Farmer Goes to Market: Reconnecting Nebraska's grocers and farmers
Gardening against hunger?| Organic hot air| What were California voters thinking? | Will bird flu impact prices? | Not your father's pig farm | Banana art

Reasons for gardening...beyond food

All about the space
Politicians and community organizers tell us we need public gardens because supermarkets are failing to make people "food secure." But when these researchers questioned backyard gardeners about their motivations for participating in a garden, the wide range of answers demonstrates gardens stand for a lot more than simply food.
Organic claims to cool the planet...all hot air, apparently
Oganics and climate change: A lot of hot air?
More and more research is demonstrating the credibility risk grocers assume when they allow themselves to be the conduit for unsubstantiated claims about organic and all-natural food. Here comes yet another, this one showing organic not only does little to cool global warming... it's even worse than you think.
Why did Californians vote against their pocketbooks on caged hens?
Flickr/Mark Hillary. Some rights reserved. Used under BY-NC-SA 2.0.
What's the matter with California?
In 2008, six out of 10 California voters voted to ban the use of small cages for egg-laying hens. However, at the time around 90 percent to 95 percent of the eggs Californians purchased came from small cages. So, a majority of voters voted to ban a product that a majority of shoppers routinely bought. What were they thinking? Check this analysis of the confused shopper.
The threat avian flu poses to turkey and broiler markets
Will avian flu give poultry markets a fever?
An outbreak of highly deadly avian influenza in a handful of turkey farms in the upper Midwest has the poultry industry on full alert to contain losses. But is the impact big enough to pose a real threat to your prices? Here's the latest outlook. 
How the face of Nebraska pig farming has changed
The new face of Nebraska pig farming
Friend, Neb., family farmers Paul and Deb Segner have used a relatively new--but not always popular--form of hog farming known as contract production to keep the third-generation Nebraska farm in operation. By reducing some of pig-farming's inherent risk, contract production has allowed them to expand the farm enough to welcome son Jared back into the family business. Listen as they explain how this arrangement works.
Pen, ink and banana
Is that a banana, or are you just happy to filigree?

Artist Stephan Brusche combines ballpoint pen, razor knife and an artist's eye for doodling to turn the pedestrian banana into some surprisingly inventive artwork. 

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