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Letter from the Founders

This seems another open casket moment - a time when we cannot look away. We grew up in the segregated south, and one of the acts of quiet courage that changed history was Emmett Till’s open casket. Emmett was 14 years old when he was killed for supposedly flirting with a white store owner while visiting relatives in Mississippi. His mother insisted that the casket remain open at his funeral in Chicago, and the world saw his mutilated body. And they could not look away.

The video of the murder of George Floyd is another open casket moment. We saw and we could not look away. It is impossible to watch that video without tears, and impossible to ignore the look of indifference and callousness on the face of Derek Chauvin. 

Organization Strong

How to Create a Thinking Environment in Your Organization
CEO, StoryWork International
Strategic Partner TLG

"Have you ever sat through an important meeting in which
a couple of people dominated the conversation?"

There’s hardly an opening to get in a comment, much less challenge the drift of the discussion. This has been true for me throughout my career. A great demonstration of this problem occurred when I joined IDEAS, a former division of Disney, as the StoryAnalytics Master (yes, one of the great corporate titles of all time). Even though we had bought ourselves out of the Kingdom in a rare move, IDEAS was still situated in the Roy Disney Production building on the backlot of Disney Hollywood Studios.

It was an immensely interesting place to work, filled with visual and graphic artists, sound engineers, learning specialists, motion film experts, directors and producers. We tackled all kinds of projects in the entertainment and corporate fields. As you might expect, a skull session to map out ideas for a new film, product, or service was meant to be an exciting, invigorating process. But when I arrived, they were anything but that. 

Tino's Corner

Caring Through Change

President & CEO TLG

We set the theme for this newsletter nearly a year ago. Little did we know, at the time, that “Organization Strong” would be so well-timed. Today, American companies are faced with three major challenges: Covid-19, business survival, and racial injustice. It’s a complicated and challenging time to focus on organizational health. I am certain that all of you would agree that tackling any one of these issues, alone, would be a monumental task. Is it impossible to take on three at once? Is there an alternative? I think not.

The first time I was aware of the term “Strong” used adjacent to a city was after the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15 th , 2013.   READ MORE
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Winding Back Up
Senior Consultant TLG

In the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis, a business leader told me that it’s not the winding down that caused him lack of sleep, but it is winding back up. “Winding down is the easy part,” he said. “Keeping the faith in our ability to not only survive but also to thrive at the end of this is what keeps me awake at night.” 

His challenge reminded me of the Stockdale Paradox, named by Jim Collins, researcher and author of the business classic, “Good to Great.”  

Organizations Strong
Stay Relevant

Senior Consultant TLG

The International Community is a complex organization, and we have been rocked by a global pandemic.

The United States is a multi-faceted and complex organizational system, and we are being “awakened” to racial injustice because we are finally hearing, #BlackLivesMatter.

Given these two realities, how is your organization responding?  Never before have businesses needed to demonstrate agility with their organizational strategy. Likely what was working in January 2020 is not working as strongly June of 2020. And, so, as leaders, we make proactive choices to exercise incredible, courageous, and empathic leadership.
Join us virtually on Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday June 26, 2020
8am - 10am

“Women’s Entrepreneurship:
Alive and Accelerating in ATL” 

featuring Monica D. Hooks, MBA and Executive Director of Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI)  

If you missed the May Women in Leadership- here's a summary too good to miss!

Jenn Graham , Founder & CEO Civic Dinners definitely informed, inspired, and invigorated!
Turknett Buzz
Welcome Summer Interns
Delighted to welcome these eager, smart, talented young people to TLG.

TLG participates in
Technology Donation Project

Tino Mantella (pictured above) delivering laptops, ipads, and other mobile devices that will be cleaned and distributed to students for online learning.

TLG was delighted to contribute computer equipment that will go to help
students with online learning.

TLG is a proud sponsor of this Lean In/ShowMe50 Event

June 30
4pm - 5:30pm

What Does It Take to Achieve
50% Women in Leadership?

Major Announcement
2020 Leadership Character Awards Luncheon POSTPONED TO Oct. 27, 2021
Event Postponed
Due to Covid-19 and risks of planning for an in person event with over 500 attendees in one room, the LCA Board of Advisors has decided to postpone the event until Oct. 2021.

More details to come
Hala Moddelmog to be honored

Hala Moddelmog
to be honored with
2020 Lifetime Achievement Award
Event Details
Virtual Award Event
2020 Lifetime Achievement
Presented by Leadership Character Awards

Wed. October 28, 2020
12pm - 1:15pm

More Details to come...
Upcoming Events TLG Involved In
Next OnBoard supports the next generation of women leaders who aspire to hold board positions in the future. For more information or to register, click below.
TLG Webinar Series & Office Hours
June Schedule
Webinar Schedule

June 15

The 3 Pillars of Peak Cognitive Performance

TLG Principal Consultant

June 24
11am - 12pm

Renewal: Leading Change Post-Covid 19

TLG Senior Consultant

June 30
11am - 12pm

Instrumental Stories to Build Organizational Resilience in Tough Time s

TLG Chief Story-teller & business partner
Office Hours Events
June 18
11am - 12pm

Discussion Topic: Psychological Safety

TLG Senior Consultant
June 24
2pm - 3pm

Discussion Topic: Societal Change; The Old Ways are Dead – Post Virus

Led by Tino Mantell a President & CEO TLG
Tom Colligan Senior Consultant Not-for-profit
What we are reading?
TLG President & CEO

by Colin Powell

General Powell confirmed how he led through his “Thirteen Rules”. He represents an excellent example of a person that built and influenced “Organization Strong”, throughout his distinguished career in the military and serving in four Presidential administrations.
TLG Co-founder & Co-chair

The stories from the pandemic could be pride - and energy - builders!

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