Volume 52
March 31, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • On demand
  • Content goals
  • Practice Growth by Design
  • Sequenced sections & strategic segments
  • IP protection
  • Omni-channel application
Have you or someone you know recently...
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, Discovery+, Peacock or HBO Max?

listened to
Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, SoundCloud or Amazon Music?
If so, what appeal is on demand?

While easy access, cost and peer influence are key factors, content is the primary catalyst. Perhaps this attraction mechanism explains why rapidly growing media services invest 10’s of billions of dollars in creating their fans’ favorites. In simple terms, enjoying sights and sounds can sensibly stimulate engagement, then advocacy.
On purpose, our Practice Growth Insights showcases 2 content goals:

  1. Co-Creation of original designs
  2. Omni-Channel application of practice-branded versions

Let us preview each...
Here is a provocative question, “in the hearing care industry, what is the best way to co-create applicable content?” Our answer is active listening. While your specialized skills help patients hear and understand better, our creative brainstorming is led by your valuable insights. Clearly, after 1000’s of clinical encounters, it is your frontline experience which triggers high-impact ideas that should be brought to life.
“You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou
To reminisce, our Co-Creation Practice started in 2008 and since then, inspired by patient-centric intent, 1000’s of useful designs have been developed. Via our network effect, progressive collaborators are dually empowered in their ability to easily and effectively:
  • capitalize on an already established grassroots educational marketing platform, not having to re-invent the wheel
  • produce new content they have been “thinking about for years,” in versatile formats
While most of our proprietary content is privately shared with co-creators, HDI’s Practice Growth by Design website is the place to see 100’s of ideas, various formats and targeted slide shows. Please enjoy this quick tour which guides discovery.

The tabs on left side indicate these sequenced sections:
  • Get to Know HDI
  • Research-Based
  • Branding Essentials
  • In Practice
  • In Community

Each section contains strategic segments, for example, In Community presents:
  • B2B Wellness
  • Home Health Care
  • Medical Referrals
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Health Fair Kits
Each strategic segment has a landing page, for example, Medical Referrals. Embedded here is an informative content array featured within 8 tabs. In addition, the top section delivers 3 related links:
  • Presentation folder design guide (upper left)
  • Did You Know? collection (upper right)
  • Helping Patients, By Design (upper right)
Exploring this page and getting familiar with Section > Subsection > Tabs > Slide Show flow will enable confident navigation of other content rich website areas. As you discover, I welcome your views on which customized designs will Amplify Your Impact in beneficial ways.
While discussing original content, we must be vigilant about Intellectual Property (IP) protection, for the primary benefit of best practices, well-intended educators and their recipients.

Regarding Omni-Channel applications of practice branded designs, please review this prior issue.

Highlighted was this definitive statement:
“Broadly speaking, Omni-Channel Marketing refers to messaging consistency and versatile awareness touch points in practice, in community and online. Instinctively, your core media should feature practice-branded content that is reputable, relevant and differentiated. As a phenomenal reference in showcasing proprietary content, Disney delights global audiences by embedding engaging stories in popular culture. Consider how world-famous characters are promoted in movies, parks, books, stores and Disney+, now approaching 60 million online subscribers. While few rival Disney’s marketing prowess and storytelling, there is so much we can learn from them.”

Followed by:

“While Disney is magical, your medical practice should leverage proprietary content too.”
Now signed up for our first 2 C’s, Concepts and Content, next week’s issue will feature Coaching. As with all high-performance teams, advanced plans and thoughtful tools are just the start. It is their play-by-play activation which scores progress in methodical ways. Far from a spectator sport, our Practice Growth by Design initiatives are hands on helpful. As your ticket for success, they are winners.
Bruce Essman
High Definition Impressions (HDI)

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