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Rodgers INSPIRE 233 Two Manual Organ
With its state-of-the-art 165 pipe organ voices in four different styles, the Inspire series 233 was specially designed to enhance the spiritual experience. The organ features an integrated 2.1 audio system and can be upgraded with an external 4.2 audio system, making it ideal both for use at home and for a chapel of up to 200 people.

Makin Thirlmere 2-30 Two Manual Organ
A standard Makin drawstop organ with 30 stops using the top of the range live multi-sample technology. This instrument has 9 channels of amplification and 9 speaker cabinets typically containing 25 individual speaker drivers.

Johannus LiVE 3T-A Three Manual Organ
The Johannus LiVE 3T-A is a high-quality digital organ that allows you to play dozens of international pipe organs. Both organs are equipped with a standard stoplist. The LiVE 3T-A features 52 stops.However, there is something extraordinary about their stoplists.

Rodgers Artist 599 Three Manual Organ
The Artist Series 599 organ features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted drawknob controls, 10 configurable toe pistons, and 20 internal memory banks. Built-in Hymn Player offers 350 frequently played hymn tunes at the touch of a key, and USB storage allows you to save all organ settings as well as an unlimited number of recorded performances. With authentic pipe organ sound and exceptional flexibility, Artist Series 599 is ready for any repertoire.

Makin Windermere 3-45T Three Manual Organ
A standard Makin tab stop organ with 45 stops using the top of the range live multi-sample technology. This instrument has 16 channels of amplification and 16 speaker cabinets typically containing 44 individual speaker drivers.

Rodgers INSPIRE 343 Three Manual Organ
The Inspire Series 343 has a total of 233 voices spread of 43 illuminated stop tabs, a variant library and 18 orchestral selections. Equipped with three velocity-sensitive manuals, a 32-note ago pedal board and an internal 2.1 audio system with the option of expanding to a 6.2 plus 2-channel antiphonal external audio system, the Inspire Series 343 is a state-of-the-art church and concert organ with unending flexibility.

Built in 1998, this Rodgers 790B features a full combination action, 10 toe studs, split expression, and a large specification. The dark oak cabinet includes a finished back. It has six external audio channels with possible expansion to eight for a large church. The audio could be reduced to five or two channels for a home installation.

$11,500 includes delivery and installations in our major market area and one year warranty.

This Allen Bravura L11 home practice organ was purchased new in 2018 for $26,000. If features an AGO pedalboard, split expression and the Allen console controller system.

It is on offer for $19,800, including delivery and a one year warranty in our major market area.

Originally installed in 1994, this three manual Allen organ features seven external audio channels, a large specification, and console controller. 

Cost includes a one year warranty, delivery and a typical chamber installation within 100 miles of our Jessup, Maryland store.

Rodgers Theater 360
This Rodgers Theater Organ was manufactured in 1996, and includes samples taken from Wurlitzer organs for the true theater organ experience. It includes two external Rodgers full range FR5.0 speaker cabinets.

$14,000 includes delivery, setup, and a one year warranty in our Rodgers market area.

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