has not kept pace with increased workload and complexity of the work over the past several years. Full funding of the DD Workload Model and periodic administrative reviews are needed to ensure case managers who are a vital lifeline to Oregonians with I/DD are adequately compensated for their work. Link 

Establish DSP Wage Standards with Policy Option Package 132 and House Bill 2457

Finally resolve the DSP wage inequities by setting the average wage for Direct Support Professionals to 150% of the Portland Metro minimum wage and cover the cost of Paid Family Leave to stabilize this essential workforce and reduce turnover that places people with I/DD at higher risk. Long-term solution to a long-term issue. Link


Support Regional Family to Family Networks with $1.5M/Biennium.

Regional Family Networks support more than 13,500 families experiencing disability, many who have barriers accessing the formal developmental disability service system. Regional Family Networks work in partnership with thousands of other community-based organizations to reduce inequities for marginalized families.


Support Healthier Oregon - Policy Option Package 105

Provides access to DD Services for everyone who meets disability criteria for DD Services and Medicaid regardless of their immigration status.

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Visit the GO Project's You Tube Channel legislative advocacy videos created by our GO! Advocacy Team.

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