Hi Kelly,

The holidays are right around the corner! Before the winter break, it was important for us to celebrate the season with our amazing team of guards.

We hosted three holiday parties in Brockville, Ottawa and Toronto, where we enjoyed food, hot chocolate, games and prizes.

OSC guards will be taking a well-deserved break over the holidays, returning to their intersections on January 8th when school resumes.

Also, our office is closed next week but we will be back in the New Year.

Have a happy, fun, restful and SAFE holiday season!

In a national survey by Desjardins Insurance, 61% of Canadian youth aged 16 to 24 admitted to texting while walking near the road. Of that same age group, 47% also admitted to jaywalking, the highest percentage of all the age groups surveyed.

When your head is down and looking at your phone, you are missing everything around you: dangerous drivers, red light runners, traffic signals and signs, and more. When you're walking by roads or crossing intersections, remember to keep your head up and phone down - it's a matter of safety.

Our RoadSMARTS4Kids resources were created with the safety of kids in mind. According to CAA polls, nearly a quarter of drivers reported witnessing a near miss or collision in a school zone, more than half of which involved a child.

This is why it's so important to teach kids early how to be safe while using the roads.

Our second WalkSafe module teaches kids JK to Grade 2 the basics of pedestrian safety.

The lesson covers:

  • Where and how to safely cross the street
  • The sounds of traffic - bells, sirens, beeps and horns
  • Pedestrian and traffic lights and what they mean
  • Bonus, kids actually get to practice crossing the street (supervised, of course!)

Learn more about RS4K.

According to the RCMP, 30% of accidents occurred on wet, icy, or snowy roads.

Weather conditions in the winter months makes driving extra dangerous - everything is slippery, wet, and visibility is at its lowest. It’s important to be diligent about road safety: drive slowly, leave a lot of space between you and other road users, and always obey traffic signals and signs.


When you are using the roads as a pedestrian, you can't assume that drivers will always practice road safety (even though they should!) Since the start of the year, there have been 23 vehicle collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists by drivers in Ottawa and one in Gatineau. Road safety for vulnerable road users is a matter of life and death.

BLOG | Pedestrian collisions on the rise; practicing road safety

Transitioning too early from a carseat to a booster seat, and from a booster seat to a regular seat belt can have serious consequences to your child's safety. Using the right car seat in the right way can reduce the risk of injury by up to 82% and risk of death by up to 71%.

Here are some helpful guidelines on how to transition your child safely: 

Free to educators and parents, our RoadSMARTS E-cademy is a suite of e-learning courses that contain important road safety information for students JK–Grade 6.

Our Booster Seat Safety Course covers why boosters are important, proper seatbelt fit & use, when are you ready to transition and more!

This holidays are a busy time - for both our schedules, and the roads. With traffic and weather, it’s no surprise that Canadian insurance providers report a 49% increase in collision-related claims in December and January.

That said, there are things you can do some things to help you get home for the holidays safely.

BLOG | 'Tis the Season for Safety

Going from home to parties to bars to meet friends and family this season?

Using your phone to call or text when you're behind the wheel is extremely dangerous. 1/5 fatal road accidents are caused by distracted driving.

It's better to get there late than not at all.

New Years Eve is a great time to get together with friends and family for a toast. Let's not ruin it with a tragic, preventable accident.

Some reminders for celebrating New Year's safely are:

  • Don't drink on an empty stomach.
  • Alternate between an alchoholic drink and water.
  • Know your limit, keep track of your use and pace yourself.
  • If you aren't sober at the end of the night, call a friend, family member, cab, or ride-share, or stay overnight at a friend’s place.

Not all heroes wear capes (that you can see!)

Our Crossing Guards are superheroes, keeping communities safe every time they step into the road to help you cross the street. Being a crossing guard is the perfect part-time job for someone who cares about safety. It offers flexibility, a supplemental income, and best of all, you know you are making a huge difference every time you put on your vest.

Are you looking for a part-time job that makes a difference in your community? Whether you're a retiree, student, or anywhere in between, we want to hear from you!

Enjoy a work-life balance, meet new people, and be a part of a team of Crossing Guards who love their jobs - some have worked as OSC Crossing Guards for 20 years (and counting!)


Barrhaven Center – Stonebridge

Barrhaven East – Chapman Mills

Blossom Park/Sawmill Creek


Findlay Creek

Kanata North – Beaverbrook

Kanata North – South March/Morgan’s Grant

Kanata South – Bridlewood


Old Ottawa South

Orleans Center – Chapel Hill/Orleans Village

Orleans East – Fallingbrook

Orleans South East – Avalon


The Glebe


Wellington West




Our Guards love to get into the holiday spirit!

