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Please join us Saturday, April 18 (please note date change) from 5 - 8:30 p.m. 
at the Belmont Complex, Kittanning , to spend time with your shelter friends and meet new ones!
We have a great evening planned: a message from Bethann, surprise entertainment, and a delicious dinner.  

Watch for details!

Want to help?

We want to make the night a very special one for our volunteers, staff, adopters and donors.
We need people to serve on our Celebration Committee.
Please email Chris by clicking here if you are interested in joining this committee.  
Thank you!
Meet Featured Staff
Patty Prescott
Patty and Bolt.
If you have volunteered for any amount of time you know Patty.  
She is is a wonderful combination of compassion, efficiency and knowledge.  
Patty has been a dedicated employee of Orphans since March, 2007.
"I have been with Orphans for so long because Beth, Brian and Debbie feel like my extended family."
"My biggest reward from working here is to see the animals with no hope -- whom no one else will help -- come here to begin their 'happily ever after' story.'"
One dog Patty remembers fondly is Millie, a mother dog who had a rare case of mastitis -- the only case the vet had seen in all his years.     
Millie's skin actually came off, and she was down to muscle.  
She couldn't care for her pups so they were bottle fed.
"For a month, twice a day, Debbie and I would clean, medicate and wrap Millie .
"Even though it had to be incredibly painful, Millie would roll over on her back, lick our hands and wag her tail, just loving the attention.
"The body's ability to heal really amazed me. Her skin actually grew back.  
"When ready, Millie went home with a loving family.
"She was a special dog and I am so happy to be in a place that gives animals with no hope a new beginning for a happy and loving life." 
  According to 
Shelter Manager
Bethann Galbraith,
Patty was an asset to us from the start.  
"She has been a caring, dedicated caretaker to the animals and quickly became family.
"Patty has held many jobs while working here and given more than
100% to each of them.    
"I am more than grateful in so many ways to have her as part of the Orphans' family." 
Cold Weather
Dog Walking

Dog walking at the shelter is restricted when it drops below 15 degrees. 
But we hope you will come and visit the kitties, prepare newspapers or clean cage cards.
When in doubt, just ask to see what other jobs need done.   
We can always use your help and we love to see you! 
50/50 Winner Raffle ticket
Thank you to everyone who sold or bought raffle tickets! 
Jackie Zubik was the winner!
Both Jackie and the shelter received $2,362 each. 
The money raised from this fund raiser went into our fund to help pay pet medical bills for people who can not afford them due to their current circumstances.
Ask Charlotte 
Dear Charlotte
Dear Charlotte,
I have a rather stinky problem.  I have several wonderful cats that don't always use the litter pans.
Sometimes they pee on clothing they find on the floor. 
Any advice?
Thank you,
It Stinks to Love Kitties
Dear Loves Kitties,
Thank you for writing to me. I can understand your frustration.
First, have your kitties checked by your veterinarian for possible medical reasons why they are misbehaving.
If your vet doesn't find anything, try to:
1. Clean up accidents with a product specifically made for cleaning up pet accidents. 
Avoid ammonia-based cleansers that might attract them to pee in the same spot, as urine contains ammonia. 
2. Clean litter boxes once  a day.
No one wants to go in a dirty box.  
3. Less is more when it comes to litter: most cats like a shallow bed of litter.  
Provide only one to two inches of litter.
4. Once a week, clean all litter boxes with warm water and unscented soap, baking soda or no soap, and completely replace the litter.   
 5. Do not leave things, like clothing, on the floor.  
It is just an invitation to make it "theirs"!
6. If you can, get rid of all carpeting in rooms where the cats are.  
Non-carpeted floors makes it much easier to clean up.
If you still want rugs you can buy cheap throw rugs and throw them away when they get raunchy.
Until next time,
Charlotte the Bold
Charlotte the Bold is an Orphans' alumna who is happy to answer questions you have about pet care, volunteering or the shelter.
Please email your questions to

The year 2019 was one of many accomplishments and some heartache.
Gladine Our major loss was of our Founder, Gladine Wiles, who passed away in May.
Gladine was dedicated to a better life for the animals who passed through Orphans and was until her last day with us.
She taught me so much and continues to impact my work here daily.  
I was so fortunate to have her as my mother -- and my hero.
Every animal we help is because of her.
We also lost a couple of very special animals to the staff.  
When that happens you question how you can go on, but we take a deep breath, shed some tears and know without us they would not have had the love and life we were able to provide for them, and the time with families they 
were able to have.  
We will never forget them.  
We want to thank the families for loving them even if their time with them was much too short.   
Thank You! 
I want to thank all of our volunteers, w h ether you provide on-site help or behind-the-scenes assistance in caring for the animals that come to us.   
There is so much in rescue that could not get done if not for your help.
Thank you to our foster homes ... we have been able to help so many animals get the care and extra love they need to move on into new families and have great lives.
Thank you to our staff who provides daily care and love to all the animals in the shelter. It is hard work and we could not continue without you.
To our so-very generous and supportive donors, we so appreciate every donation given.  
Thank you to our adopters. Our hope is that every adopted animal brings love and happiness to its new family and that the pet receives that love back. 
Thank you to the veterinarians and their staff who are there to help us care medically for all the animals, and the spay and neuter of so many. Your care and kindness to the pets we bring to you are so appreciated.
Sometimes in the hectic, fast-paced world of rescue we do not get to say "thank you" enough.
If I missed saying "thank you," to you, I apologize.  
Know that you are noticed and beyond appreciated ... we would not have been here since 1969 without the support of so many.   
2019 Accomplishments

We have had some major accomplishments in 2019 with animals that were special needs. My hope this year is to help more of the ones that may take extra care and time to find them homes.  
We have helped so many animals be spayed and neutered that will not be bringing more animals into the world needing homes. This procedure also helps the individual animals to be healthier.
We have also been able to help some families that needed medical help for their pets but, because of circumstances, could not have provided it if Orphans was not here to help them.  
We have provided food for animals from our Pet Pantry for families going through some tough times and could not afford to buy food for their pets.
We hope this year to continue helping as many animals as possible. And, we hope this year brings the reality of a place to have a new shelter to give us so many more possibilities for the future of our animals.
Bethann Galbraith
Shelter Manager

2019 Numbers
2,300 animals spayed/neutered, medical care  
652 orphans found homes:
478 dogs and 174 cats
Click here for our November, December 2019 adoption boards. 

16,063.5 volunteer hours
1,858.15 dog walking, 399.4 cat cuddling
12,912.45 foster homing, 893.5 other
Happy Tails

BFFs forever -- us at the shelter waiting for our forever home.

"Dear staff & volunteers from OOS:

"Sarge here.

"We are in Florida on vacation. We arrived last night.

"I am looking out watching boats go up the canal to the gulf.

"Chief is chillin' out in his new bed.

"Hope you guys are enjoying the snow back home! (LOL)

"Love, Chief & Sarge" (& Evelyn Balla)

More Happy Tails
(Courtesy of our Facebook page)   

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