CEUS Updates | October 27 2020
Thank You for Standing with Immigrants
In the midst of an historic election, Centro Comunitario CEUS continues the fight for legal status on behalf of countless members of our community affected by the current administration's stance on immigration. In this issue, read about the work of our members, staff, and volunteers in protecting immigrants under the now-dismantled Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.
CEUS Ramps up Campaign to Support TPS Recipients 
Centro Comunitario CEUS will hold a solidarity walk and press conference on Nov. 9 to welcome to New Jersey the Road to Justice caravan that is crossing the nation to highlight the plight of immigrants in the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

CEUS members will accompany the busload of immigrants down Bergenline Avenue in West New York, and meet with area legislators to demand US Congress enact legislation to protect TPS beneficiaries from deportation and grant them a path to residency.

Thousands of New Jersey immigrants, including 300 CEUS clients, face legal limbo after January when TPS work permits issued expire in January due to the Trump Administration’s 2017 decision to dismantle the program

CEUS welcomes the TPS National Alliance bus in Union City during a prior caravan in October 2018.
CEUS Board Member, Beatriz Rodriguez, and others in Manhattan on September 15th, 2020
CEUS Founder, Blanca Molina, and a fellow demonstrator in Newark on September 28th, 2020
Protesting in New York and Newark
CEUS supporters and clients protested outside the office of Senator Robert Menendez on Sept. 28 to demand Congress help TPS beneficiaries, and joined a similar protest on Sept. 15 outside the office of Senator Chuck Schumer in Manhattan, New York.

The protests were part of an increasing campaign by the National TPS Alliance, working with immigrant groups across the US, to promote the federal legislation, HR6, that would create a path to residency for TPS beneficiaries.

 “If I don’t have legal status I can’t work, I can’t drive. I face deportation,” said Elsa Valle, who came to the US from El Salvador 20 years ago, and heads the alliance campaign in New Jersey. “To be separated from my family and children, would be a tremendous blow.”

Taking Carloads of Immigrants to Washington DC
CEUS clients and volunteers were among hundreds of TPS participants who took part in a car rally to the Capitol in Washington D.C. in June. CEUS took five cars to the protest, joining vehicles from across the US, including a painted truck and trailer.

The Road to Justice caravan, which arrives in Hudson County next month, began in California and will conclude in Washington D.C., stopping at communities along the way that support TPS beneficiaries. CEUS hosted a similar caravan in October 2018, organizing a dinner for about 100 caravan riders and CEUS volunteers.

One of five CEUS vehicles which took part in the caravan to Washington D.C. June 2020.
Take Action to Support TPS Immigrants
CEUS volunteers and members of the National TPS Alliance gather during the demonstration on Washington, June 2020.
Take Action: Support TPS
Please support CEUS in the effort to prevent the separation of families in the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program. Communicate with your congress person to ask them to support legislation to help TPS immigrants.

Learn more about the National TPS Alliance campaign here.

Please also consider making a donation to the CEUS TPS campaign. You can make a donation by going here.