Taimyr is populated by 5 nationalities - the largest is Nenets, than go Nganasans, Evenkis, Dolgans and Enets are the smallest population ( around 100 people who live in one village) . Most of them live in tundra and live by deer breeding and hunting. Alcoholism is rampant here. The capital of peninsula is the town of Dudinka. In Dudinka we have our Redemption church and the only Theatre that is located in the most northern part of the world.
Theatre that changed lives of orphans and expands the Kingdom of God!
Marina Petrakova is a Pastor of our Church in Dudinka. She also is a director and producer of a her Private Theatre . The actors are children and teenagers from local orphanage . Marina's heart is to raise gifted and talented national youth ! The doors of the orphanage and boarding school are wide open for us to preach the Gospel!
We preach the Gospel but also we invest our lives, resources and train local children so that they would change their nation for the Lord!
Marina and her sister Katia are producing plays of Russian and local authors but they pick only those that carry spiritual significance and value, The ones that a lift the dignity of people and bring hope. Theatre is popular and usually is packed.
Marina and some other people from our church preach the Gospel to all of them and they all believe in Jesus as their Savior ! We gave them all Bibles and Marina have home bible studies for them.
After each play Marina takes all children actors to eat pizza and fellowship!
You need to understand that these kids do not have anyone in the whole world to love them. Theatre became for them a safe place where they are not only loved but Marina believes in their potential and they learn that they are talented and beautiful! !!
Together we are changing the world of desperation into the world of God's love and hope!
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