Ancient Connection, Healing, Homecoming, Transformation, Remembering

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A journey of a lifetime to South Africa and Botswana with Master Animal Communicators and Guides
Eden, returning to the peoples of 100 000 years ago,
Stepping into our own indigenous design, learning animal communication with wild beings

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My Hunters Heart
The Great Dance
Touching the Dragon 
Cosmic Africa
(Craig and Damon Foster) 
The Animal Communicator 
(Anna Breytenbach, Directed by Craig Foster) 
My Heart Stands in the Hill (book) 
Craig Foster and Janette Deacon

Anna and the baboons at Cape Point 
What an extraordinary gift of opportunity is has been to be part of this pilgrimage to South Africa led by Mbali. Mother Africa always touches deeply into my being but this trip was exceptional.  Mbali comes with and leads the group with unbroken, sacred relationship to life.  The depth of her integrity has built and holds genuine relationship with the true indigenous people of this land. The journey is a continuous ritual of honouring and being honoured.
Magi Whisson, (Australia) 
  March 2013

This journey touched upon layer and layer of my psyche while held beautifully in community and throughout have sensed the holy spirit as powerfully present. Now off to Botswana fully present. 
 Origin Journeyer USA, June 2015 

Our African journey was incredibly rich and has opened new worlds for me that were previously unseen. I developed a deep connection with the Natural world the animals and plants. The whole journey with its variety of interactions with Nature and its animals the ocean and its wild beings made me realize that we are part of  nature  not separate from as I had previously thought,  and when we are a part of nature we also feel deeply connected with each other. Danadasa,  Origin Journeyer, 2015 

An amazing journey into the origin of our species.  "A" list facilitators, Anna Breytenbach, Mbali Marais, Craig Foster and Alwyn Myburgh took  us back 100, 000 years to the roots of mankind. An amazing experience with a great group of  soul travellers.  
Alan Waugh, June Journeyer   2015

recreation of jewelry and skins
Photo courtesy of Craig Foster

Your facilitator of Return to Origin Journeys 
I  was born in South Africa and left when I was three years old for London where I  was raised and educated to Post Graduate level in Therapeutic Bodywork at the University of Westminister. 
 I later settled in the USA, where I met my spiritual teachers. In the USA I worked in a major medical institute where I devised rigourous progams and group process for Massage programs sought by other hospitals in the country. I am an HIV counselor, and have worked with addiction.  I also voluteered in San Quentins men's prison where I assisted with relationship building work. 
 I am  a Keeper of Ancestral Wisdom, and answered the call to become a diviner. My medicine as a healer was gifted to me by the Dagara people of West Africa and elder  Malidoma Some, Shaman and Educator.  I have been a guide and practioner in the Healing Arts for over 30 years. I am also a healer, ritual and ceremony leader,  creator of Sacred Journeys and master group facilitator.   
I  was called back to South Africa after 59 years, and  answered another calling to  train in the traditional healing medicines of South Africa. I was named by Credo Mutwa, High Sanusi from whom I  still receive transmissions. I am  a desecndant of the Amaghebe clan of the Xhosa tradition and Tembu tribe and  also a descendant of the Khoi Khoi  peoples. The last name given, Buvalele, a Xhosa name which means "one who opens the way for other 

Dr. Peter Nilssen

Journey includes:
3 Internal flights, Johannesburg to George, Cape Town to Johannesburg.
Johannesburg to Maun, Botswana and  return from Botswana to  Johannesburg ONLY. 
Entrance fees to all parks
Private lodging -Garden route and Cape Point   
LARGE luxury tent accomodation, 2 PER TENT  Botswana ( No single tents available) 
All  exceptional fresh organic meals 
Non  alcoholic drinks
Shuttles to and from Airports
Some gratuities 
Road transport in air conditioned Sprinter 
Transport in Safari vehicles. 

