Update on the bonobo orphans of Lola ya Bonobo.
We are heartbroken to report that Bolafa passed away.

Bolafa was found in the rainforest and rescued from a hunter. After a difficult four-day journey to reach him and get him back to Lola ya Bonobo, he arrived at the sanctuary severely dehydrated and riddled with parasites and infections. After receiving treatment, he appeared to be getting better, but despite our best efforts, he was just unable to recover.
Since then, two new orphans have arrived at Lola.
Lolabu was hidden away in a warehouse, one of the newest victims in the international trade in wildlife. A concerned Congolese citizen saw him and contacted Lola ya Bonobo with the information we needed to rescue him.

With the help of local law enforcement, we took action. However, when law enforcement arrived, he'd been moved!

Days passed, no bonobo.
Finally, local law enforcement tracked him down. Lolabu was confiscated and sent on a plane to the sanctuary.

Local Congolese law enforcement plays an essential and strategic role in fighting the bush meat trade. We couldn't save bonobos without their tireless efforts!
Ingende was rescued by an undercover investigator from a local NGO that works to save Congo's wildlife - Conserv Congo .

The investigator had spent months gaining the trust of a wildlife trafficker when he learned the trafficker had a baby bonobo. He contacted Lola ya Bonobo and planned the rescue. It took several attempts to pull it off, but he was able to rescue Ingende from the trafficker.

Ingende was then brought to Lola ya Bonobo, but his time with the trafficker has really taken a toll on him.
He was tiny and in poor shape, but the vets at Lola and his surrogate mom, Niclette, have been working very hard to nurse him back to health.

Wish Ingende and Lolabu luck!
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