DesigNation7: Design2Play
Detroit, Oct. 28-31
Greektown Casino Hotel
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ED WELBURN, VP of Global Design, General Motors
To date, Ed Welburn holds the highest ranking position as an African American in the automotive industry. He has overseen the development of recent GM products, such as the 2010 Buick LaCrosse, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Malibu, Cadillac CTS, and Buick Enclave. As Vice President of Global Design, Welburn has created a network of 10 Design Centers in eight countries around the world. He and his team of over 1,500 men and women are responsible for the design development of every GM concept and production car and truck globally. The Design Centers are located in the United States, Germany, England, Korea, China, Australia, Brazil and India.

FRED LYNNE, Principal, The Lynne Group, LLC
Fred Lynne's skills include site master planning, project programming and management, story writing, attraction design, high rise building design, interior design, theme architecture, special effects lighting, urban planning, hotel and hospitality design, attraction and show film production, resorts development and project finance. Lynne's work includes: Universal Studios, Florida; Walt Disney World, Creative Entertainment; MGM and United Studios, Phoenix; Sea World, Florida.

CHARLES STONE III, Film Director The award winning film director, Charles Stone III, is known for films such as Drumline starring Nick Cannon, Mr. 3000 starring Bernie Mac and, Paid in Full. Stone was the creator of the popular United States advertising campaign, Whassup? for Budweiser. He received the Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Advertising Film Festival for the campaign. His latest film project is Paper Wings for which Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have read for roles.

DesigNation7: Design2Play
Detroit, Oct. 28-31
Greektown Casino Hotel
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Keynote Speaker: E.Scott Morris - Senior Product Designer, Nike
Keynote Speaker: Ed Welburn - VP of Global Design, General Motors

The Organization of Black Designers (OBD) is bringing its seventh national design conference: DesigNation7: Design2Play to Detroit. OBD/DesigNation has over 10,000 members and affiliates nationally and internationally. The conference attendees include some of the world's best Product, Interior, Graphic, Automotive, Architectural, and Apparel designers. Plus a large contingent of design students and design educators.

DesigNation7: Design2Play will bring together the world's top designers and manufacturers of sports and recreational products, games, equipment, vehicles and apparel, theme parks and attractions.

Companies like Nike, Oakley, JetSki, Reebok, and a host of other manufacturers from the entire spectrum of the sports and recreational industry - from skiing to soccer - from video games to biking will explore the design process that gives us so many exciting and innovative products, environments, and apparel for fun, fitness and recreation. DN7 will also take a look at the visual marketing, advertising, promotion and packaging essential to each project's success.

Join designers, executives, major brands, entertainers and a diverse mix of creative types at DesigNation´┐Ż 7 International Creative Conference. This multi-discipline design event previously held in cities such as Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles goes to the Motor City, home of globally influential design and talent for most of the 20th Century. Since Henry Ford designed the first automobile Motown has been a known bastion of musical talent but less for its attracting and creating great design and designers from Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Khan and Diego Rivera to native talents like Tracy Reese, Kevan Hall, Maurice Malone, Shane & Shawn Ward, John Varvatos and Anna Sui along with brands Carhartt and Pelle Pelle.

OBD is also well aware of the Detroit region's Creative Economy Initiative and sees having its DesigNation conference in Detroit as a way of supporting that effort and a way to focus attention on the creative-economy assets of the region.

Detroit and Michigan are the present and legendary home of some of the world's greatest design assets. From the automotive design studios to world renown design schools like the College for Creative Studies(CCS), Cranbrook Academy of the Arts, Lawrence Institute of Technology, Kendall College of Design and Wayne State University, University of Michigan and Michigan State.

DesigNation™ is the "United Nations of Design Conferences"℠


DesigNation Sponsors & Exhibitors Speak

"Designation's capacity to bring together high-level design professionals creates a wonderful showcase for our products and a great opportunity for Reebok to even recruit design talent."
Michelle Gordon Seemore, Staffing Manager - Reebok International Ltd.

"DesigNation offers the opportunity to reach the people who have the ultimate authority to specify our products - designers. The multidiscipline nature of the conference exposes Herman Miller to a much wider array of design professionals and potential sales."
Carl Kelly, Manager Supplier Diversity Program - Herman Miller

"Hallmark enthusiastically supports the vision and growing influence of the multidiscipline/multicultural DesigNation Conference. Bringing design professionals from around the world together for stimulating workshops, lectures, demonstration, portfolio reviews, and good dialogue is critical to strengthening the design professions and preparing designers for the new millennium."
Jani Mohr, Director Creative Staffing and Development - Hallmark Cards

"DesigNation has become an important element in our design recruitment, sales, and diversity marketing strategy. Why hasn't there been a design conference and trade show like this 'til now?"
Larry Miller, President Brand Jordan Division - Nike

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