Does not include:
ALL other flights 
Full Travel Insurance  (Mandatory)
Special Foods (Bring with you)
Personal Gifts
Further Gratuities  
Craig's films or books (available for sale)
Please check your own country's VISA requirements for South Africa and Botswana, Most countries do not require Visas, but  CHECK PLEASE

We suggest you come a day or few ahead of time to de jet lag. Please note,  any travel arrangements and accomodation made prior to October 8,  and after October 24, 2016, are made and paid for by you.

Flights, transport and accomodation must be paid well ahead of time, so there will be NO EXCEPTIONS on due dates as there is already much interest in this journey, monies not received by due dates, will mean you lose your space.
Minimum 10 people, Maximum 14. 
full packet of info will be sent when your place is confirmed.

Cost: $5,295
Non refundable Deposit: $500 due May 25th,  2 016 and holds your space. 

Balance Due: $4,795 July 25,  2016. 

Sacred Reciprocity.

A percentage of the journey cost goes towards preservation and protection of sacred sites, conservation, and the upkeep of animals we visit. We also offer gratuties to the local people who assist us along the way. 
Should you wish to add a donation to assist a Return To Origin trainee to join a journey, please advise us when you book. No amount too small
In gratitude. 
Thanks for answering the call, listening to your intuition to remember.

We are honored to be have you with us. 

Return To Origin is honored to join with master interspecies communicators, guides,  teachers and origin specialists 
Anna Breytenbach (4 days) Craig Foster
  Alwyn Myburgh, and Dr. Peter Nilssen
(Full bios below)
to bring you 
A Coming Home Journey of Remembering
to South Africa AND Botswana
Due to  popular  demand we have added 2 extra days,  the incredible garden route and a "special" detour to Mossel Bay. 
Arrival day October 8, 2016. Fly home October 25,  2016. 
17 nights. 

 Please join us on what will be a truly memorable journey! 

  This year Return To Origin is providing an incredible journey with new vistas, landscapes and indigenous knowledge.  We invite all who participate  to re-remember our ancient connections and reconsider how we as humans fit into the natural world as authentic living beings, our origin. We will re- connect  through interspecies communication on land and the pristine  magical water world near Cape Point. We will be in communion as we once were and can still be with our nature beings, plants,  species and nature itself.  We will be working with exceptional Wisdom Keepers, Master Guides, Animal Communicators, and Origin specialists, Anna Breytenbach, Craig Foster,  and Alwyn Myburgh. 

We fly into Johannesburg, overnight and the following day we take a short flight to George.  We begin along the garden route where we will settle into our forest edge home  to work with Anna Breytenbach, after which a sumptious dinner awaits us. 

On our way to Cape Point we  have been invited to spend a morning  with Dr. Peter Nilssen, at the point of Human Origins. and the incredible Pinnacle Point Caves. 

 In Cape Point we join award winning documentary maker and origins specialist Craig Foster where we will immerse in a pristine landscape, breathe the cleanest air on earth and be transported into a truly magical world of incredible imagery, eco systems,  indigenous knowledge and explore the power of transformation through deep nature immersion. 

In Botswana, a deep nature safari, like no other awaits us. With Alwyn Myburgh who has years of intimate knowledge of this area and his relationship with the land and animals is reminiscent of the old indigenous masters.  Our journey in Botswana begins at the gateway to the Okavanga Delta. We set up camp on the edge of the Kwai river where the wild animals are still concentrated.  
   "The south coast of Africa is the wildest place on earth, not because it is dangerous but because it is the address of the first human family. It holds the memories of human wildness. This is the original Eden, a land of extraordinary coastal beauty and underwater golden forests stretching out to sea. This was the crucible that gave birth to wild, fully aware humans. Their lives were astounding beyond our wildest dreams. This experience is created to realize our human design, to walk a little in their footsteps and to marvel at the power of the human animal" -Craig Foster 
"We will explore our ancient ways of knowing, engaging with intuitive communication with the landscape and our wild relatives. Our deeply reconnective journey will open us to the wisdom and joyful dance of life." 
-Anna Breytenbach  

