January 10, 2016
For Immediate Release
Denise McMahon, Co-president
Organizers Rally Group, LLC.

OHPRG Unveils New Championship with International Flavor

Las Vegas, NV. Organizers HP Rally Group, the newest U.S. performance rally sanctioning body, is pleased to announce its 2016 schedule of events, as well as other enhancements to the organization such as the addition of an event in Mexico and the naming of its key administration staff. New in 2016, the former OHPRG Championship will now be known as the American Rally Car Championship.
In the U.S., stage rally (or performance rally) teams have a driver and co-driver (or navigator) for each car and competitors race in segments called stages on closed public roads, trying to get from the beginning of the stage to the end as fast as they can. Unlike other forms of motorsports, there is no practice allowed and the course is not revealed to the competitors until the co-driver receives the route instructions just prior to the start of the rally. The co-driver then gives the route instructions-often through the use of an intercom, sometimes at speeds in excess of 100 mph-through forest, desert and logging roads throughout the country.
The cars, all street legal to allow driving on public roads between rally stages, are compact and sub-compact cars, both two- and four-wheel-drive, with varying amounts of performance modifications depending on the class in which they are running.
The vision of OHPRG is to make rallying affordable to organizers and competitors while keeping the culture of rallying intact by including the rally community's involvement in the organization.  OHPRG will organize, sanction, and help other rally organizers and rally organizations to conduct stage rallies, time trials, or similar events throughout the U.S.
OHPRG is setting new standards, with the goal of streamlining responsibilities and bringing fresh ideas.  The organization's fundamental values combine elements of safety, fun, competition, and transparent communications.
We are proud to announce our OHPRG team of people who will be the core administration with the American Rally Car Championship and the Southwest RallyCup Series. 
Denise McMahon - Co- President
Pat McMahon - Co-President and Competition Director
Tom Nelson - Scoring Director
Tony Castaneria - Marketing/Sponsorship Director for American Rally Car Championship
Aaron Laeng - Technical Director 
Scott Terner - Project Director
Marni Nagy - Competitor Registrar
Doug Nagy - Chief Technical Inspector
John Shults - Competitor Liaison
The first event in the 2016 ARCC, as well as the Southwest RallyCup Series, will be the Desert Storm Rally on April 1-2, which also concludes the 2015 OHPRG Championship and determines its top positions.
The revised championship includes an overall champion in both National and Regional classes, determined at an invitational event. Accumulated points are based on finishing position at the individual events. Overall champions shall receive $500 for first place, $250 for second place and $125 for third place.
Further information about the ARCC, including full guidelines for the 2016 championship, will be available on the OHPRG website ( later this month.
2016 OHPRG American Rally Car Championship Schedule (tentative):
Desert Storm                             April 1-2               Blythe, Calif., USA          
Sonora Rally                              April 4-6               Sonora, Mexico              
PNW Rally                                   TBD                  Washington, USA
Rally Utah*                                August 5-6           St. George, Utah, USA
Rally Nevada*                            August 5-6           Mesquite, Nevada, USA
Seed 9 Rally                              November 5         Jean, Nevada, USA        
The Desert Storm Rally includes the 2015 Overall Challenge Championship, which will determine the winners of the OHPRG Championship. American teams entering both Desert Storm and the Sonora Rally will receive a discounted entry fee for the latter. *As determination of roads for the August rally has not been confirmed, it will either be based out of St. George, Utah, or Mesquite, Nevada.  For the final event, the Seed 9 Rally, the organizers are looking at some new roads to enhance the level of competition. Further events may be added to the schedule at a later date.
OHPRG Licensing and Rules
The 2016 OHPRG Administrative/License Fee is $75, good for the calendar year.   This is a slight increase from last year as one of our objectives is to keep the team costs associated with performance rally at a minimum. With only minor changes from 2015, the 2016 OHPRG rulebook will be available online by the end of this month from our website and to be formatted rulebook to be mailed out as license fees are paid or at the event.