We're still recruiting Volunteer MTP Instructors for the 2024 season!

Our Volunteer Motorcycle Training Program Instructors are experienced and dedicated riders with a passion for riding. Their love of riding and investment in teaching others how to ride safely, ensures our students have the best possible riding education.

The commitment:

Total time commitment for first year instructors is about 185 hours - this includes training and teaching time and First Aid (if required).

This time is split 45% training and 55% teaching.

After your first year, we ask for a minimum of 4 weekends a season.


Still thinking about it? Join one of our upcoming information sessions:

January 11, 2024 at 6:30 PM

January 18, 2024 at 6:30 PM

Last month we toasted to another great motorcycle season with a beautiful holiday banquet for our Motorcycle Training Program. We celebrated our 35 dedicated volunteer instructors, with some specially recognized with nominations and awards! This year’s award recipients were mainly our newest instructors; it was wonderful to be able to acknowledge their contribution to our 2023 season.

Award Winners included:

Steve Cloutier - Miro Choynowski Trophy

Anthony Francis - John Waters Trophy

Doug Parsonage - Chief’s Choice Contributor Award

Micheal Hiscocks - Ray Budds Trophy

Thank you to all our outstanding MTP volunteer instructors – we can’t wait to see you next season!

It is with great pleasure and sincere appreciation that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Muriel Aikman for being recognized as the Brockville Employee of the Month.

Your dedication to promoting and ensuring safety in our community has not gone unnoticed. Your commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and outstanding work ethic have set a remarkable standard for all of us. Your contributions have significantly enhanced the safety initiatives within our organization, and we are truly grateful for your unwavering commitment.

Congratulations, and thank you again, Muriel.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ronnie Ng as the Ottawa Employee of the Month. Ronnie has been an invaluable member of our team, serving as a Crossing Guard at the OSC since January 2020. 

Throughout his time, Ronnie has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, reliability, and a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of our community members. His positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and unwavering work ethic have made a lasting impact on both colleagues and the community. It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Ronnie as he embarks on a new chapter. While he will be leaving the OSC, we are optimistic about the future and sincerely hope that Ronnie will return to our team when the opportunity arises. 

Congratulations Ronnie! Your hard work and dedication have truly made a difference, and you will be missed.

Congratulations to our Toronto Employee of the Month, Jenelle Kunkel! Thank you to our VIPs for coming out to honour Jenelle.

If you’ve passed through Bloor St. W. and Mapledawn Rd. intersection, you would most likely have seen Jenelle, and her radiant smile, as she assists the students of St. Clement Catholic School, and the public, to cross the intersection safely.

“I absolutely love helping people in my community and being only 4 minutes from home, it’s a win/win!” - Jenelle Kunkel

“I think she’s really above par. When another crossing guard was extremely sick, not only did Jenelle report it to me, she was also willing to help him if he needed anything” - Usman, Field Supervisor

“Jenelle is an incredibly dedicated crossing guard, who radiates positivity and truly cares about the community. You can't help but smile when you see her!” - Lorie Drover, Operations Manager, OSC Toronto Branch

As of September 2023, the OSC has expanded to serve the City of Toronto, Etobicoke area. For the past 4 months, Jenelle has been part of our OSC Toronto School Crossing Guard team but has been a beacon of safety for the community for over 3 years!

“We know that the community is in great hands with her at the Bloor St. W. and Mapledawn intersection!” Jamie Kwong, Executive Director

Keep up the great work, Jenelle!

We are excited to announce the OSC Staff Employee of the Month title to Lorie Drover, the Operations Manager of the OSC Toronto Branch.

Since joining our team in mid-June 2023, Lorie has fearlessly tackled the task of establishing the OSC Toronto Branch. With enthusiasm and vigor, she has assumed the role of training and supporting the three office staff members, as well as overseeing the training and management of 200 Crossing Guards and three Field Supervisors.

It is truly commendable how Lorie has effortlessly navigated the challenges of leading the OSC expansion in a new city while ensuring the delivery of exceptional services. What sets Lorie apart from others is her ability to nurture and guide her team with competency, professionalism, and enthusiasm, three key qualities we seek in our team at the OSC.

We express our sincere gratitude to Lorie for her remarkable contributions over the past four pivotal months at the OSC.

Did you know the OSC provides free road safety education to kids? Consider donating to the Ottawa Safety Council!

How often do you or your loved ones use our roads (whether walking, driving or cycling) to get to school, work and play?

The Ottawa Safety Council is a registered charity focused on promoting social impact through free education and engagement. Your donations support our free road safety programs such as WalkSafe, BestFit Booster, and CycleSafe.

All donations through Canada Helps receive a tax receipt.

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