June is an important month for turf care. It's a critical time to build summer hardiness for the months ahead so that turf and soil are able to manage the water and nutrients applied, plus handle the stressors of heat, drought or deluge, foot traffic, and pests.

Solu-Cal products are effective tools to help turf look its best - to stay healthy for true resilience through all seasons. These products are powered by INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst to deliver active beneficial bacteria and fungi to the soil to promote optimum health from the ground up. With the addition of immediately available soluble Calcium from Solu-Cal, these combination solutions help save time and deliver multiple billable applications in just one bag.

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Keep it Green with PEAK Iron + Mag from Solu-Cal
Promotes anytime green-up with no surge in growth

Peak Iron + Mag contains ground-breaking Wolf Trax DDP Iron technology and immediately available Calcium from Solu-Cal to safely and easily deliver micronutrients to the plant as early as possible in the growth stage.

Peak Iron ensures dark green color with no artificial surge in growth - perfect for summer & early fall applications!

  • Provides Iron to invigorate chlorotic turf and plants
  • Contains Wolf Trax DDP Iron uniform coating technology
  • Promotes dark green color with no surge in growth
  • Contains 5% Fe, 5% Mg, Amm. Sul., SOP
  • Fortified with INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst to significantly increase nutrient availability
  • 12% Calcium from Solu-Cal
  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft to 10,000 sq. ft. with 6 to 8 week green-up
  • Safe to use any time of year on turf and all types of plantings

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Build Summer Hardiness and Ensure Summer Recovery with Humic PLUS
Nutrients critical for summer recovery

Summer heat and drought place excess stress on turf. Supporting turf through the summer season and maintaining healthy soil begins with available Calcium and efficient pH management. Humic PLUS from Solu-Cal is the ideal solution for developing summer hardiness.

Humic PLUS delivers highly soluble, immediately available Calcium and essential Carbon to the soil and plant. These elements help build summer hardiness and turf resiliency.

Get the power of Activated Humic Acid teamed with Solu-Cal Soluble Calcium in a dust-free pellet, PLUS probiotics to release nutrient reserves & maximize fertilizer efficiency.

  • Organic Fertilizer Companion
  • Carbon source to stimulate and improve soil microbiology
  • Promotes super aggressive seedling turf
  • Fortified with INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst to significantly increase nutrient availability
  • 10% increase in water sequestration
  • Increases turf performance in shaded areas

All of these benefits in Humic PLUS work together to increase root mass surface area and seedling turf density and durability.

At 200lbs/acre, Humic PLUS supplies 11lbs/acre of Activated Humic/Fulvic Acid in one application.

Coarse Grade 210 SGN | 50lb bag covers 11,000 sq.ft.

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The immediately available Calcium goes to work to ensure proper soil pH, allowing for maximum uptake of stored and applied nutrients.
The active ingredient INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst delivers a robust package of beneficial active microbes to the soil, and is available in all Solu-Cal products.

These powerful probiotic ingredients work to cultivate healthy growing conditions and maximize fertilizer efficiency, reducing the need for additional inputs.
Tiny microbes deliver BIG results for turf.
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