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Oregon's Legislative Session Week 7

It's Week 7 and the session is definitely in full swing with as bills are making their way through committees and starting to move between the House and Senate Chambers. This is also the part of the session that state agencies are being asked to provide budget information to the Ways & Means Subcommittees for their consideration. This is also a wonderful opportunity for advocates to share examples of how investments in state programs impact the lives of Oregonians.

Policy Bill Update

Senate Bill 819 was on the Senate Floor for a vote Thursday, March 2nd, and saw almost unanimous support. This bill requires a parent or foster parent to give informed and written consent for a student with a disability to be placed on an abbreviated school day and outlines the duties of a school district superintendent and the Department of Education in relation to abbreviated school days. This bill has 20 Senate sponsors and now moves from the senate to the House to go through the committee process there.

Highlights of ODDS Budget Presentation

DHS DD Services Budget Bill (HB 5026) | The interim Director of ODDS, Anna Lansky, gave an overview of DD Services, their structure and funding. She mentioned how the department is working to advance the Governor's priorities.

One story that the Director of DD Services shared was about a mother with IDD who with the support of her personal agents and her personal support worker, she is taking parenting classes, implementing her parenting plan, and now is living in her own apartment with her child and has learned the skills needed to be independent in her home. Her fiancé is working on skills to move from his foster home to an apartment nearby so that it will be easier to co-parent together.

The 2021-2023 accomplishments were highlighted, including the department’s response to the COVID pandemic and the Lane v Brown dismissal. Data of people served in various settings was shared with the committee. The presentation provided a clear synopsis of the programs, partnerships and strengths of the state agency that provides vital support to Oregonians with IDD and their families.

Focus on Healthier Oregon

The Oregon DD Coalition prioritized the Healthier Oregon Policy Option Package 105 which expands ODHS services for all Oregonians with disabilities regardless of their immigration status. Healthier Oregon works to eliminate current barriers that exist in accessing healthcare for people with disabilities and older adults. This program works to create better health outcomes for ALL Oregonians and do away with the current segregation of populations who currently are unable to access Medicaid healthcare and long-term support due to immigration status. There is not currently equitable access to Medicaid services for all Oregonians, in all age ranges. Without consistent access to support and services, we know that certain populations who do not qualify for Medicaid due to their immigration status will experience crisis and families will be destabilized. This will lead to negative outcomes such as increased hospital visits and other less appropriate, more costly settings. The Coalition believes that communities are strongest when all Oregonians are receiving access to the services and support that they need when they need them.

DD Advocacy Day & Legislator Reception

Join us on March 16th, 2023. We will hold our DD advocacy training online in Spanish from 10AM-12PM, then an in-person advocacy event focused the priorities of the DD Community from 3-5PM in preparation for our Legislator Reception from 5-7PM. Several key legislators are planning to GO! Space is limited, please use this link to RSVP.

Establish DSP Wage Standards

Finally resolve the DSP wage inequities by setting the average wage for Direct Support Professionals to 150% of the Portland Metro minimum wage and cover the cost of Paid Family Leave to stabilize this essential workforce and reduce turnover that places people with I/DD at higher risk. Long-term solution to a long-term issue. Link

Fully Fund DD Case Management

DD Case Management funding has not kept pace with increased workload and complexity of the work over the past several years. Full funding of the DD Workload Model and periodic administrative reviews are needed to ensure case managers who are a vital lifeline to Oregonians with I/DD are adequately compensated for their work. Link 

Support Regional Family to Family Networks

Regional Family Networks support more than 13,500 families experiencing disability, many who have barriers accessing the formal developmental disability service system. Regional Family Networks work in partnership with thousands of other community-based organizations to reduce inequities for marginalized families.


Support Healthier Oregon

Provides access to DD Services for everyone who meets disability criteria for DD Services and Medicaid regardless of their immigration status.


The GO! Bulletin focuses on updates, bills and topics of importance to the DD Community. Then at the start of each week we will post an updated bill tracking report that outlines upcoming hearings and work sessions for the week on our website and Facebook. Bills are still being introduced and we are updating our list of priority bills as we GO!

If you are interested in specific bills or legislative topics, this video goes through each step to help you find where bills are in the legislative process and how to sign up for email alerts to get updates directly.

Visit the GO Project's You Tube Channel legislative advocacy videos created by our GO! Advocacy Team.

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