Orphans of the Week

Raven is a 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier/Retriever mix.

He loves people and is always happy.

Raven is high energy and still acts like a puppy.

He like belly rubs.

Raven would do best with non-alpha personality dogs.
Loki is a huge love-bug! He loves to snuggle next to you, and he presses his nose into your face to give kisses. He purrs until you rub under his chin.

Loki loves to play with his two sisters. He has never been alone and would like to live with another cat for company. 

He has lots of energy. His favorite things are batting ping-pong balls and water bottle caps, and playing King of the Hill on the cat tower. 
If you would like to meet Raven or Loki
please contact us at 724.548.4520.
Please forward to friends & family!
Orphans of the Storm | 724.548.4520 | orphansofthestorm@hotmail.org