Join us on a Return to Origin journey of a lifetime to explore, discover and re- remember.   Welcome Home! Mbali

You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart, You are here to be swallowed up. Louise Erdich, 
The Painted Drum

Animal Communicator-Anna Breytenbach

Arrival Day: Oct.8, 2016

Fly into Johannesburg, rest and relax in the Blue Mango Lodge. Meet and greet followed by a sumptious dinner. Overnight.
Day 1, Oct 9, Garden Route

 A short flight to George along the garden route, where we meet our ground transport.  Arrive at Peace of Eden and settle into our forest-edge home for the next few days. Evening introductory talk by Anna Breytenbach, followed by a nutrious dinner.

Day 2, Oct 10, Garden of Eden
We embark on a discovery of the art and practice of telepathic animal communication. Accessing stillness and connection, we expand our five senses and engage with the sixth sense of intuition. A fun "playshop" exploring the techniques and practice of telepathy. 

Day 3, Oct 11,  Garden of Eden
Smaller group sessions for comprehensive coaching from Anna, with half a day's practice in the indigenous forest. Other half day free time for journaling, rest and creativity.

Anna and Mbali visiting Spirit, the black Leopard
Day 4, Oct 12 , Jukani Predator Park with Anna Breytenbach
A field trip to the sanctuary where the famous black leopard, Spirit, lives. After a special tour from Jukani guides, we'll work with real case studies to help whatever issues the resident 55 big cats and humans may want resolved. Afternoon debriefing and integration; evening guided meditation.
Day 5, Oct 13 Garden of Eden 
We deepen the application of interspecies communication. We uncover the mysteries and interconnectedness of animals, plants and the elements. Finding ways to clear our channels of knowing, we embrace our relationship with the essence of all life, and wrap the bundle of skills, insights and practices. Our time culminates in a celebration of Mother Nature and our own Nature. 

Day 6, Oct 14, Travel to Cape Town via Mossel Bay. (air conditioned Sprinter)
The Point of Human Origins Experience (3-4 hours AM ) Mossell Bay

An introductory, thought provoking presentation with incredible images by Dr Peter Nilssen that will take you on a journey into pre-history where you learn  about human nature and behavior, ancient environments, food  sources, cave formation processes, stone tool technology, and how our  earliest ancestors managed to survive a near extinction event through their  connection with and reliance on nature. We will then be taken on a scenic visit to the incredible Pinnacle Point Caves in the company of Dr. Nilssen.

Cape Point

 With a delicious packed lunch we head towards Cape Town where 
 comfortable accommodation awaits us where you can rest. and immerse your self in the deep peace of the landscape and stunning views. The early farm cottages lie at the foot of the Swartkopberge mountain range, surrounded by copious fynbos vegetation. Our other main house and cottage will be our community gathering place where we will meet and greet, share stories and ceremony. It is an idyllic space for our time with Craig Foster.  Integration and time for self is key for our relationship to deep nature.We settle in for  home cooked food,with Brad and Michelle, who cook with love. 

Image courtesy of Craig Foster
Day 7, Oct 15,     Craig Foster, Cape Point. 

Through a multi -media presentation we will meet Craig Foster and the last 25 years of his internationally acclaimed film work, with a variety of extraordinary indigenous people, a rare behind the scenes look into the power of the African mind.  We ease in to our environment and with Craig and Mbali's gentle guidance we will enter the waters of this pristine coastline with sacred intention to discover, cold water initiation, an important part of understanding the original human mind and body and how thermo regulation is linked to extreme health and primal joy. Later we take a walk in one of the greatest marine parks on earth to find shells normally hidden to the human eye. It is a time of play.  
Day 8, Oct 16, Cape Point Craig Foster. Full Moon   

On this Full moon we travel a short distance to Kalk Bay a quaint fishermens' coastal village and take an intertidal walk. You will enter into a fascinating and unknown place of magic.  It is home to a world filled with thousands of animals some you will have never seen before. This is a very special and intimate  nature experience in one of the most productive eco -systems on earth. We explore the human animal interface with wild sea creatures and learn the secrets of the natural world.
After lunch Craig will take us on a thought provoking and moving account  into the pre -history of our human relationship with the sea. We will be shown images featuring full life recreations of an African family living 100,000 years ago on the South African coast. Welcome to your coastal family recreated from science and indigenous knowledge who were living in extreme states of human awareness.  It is an incredible presentation that takes us into the minds and bodies of these early coastal people and communicates the power of transformation through deep nature immersion.  We learn about, and handle one of the most important substances on earth to early humans. 

