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You can make a difference and advance the mission of media literacy education.

Core Principles of Media Literacy Education

The purpose of media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.  
Spotlight on Org Partner: Teach Away 
Leadership Council Member, Emily Bailin Wells, talked with 
Christie Van Tol  from Teach Away, which offers international teacher recruitment placements in over 40 countries. Teach Away's extensive teach abroad programs include teaching jobs with Ministries of Education, private international schools, colleges, universities, and private ESL schools.  Read the spotlight article here
Senate in Massachusetts Passes Sex Ed bill with Media Literacy Requirement

The Massachusetts Senate passed the Healthy Youth bill (S.2113), pertaining to comprehensive sex education by a margin of 31 to 6. Thanks to the advocacy efforts of Media Literacy Now and Massachusetts Coordinator Tamara Sobel, the bill contains a provision requiring that sexual health education "incorporate opportunities for students to analyze societal and media messages." An amendment offered by Sen. Cynthia Creem on the floor strengthened the bill language to say that such curriculum "shall" include media literacy, rather than "may" include media literacy. To read more about this groundbreaking legislation, click here.

Sen. Cynthia Creem introduces her media literacy amendment to the Healthy Youth bill.

   Digital Citizenship Institutes

Grandparents of Media Literacy 
Website Launches
The Media Education Lab has just launched its  Grandparents of Media Literacy website  which constructs the intellectual history of media literacy education through personal narrative. This site encourages media literacy teachers, scholars and activists to:  
  • Share their stories about how they were influenced by the ideas of others.
  • Create Grandparent Profiles to feature those whose ideas influenced their work in media literacy.
  • Consider the historical and theoretical roots of the multidisciplinary practice of media literacy.
A Parent's Guide to Snapchat
Chances are, if you have teenagers or "tweens" in the house you have heard the word "Snapchat." This trending app is regularly included in children's social media diet, but many parents might not fully understand the ins and outs of this disappearing messaging app.   Cyberwise's Parent's Guide to Snapchat is a valuable resource for parents and details how the popular app works as well as how to help children use it responsibly and safely.
 Ready Maker  has released a new feature that lets users program robots directly from inside the Ready app, without needing to know any coding language. Their first version works with Arduino. They have projects suitable for students of all ages, with video tutorials available here
Special Olympics: We Are Athletes Too

Free Spirit Media wishes to share a short documentary produced by a high school senior in one of
their programs during the 2016-17 program year.
He covers the Special Olympics and his piece has yielded many conversations about "able"-ism among his peers. 
Director/Producer: Carlos Hines (SDP Collins - S2017) Free Spirit Media 


Education Development Center Senior Research Associate Wendy Rivenburgh, and Training and Technical Assistance Associate Kate Goddard,explore the powerful and urgent opportunity to build young people's media literacy through media making in this blog post on the American Youth Policy Forum.

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