Oregon Water Resources Department


5 October 2022 at 5pm

Jackson County Auditorium

7520 Table Rock Rd.

Central Point, OR 97502

Please join us listen and engage...I will see you there!!!

Groundwater Allocation Project

Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) is holding five upcoming facilitated outreach meetings to share information and ideas about updating the OWRD groundwater allocation policy. Modernizing groundwater allocation is important to protect senior surface water and groundwater users across the state and to maintain sustainable groundwater resources; this is a top priority for the Water Resources Commission.

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OWRD is engaged in an effort to increase ground water regulation. It is common knowledge that OWRD's first priority is the Harney Basin their second is the Klamath Basin.

To further their legislative and rule-making efforts, they are holding a series of stakeholder meetings (notably none in Klamath). These meetings are poorly attended by people representative of agriculture and business. Thus, the overwhelming majority of the input typically received at these meetings ignores the people primarily impacted by policy changes. OWRD is then able to use the input to support their legislative or rulemaking agenda.

Attending this meeting does make a difference and it would be time well spent for the people of the Klamath Basin to attend at least one of these meetings to understand how the rules are going to impact our ecology, or economy, our families, and our communities.

Of course, if laws and policies were being followed by federal and state agencies in the Klamath Basin, then the reliance upon ground water, its impacts to the ecology of the Basin, could be easily mitigated.

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UPDATE: The Bus is Full, Reserve your waitlist seat now! - Klamath Water Users Association

KWUA Annual "Let Farmers Farm" Tour will be held on October 11, 2022

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WATERWORKS- SEPTEMBER ISSUE - Klamath Water Users Association

Inglorious End to 2022 Klamath Project Operations the Interim Operations Plan The Klamath Project is designed to deliver water to over 200,000 acres of irrigated land. In a typical year, irrigation begins by April and continues through late October. A single year's agricultural production from that land averages 840 million pounds of potatoes, enough cereal...

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Deep Roots in a Dry Land

Take 23 minutes to learn something new from the people of the Klamath Basin to include Klamath Irrigation District.

October"Monthly Briefing" Now Available!

Thirty farmers, ranchers, water managers and association leaders departed the dry, dusty West and descended on Washington, D.C. late last month, sharing their stories and engaging federal lawmakers and policy leaders on critical water issues. The 2022 farmer lobbyist trip marked the first return to Washington since September 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that restricted access to the nation's capital.

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Let's talk about the Klamath River and foreshadowing....

are you paying attention yet???

Some informative and interesting videos submitted to the 2002 Klamath Independent Film Festival worth viewing

  • The Lost Salmon by Shane Anderson
  • Modoc Nation: An Untold Story of Survival by Stephen Higginbotham
  • The Ghosts They Carry by Pat Mcabery
  • Soldier by Justin Zimmerman
  • This is Their Land by Michael O'Leary
  • We're Still Here: The Termination & Restoration of the Klamath Tribes by Michell Alvarado
  • Boarding Schools, Truth Beckoning & Healing

October 2022

In this issue:

  • What's Beneficial and What's Harmful
  • It Is Wrong
  • Unusual Bird Sighting
  • Invitation to participate
  • Species Spotlight: Belted Kingfisher
  • October Birding Events

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