Image courtesy of Craig Foster 
Day 9, Oct 17, Cape Point Craig Foster  

Now that we have met our coastal family, we dedicate this day to exploring our own indigenous souls through ceremony and ritual. It is a way of understanding and embodying our earliest human ancestors. It is a time of re -creation, stepping into our design using body paints,  skins and jewelery of these early people. We create an ancient image of ourself, a reminder of our design. A powerful exercise that will touch into our ancient being. It is a profound, creative experience that leaves us with more awareness, and healing of our authentic self, designed, to explore the primal human inside us. The dots are connected. A profund day of re- remembering and Return To Origin.   We cleanse in pristine waters of Cape Point. 


Day 10, Oct 18

The story of a boy, Tom and the sharks in the kelp forests of the African coast. This demonstrates a unique trust in nature and shows insight into how adults and children can get close into nature.  
Later we take a coastal walk, where we may view our own sharks.    Wandering is an art that very few people practice today. We will  wander the wildest coast on earth, the primal address of the world's first coastal family. Craig has walked these shores for 20 years and dived in its waters without a wetsuit for the last 5 years. We will walk on the oldest human pathway on our planet, literally walking in the footsteps of our earliest ancestors as we walked from the tip of Africa to eventually colonize the whole planet. We will pass ancient caves and middens and get a deep sense of the landscape that shaped our human nature -a true return to origin. Welcome home.

Day 11, Oct 19, Travel to  Botswana Alwyn Myburg  

We take a very early flight  from Cape Town to JOBURG, (2 hours) and then get our next flight (2 hours) to meet our guide and host,  Alwyn Myburgh in Maun, Botswana. From there we travel in open Safari vehicles along the banks of the Kwai river, to the Kwai Community Concession managed by a local tribe called the Bayei.  Our community will be waiting to greet us at the already set up camp.  Comfortable large tents, (2 to a tent)  toilets and showers will be set up. Food and set up will be prepared by our assistant Kwai community. We will immerse in the deep magic of an African Bush. Around the fire we share food, meet and greet. 
Image courtesy of Craig Foster
Day 12, Oct 20, Botswana 

We will be situated between the Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game reserve where elephants, hippos, and a variety of animals roam freely (to name just a few.)  It has also become an important late dry spot where the animal stop to drink. 
We awake at sunrise with the animals.  We learn to adapt to their habitat, become the animal, connect with our own wildness, true essence.  Our magnificent sunsets,  are spent with the animals, sharing an incredible language without words. Together we begin to map our journey. 
Day 13, Oct 21, Botswana 

To walk with Alwyn into the bush is to enter into another world. Knowing the animals are close brings an exhilarating excitement. Our mornings may be spent learning about the plants the medicines,  and their spiritual use. We will look for wild foods as well as the abundance of wild life in the area. No hunting is allowed here.
Alwyn has known some of these wild animals for years and he will demonstrate and share with us the nature of human and animal intimate relationships. We will experience his profound gift of animal communication out on game drives or walking the land. Watchng the sunset over the Delta with the wild beings at the water hole is an experience that will remain etched in your bones.
Day 14, Oct 22, Botswana  

  Alwyn's ability to track is mind blowing.   He will guide us through bird language to the animals and their habitats and behaviours. Tracking tells a deep story that unveils a life unknown to the human eye. Few people carry the gift the way the indigenous people did. We are fortunate to be in the company of one such person. He will work with us to heighten our senses. 

