Ives with his new work family.

Congratulations Ives

Orion celebrates our Training and Employment 2021 Auburn Graduate of the Year!

Ives began his Orion training in our Manufacturing Shop in November 2020. His prior work experience included heavy labor, and he was seeking a new career path but needed guidance to make the change. Ives knew he wanted to work outside and in a position with a company where he could grow and build a future long-term career. He also wanted to work close to where he lives, near his family. Orion's training program allowed Ives to grow his confidence and skills, which opened new opportunities.

He possessed excellent soft skills, arriving to work on time, communicating openly, and investing in himself, setting him up for success from the beginning. Ives always did his best at Orion and sought opportunities to learn new skills. Mentors commented on his attitude and how great it was to work with him. Ives appreciated everyone teaching him and working with him. Ives proved himself capable and ready to reenter employment.

The perfect opportunity to apply and interview for a temporary, seasonal worker at the City of University Place in the maintenance and grounds department arrived in the summer of 2021. Ives shined at his interview and accepted a position with the team in the grounds department. His employer was impressed with Ives' skills and attitude and hired him as a permanent employee after the completion of the season. Ives is currently working in the Roads and Maintenance Department and is seeking further opportunities. He is completing his education to continue to advance within that organization.

His primary supervisor stated, "Ives started last year as a temporary summer maintenance worker. He came in on day one with a great attitude and a willingness to learn new tasks. Ives completes every task assigned to him without issue. He has been a great addition to our team, and we hope to keep him around for many more years to come." Ives' strong work ethic and positive attitude are what make him Orion's 2021 Graduate of the Year. Ives received a certificate, crystal award, and cash gift from Orion to recognize his outstanding accomplishments.

Hello everyone! Even though we are nearing the end of Quarter 1 2022, it is worth a moment to remember a few things about 2021. The Orion team continued to demonstrate tremendous courage, patience, sacrifice, and perseverance as we met the challenge of the Covid-19 Pandemic! Thank you to everyone for your efforts, and it was GREAT to be able to take our masks off on March 14th! I‘m also happy to report that Orion’s commitment to our mission and quality and delivery performance remained outstanding. 
In January, you may have heard that our VP of Operations, Tom Brosius, retired after 16 outstanding years at Orion. Tom was an integral part of our Senior Leadership Team and one of the original creators of our highly successful Transitional Employment model. Congratulations to Tom and best wishes to him and his wife Sandy for many happy years as they embark on their new adventure. 
With Tom’s retirement, we promoted Mike Barsoski from within to fill the VP Operations role. Mike joined Orion in 2015 as Operations Manager and is well prepared to excel in his new role. In turn, we promoted Diane Booth from within to fill Mike’s former role of Operations Manager. Orion is committed to providing opportunities for growth within the organization! Please join me in congratulating Mike and Diane! 

Noteworthy during 2021 was the emphasis we placed on improving our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. We have already made significant strides in this direction to include the welcomed addition of four new Board Members who better reflect the communities we serve. Below is our recently adopted DEI Statement that will soon appear on many of our electronic and printed communications.
Orion commits to cultivating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We invite employees, participants in our services, vendors, and customers to bring their authentic selves to every interaction. We seek to represent the communities we serve.

We aspire to see and value people across the spectrums of age, ability, gender, race, sexual orientation, perspectives, and other visible and invisible differences. We strive to include equitable practices at the center of our daily work and believe our organization is stronger for it.

We look forward to keeping you updated and sharing more Orion news as the year unfolds.
Jerry Chase, CEO
Orion Industries Values Statement

Each employee at Orion Industries should embrace and exemplify the following values during each interaction they have and each job task they approach.

Our ongoing challenge is to seek and create new solutions for our customers.
Orion strives to exceed the expectations of its customers through courteous, respectful, timely, accurate and personalized attention.
A        ACCORD
We meet our customers’ needs through unity, teamwork and collaboration.
R        RESPECT
We treat every customer with the courtesy and professionalism that we ourselves expect.
Quality, integrity and continuous improvement are the foundation for everything we do.
Richard, Stephen, Melilt, Carol, and Nicole, Orion Clamp Block Team with CEO Jerry
Orion mentors receive ICARE award.
All participants in Auburn’s Manufacturing Assessment & Training program will undoubtedly work in the Clamp Block Assembly cell during their journey at Orion. In this area, participants can learn assembly, packaging, part mark and inventory skills. Additionally, they will learn various machining skills, such as operation of saws, punch presses and countersinking. At any given time, the Clamp Block staff, and lead will be instructing between 20% and 45% of the total number of participants in the program. 

These five trained mentors are deeply committed to Orion’s mission and each staff member brings their own unique personality and style of teaching to their work. Together, they make an amazing team, guiding participants through the program with dedication, compassion, and honest feedback.

Richard, one of the longest tenured staff at Orion and in the Clamp Block cell commented that the team is one of the best he’s worked with, noting how proud he is to be part of the team and organization. This praise has not gone unnoticed by leadership and other staff at Orion.

The Clamp Block Assembly team was recognized and awarded with Orion’s 2021 Quarter 4 ICARE Values award. Winners of this award embrace and exemplify Orion’s values of innovation, customer service, accord, respect and excellence in each interaction and job task they approach. Congratulations Nicole, Richard, Melilt, Stephen and Carol!
This is one of the best teams I've worked with at Orion”

Top, Sarah receiving her award from CEO, Jerry Chase
Bottom, Steven receiving his award from CEO, Jerry Chase
Orion staff receive TOM TROTT awards.
Each year, Orion staff nominate one staff member at each location that they believe embodies the values of Tom Trott, a long time employee. This award is given each year to the Staff member who exhibits exemplary dedication to the Orion Mission and Values. This person has a commitment to providing opportunity to individuals that we serve, to achieving the specific goals of their job and to use our values of innovation, customer service, accord, respect and excellence in every task they approach. They are “visible” and are inspirational in their example.

At our Auburn location, mentor and Mechanical Assembly Lead, Sarah M. was nominated to receive this award by her peers who expressed that it's a privilege to work with her. They recognize her dedication, commitment, and can-do attitude as primary attributes. She maintains a positive attitude, shows kindness to others, and works hard to ensure each participant and staff feels supported and empowered. She leads by example.

At our Mukilteo location, Production Control Lead, Steven G. received the ICARE award to recognize his excellence and commitment to these values. He goes above and beyond in representing Orion. Steven has volunteered to lead the safety committee and completes all projects with quality and integrity at the forefront. He excels in exhibiting all the ICARE values.
Orion Riders support our community!
The “Orion Riders” is a group of Orion employees who enjoy riding motorcycles and doing good for our community. The members get together for group rides, often raising funds to benefit charitable causes. Additionally, the group and its supporters volunteer their time when the occasion arises, as well as set aside a portion of their paychecks for the “Rider Fund.” They try to be role-models in the community and spread the word of Orion’s programs. 

This year the Riders collected $4,000, and with Orion’s match of $1,000, were able to donate $5,000 to a worthy local charity! The recipient for 2021 was the Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC). PICC is the nation’s first interim care nursery for drug-exposed and medically fragile newborns. Founded in 1990, PICC’s model program has given more than 3,100 infants a safe and healthy start in life. In their wonderful facility in Kent, WA, they provide 24-hour medical monitoring and nursing care to fill the gap between hospital and home for these babies. They facilitate visitation and training for families, so the babies can thrive once they go home. How great is the work that they do?! To learn more about PICC, go to: https://www.picc.net/index.html

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