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 Pre-Holiday Issue 2019

Orphans of the Storm
PO Box 838
Kittanning, PA 16201
(724) 548-4520
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Volunteer Celebration Dinner, Saturday, March 21
5 to 9 p.m.
Belmont Complex
Kittanning, PAs
Meet Featured Volunteer 
Tom Ludwig   
Tom Ludwig

Every one of our vo lunteers has a special talent.
Some walk dogs, some foster kittens, others shred newspapers.  
Tom Ludwig is a volunteer of many talents, whether fixing  something that is broken. painting the annex or whatever else is needed.  
H e also has been collecting and recycling aluminum cans almost 20 years, raising almost $50,000 for the shelter.
  According to 
Shelter Manager
Bethann Galbraith,
"Tom has been such an godsend over the years to us here at the shelter."
"He came when called, if
available, to lend a hand with problems, some minor and some more major.   
"He took over the can recycling and puts his time into sorting and 
delivering the cans.    
"Tom and his wife Garnet opened their home several years for us to have our summer picnic and donate baked goodies for our different bake sells.   
"They have also been adopters of a couple animals.    
 "We appreciate his dedication and hard work over the years."
Thanks Volunteers!

Volunteer Allyssa Burke was honored for her dedication to the kitties and community at the 36th Annual Hall of Fame Dinner in Ford City.  

Congrats Allyssa, and a recognition well deserved.
From left, Adel Knapp, Lori Franz, Allyssa Burke, Mike Drumm,
Tammy Rusnica, Melanie Drumm.     
Thanks to all the volunteers for their help at special events!  
Steve Kozuch and Ashley Orringer introduce event visitors to a few of our orphans, and tell them about the shelter at the Fall for Animals.  
We have special volunteers who spend quality time at the shelter, making it nicer for our residents until they find homes.
Janet Treacy and Babs Wolfe spend time with Lucy and Gia, two of our long-term residents.
Volunteer Ashley Orringer
gets a thank-you smooch
from Bindi for her TLC!

September: 996.75
Dogs: 126
 Cats: 39.25
 Foster: 780
 Other: 51.5
October: 1,273.5
Dogs: 132.75  
Cats: 24.75 
Foster: 992 
Other: 27.5

Thank you to Phil Tack
for adding up our
volunteer hours!  

Ask Charlotte!
Dear Charlotte
Dear Charlotte,
Well, the snow has begun to fly again! How can I be sure my pets are happy and healthy when the temperatures drop?
Signed, Chilly in PA 
Dear Chilly,  
Thank you for your question and for thinking about your pets as it gets colder. There are many ways to keep them toasty 'till spring! Click here for cold weather pet care from our website! 
Until next time,
Charlotte the Bold

Charlotte the Bold is an Orphans' alumna who is happy to answer questions you have about volunteering or the shelter.   
Email your questions to her at charlotte.the.bold.one@gmail.com.


We have so much to be thankful for: you, our volunteers; our staff, our adopters and donors.

Check out this issue of the Mews to see all the great things happening at Orphans of the Storm.

See you around the shelter!

Chris Jirak O'Donnell
Mewsletter Editor & Fellow Volunteer
Happy Tails
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Clifford at home

Solo adopted   Koda home

September Adoptions
  47 Happy Tails
31 dogs, 16 fine felines!  
September Adoption board 2019  
October Adoptions
35 Happy Tails
24 dogs, 11 fine felines!    
Special Kitty Needs
Special Foster Home
Please call Bethann at 724.548.4520
if you are that special foster parent!
Funds for Our Orphans 
We have the chance to raise much-needed funds for our homeless pets. If you can help us sell (or if you want to buy) raffle tickets, please stop by the shelter.
Or, mail a check payable to Orphans of the Storm with $2 per ticket, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Lori Frantz, 461 Airport Road, Worthington, PA 16262.  Thank you!