Day 15, Oct 23, Botswana 
We greet the sunrise and spend the day in a ceremony of gratitude and deep remembering. Our last day with our guides, community and wild beings. We have lived the questions once bubbling. We have learnt to be in communion with all species and elements. We are weaving our sacred relationships with the natural world. 

Day 16, Oct 24, Travel day back to Johannesburg

We leave Botswana and fly to Johannesburg. We have deepened in nature, we understand our "Ropes to God" in our connections, with the land animals and people. 
We have our final goodbye, dinner and closure. 
We overnight  airportgamelodgehotel , Johannesburg.
Our journey ends, (last day) in 
Johannesburg   on Oct 24,  i f you wish to fly to other destinations from JOBURG after that,  cost is paid by you and not included in the price and all arrangements must be made by you. Thank YOU.

Day 17, Oct 25, Fly home with South Africa forever in hearts.

Image courtesy of Alwyn Myburgh

Our Hosts and Guides

Anna Breytenbach famous for calming and communicating with Spirit the black leopard from the film The Animal Communicator, is a South African based professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi  International Animal institute in CA, USA and has been practicing for 12 years in South Africa. Europe and USA with domestic and wild animals.   Her goal is to raise awareness and advance the relationships among human and non human animals, on both the personal and spiritual levels. Also holding a degree in psychology and qualified as a master training facilitator, she is able to guide participants to rediscover and develop their natural senses so that they deepen their connection with all species in an honouring manner. 
When I first met Anna I was struck by the fact that her radar was everywhere with each bird that flew or walked near us. She is clear, direct and carries a deep sense of integrity, like a lazer beam.  How fortunate are we that she has agreed to be with us. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to join this journey.
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Craig Foster with his brother Damon is a professional documentary filmaker. They have 25 years experience behind them and have worked in over 20 African countries and on every continent. They have over 50 international awards including the "Oscar" of natural history film making. Their documentaries include The Great Dance
( about the Bushmen).  The Fosters pushed the boundaries of human endeavor being the first team to dive with huge Nile crocodiles in their underwater cave systems. They documented the extraordinary crocodile shaman of Limon and the worlds foremost animal communicator, a South African woman. For years Craig worked and lived with Bushmen hunters, and shamans, Zulu traditional healers,  Dogon priests and hunter/sorcerers. He lived the original human lifestyle and was initiated in many African ceremonies, which created a passion to explore the human/ animal interface.  I have been privileged to explore a  fraction  of Cape Point
 (Eden) with Craig. He is an extraordinary humble,  nature being and to witness his intimate relationship with animals, the land and water has been an awe inspiring and  transformational adventure.  A gentle and patient teacher who will assist us in exploring and  enhancing our experience in Eden. Craig is also the director of the Animal Communicator. Craig is also Indigenous Knowledge trainer and mentor for Return To Origin our organization.  See More ~
Image courtesy of Craig Foster
Images Courtesy of Craig Foster 

 Alwyn Myburgh

I was born and raised among the red sand dunes of the Southern Kalahari in South Africa. My earliest childhood memories are of a time when we had descendants of the San living with us on the ranch, and spending endless days with them walking through the bush or on horseback, learning about the ways of the animals. I had the opportunity to learn so many things about nature at such an early age that I can't remember not knowing them. In other words, the gentle and selfless way the San people parted with their knowledge had laid the foundation for me to become a safari guide. And it has given me the opportunity to share some of my knowledge over the years with hundreds of people.

I started at a very young age in Northern Botswana - one of the last truly wild places left on the continent - doing an apprenticeship with one of the most reputable companies in the industry. Botany courses and Specialty walking courses are among the many areas of study that have helped me to broaden my knowledge base as a guide. I obtained a guides license quite early on and for the past 20 years I have had the great fortune of showing numerous international guests and renowned documentarians some of the most spectacular wildlife on the planet.

A safari is a journey and a journey with me through the wilds of the country will leave you changed. That's a guarantee. 


Images courtesy of Craig Foster