Ossining Food Pantry Summer 2017 Update
Welcome to the second installment of Ossining Food Pantry's quarterly newsletter.  We want to be certain that all of the latest information is available to our loyal donors and volunteers.  Several readers sent emails after the Spring newsletter asking that we provide a bit more information on how the Pantry works and about the pressing issue of hunger in Westchester.  We thank you for the feedback and for your ongoing support.  Please forward this email to anyone who might like to learn more about our efforts. 
How the Food Pantry Works
In an average week, the Food Pantry provides non-perishable food items to supplement the nutritional needs of approximately 200 households.  That's 400-500 people - men, women & children - who are helped each week by your generous donations.  Some of our food is donated.  Much is purchased from the Food Bank for Westchester and ShopRite. 

Food is distributed from a variety of locations and programs: 
Client Choice Pantry at Trinity Church:  A choice pantry allows families the dignity of choosing their own food.  Since families choose what they like t here is less wasted food.  Clients may come to the Pantry twice each month.
Home Delivery Program:  Volunteers deliver pre-packed bags of food, twice each month, to clients who are unable to come to Trinity.
Agency Delivery Program:  Volunteers distribute pre-packed bags of groceries to qualified families from Ossining Children's Center and St. Matthew's Day Care.
Emergency Food Assistance:  Emergency assistance is available.
Food Bank Mobile Pantry:  The Mobile Pantry at Star of Bethlehem Church distributes meat, dairy and produce twice each month.  
A Word About Hunger
If you live in certain parts of our area, it may be difficult to understand that there is hunger in the suburbs.  The Food Bank for Westchester estimates one in five residents of Westchester are "food insecure,"  meaning they don't always have enough money to buy adequate nutritious food.  Many of these people have worked much of their lives or are still working multiple jobs but the economic downturn combined with the high cost of living in our area make it difficult to make ends meet.

The United Way of NY State estimates 34% of Westchester households are living in poverty or with income less than the county's basic cost of living.  This same study estimates the Ossining/Briarcliff area to be at the same 34% with Ossining Village (41%), Ossining Town (33%) and Briarcliff (19%.)

The face of hunger is changing.  Hunger is no longer the exclusive burden of the homeless.  Hunger may be a reality for your next door neighbor, your co-worker or friend.

Sources: United Way of NY State.  "ALICE Report" (Fall 2016) and Stone-Lombardi, Kate.  "Hidden Hunger" Westchester Magazine, (Feb 2016)
Spring 2017 Fundraising Drive
Thank you to our loyal donors for responding to our request for donations in May.  The Food Pantry clients and volunteers are so very grateful for your generosity.  Please know that virtually every dollar donated goes toward  the purchase of food for those who need it most.  We appreciate your contribution  and recognize your sacrifice to help others in the community.  THANK YOU!
Fresh, Healthy Food for Clients
Client nutrition is an important concern for the Food Pantry.  To supplement
the non-perishable items distributed, we offer coupons for use at the
Ossining Farmers' Market.  Additional fresh produce is generously
provided by Maryknoll's Pachamama Farm and  Mariandale, as well as by a number of generous individuals who wish to share the bounty from their summer gardens.
How You Can Help
Financial Support - We always need financial donations to help pay the massive food bills.

Volunteering - Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Pantry.  Right now we need help on the following late afternoon/ evenings:
  • Thursday 4:15-5:15PM - Volunteers are needed to help set up the food distribution area at Trinity Church.  Set up includes a bit of lifting in order to move food, tables and chairs.

  • Wednesday 6:30-7:30PM - Volunteers with a large car or SUV are needed to help pick up pre-ordered food from ShopRite in Croton and deliver to Trinity Church in Ossining.

F ood Drive - By organizing a community food drive, you can help us reduce costs. We are always in need of non-perishable food items such as rice, cereal, tuna and peanut butter. 

If you wish to volunteer, donate or organize a food drive, please call the Food Pantry office
(914-762-5510) or contact us via our web site.  A volunteer will  be in touch to answer your questions and discuss specifics.
29th Annual Celebration Event - Save The Date!
2018 CEL Logo (29th)

This year's Celebration event will be held at The Briarcliff Manor.  On Sunday, September 17th, we will gather to raise funds and to celebrate our loyal volunteers and donors.  Your formal invitation will be delivered in mid-August.  Please plan to join us for music, good food, wine and desserts.
We'd Like to Hear from You!
Let us know about the kind of stories you would like to see in the October/November Fall Update. Are any volunteers reaching a milestone anniversary with the Food Pantry? Email your ideas to OssFoodPan@gmail.com.  Please note FALL 2017 UPDATE in the subject line.  Thank You! 
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