Orphans of the Week

Dear friend of our orphans,

Kitten season is upon us and we have many to choose from.

Today we are featuring some super special Manx kittens.

Also, if you are looking for an active fun dog, look no further -- Kimber is your girl!

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Thank you!
Kimber is an active Treeing Walker Coonhound.

She is good with people and other dogs, but not small animals or cats.

Kimber loves taking long walks.

She is not good off leash as she will follow her nose and wander. 

Kimber will chase small type animals.

She needs a family that will be patient and give her the time and attention she needs to learn to be a loved family member.

To see Kimber in action, click here!
Manx Kittens
This sweet litter of Manx kittens are 3 months old and were raised with a foster family.

They are used to dogs.

Lily (tabby/white kitten) is affectionate but adventurous and likes to rough house. She has a full tail.

Sheena (tabby) likes to nap with the dog, as seen in the photo. She is very sweet.

Mia & Patterson (black & white kittens) are sweet & fun.

These cuties are ready to go home. Contact the shelter to meet them!
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