Winter can be a tough time for lawns in Western Oregon as Moss is everywhere. We fight this every year. Although it is difficult to prevent, luckily it is easy to control. Contrary to what many believe, liming lawns does not kill moss. However, liquid iron, sprayed on a lawn quickly and effectively controls moss. It will kill it in hours, turning it black. Don't be alarmed, this is normal and does not harm the lawn.

Although it is easy to kill, moss will regrow every year requiring annual treatment. We recommend acquiring treatment for moss twice yearly to control year-round. We propose treatment in early winter (December & January) and mid spring (April & May). Although it is normally considered an enhanced service, moss treatment is relatively inexpensive and a good optional service we promote.

With this application, we will also be treating for European Cranefly and the combination is a very cost-effective way to treat both.

European Cranefly is a soil grub that can cause severe damage in the late winter or early spring. Although we avoid insect and control treatments unless critical, Cranefly is the one we recommend annual treatment, as the damage can be significant and comes on very quickly. The fact that it can be done at the same time as moss control, makes it inexpensive. We encourage timing for combining these applications.

Proposals for Moss & Cranefly control will be sent out this week.

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