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We're starting 2024 off with a bang

Two of our OSC Toronto Branch Crossing Guards won Parachute Canada's 2023 Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest!

Congratulations to Jenelle Kunkel and Tammy Nugent! You are both true safety champions - it’s no surprise that your communities rallied behind you with an outpouring of nominations for this award.


We asked some of the OSC staff...

The OPP is urging drivers to “make better decisions” behind the wheel after a reported year-over-year increase in impaired driving charges (+7% from 2022), with a significant spike during the holidays.

In the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, the OPP saw a 21% increase in impaired driving charges from the same week the prior year.

Dangerous driving - speeding, aggressive, distracted, or impaired - is preventable. Fatal accidents are preventable. 

By taking the Road SMARTS Pledge, you can help improve road safety for everyone. When road behaviours change, accidents can be reduced.

MyChoice recently revealed the top 10 safest and most dangerous cities for driving in Ontario, with Toronto ranking as the safest city, and Brantford the most dangerous. 


We have rules in place to enforce road safety. We have traffic calming measures. We have a lot of photo radar cameras. But beyond the lesson books, and beyond law enforcement, how can we actually make our roads safer?

Kristy Cameron goes 1-on-1 with Jamie Kwong, Executive Director of the Ottawa Safety Council. 


Our RoadSMARTS4Kids library of resources are free for teachers to use and align with the Ministry of Education curriculum. Each module covers various road safety topics for kids from JK to Grade 6.

Our third WalkSafe module teaches kids Grade 3 and up the concept of "Be Safe, Be Seen!"

The lesson covers some of the following topics:

  • How what they wear can help drivers see them
  • Awareness of visual barriers that might block sight while walking
  • Non-verbal communication techniques that they can use with other road users while walking

Fatigued driving is just as dangerous as impaired or distracted driving. In fact, the amount of sleep you get can impact your crash risk. For example, on only 4 -5 hours of sleep, your crash risk is 4.3 times higher than normal.

According to CAA, 88% of Canadians are worried about speeding in residential areas, but 22% of them still do it. Concern won't solve the speeding problem - we need to back it up with a behavioural change.

BLOG | What's the Rush? Speeding isn't worth the risk

Walking to school has so many benefits, from physical health to quality time with family, safer school zones and better air quality. And studies show that physically active kids have increased brain activity, and improved test scores as well as grades. 

Our WalkSafe in-school presentations equip children JK to Grade 6 with the tools to keep themselves safe while walking, biking, skateboarding or scootering to school. They are available in both French and English and are interactive, using flash-cards, PowerPoint, props, games, songs and a working model of a traffic light!


Road safety education begins in childhood.

On average in Canada, there are 43 fatalities and 3,000 serious injuries to child pedestrians a year. Learning age-appropriate skills and concepts can help your kid stay safe when they step outside.

BLOG | Teaching Our Kids About Road Safety

Cannabis impairs motor skills, judgement, reaction time, attention, and decision-making skills - all of which are important to safe driving.

So why do people drive high? After alcohol, cannabis is the most commonly detected substance among drivers who die in traffic crashes.

It's not worth the risk.

Are you looking for a part-time job that makes a difference in your community? Whether you're a retiree, student, or anywhere in between, we want to hear from you!

Enjoy a work-life balance, meet new people, and be a part of a team of Crossing Guards who love their jobs - some have worked as OSC Crossing Guards for 20 years (and counting!)


Barrhaven Center – Stonebridge

Barrhaven East – Chapman Mills

Blossom Park/Sawmill Creek


Findlay Creek

Kanata North – Beaverbrook

Kanata North – South March/Morgan’s Grant

Kanata South – Bridlewood


Old Ottawa South

Orleans Center – Chapel Hill/Orleans Village

Orleans East – Fallingbrook

Orleans South East – Avalon


The Glebe


Wellington West




WATCH: CityNews Toronto caught up with Tammy Nugent, one of Canada's Favourite Crossing Guards!

We would like to recognize Evelyn Heathfield as the Brockville Employee of the Month!

Evelyn embodies dedication and positivity in her role. With a genuine love for ensuring children cross the streets safely, she approaches her responsibilities with an infectious enthusiasm that brightens the entire team.

Always wearing a warm smile, Evelyn greets everyone with a positive attitude, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Rain or shine, she goes above and beyond to prioritize road safety, making her an invaluable asset to the council.

Her commitment to community well-being, coupled with her uplifting spirit, sets a standard for excellence in her role, making her a truly deserving recipient of the Employee of the Month!

Congratulations Evelyn!

Mohsin Reza exemplifies outstanding dedication and professionalism in his role as a Crossing Guard and for that reason, we would like to recognize him as the Ottawa Employee of the Month.

No matter the temperature, Mohsin takes on the crucial responsibility of guiding pedestrians, especially children, across a busy intersection with unwavering diligence. His genuine concern for the well-being of those he assists is evident in every friendly smile and reassuring gesture.

Mohsin's exceptional work ethic and positive demeanor make him not only a reliable crossing guard but also a cherished member of the Ottawa community.

Congratulations Mohsin!

Congratulations to our Toronto Employee of the Month, Olga Hart Plunkett!

Olga has been a valued member of our team since the moment she joined. Her positive demeanour and commitment to her work is admirable – she’s already helped us in building our awesome team by referring us two amazing crossing guards!

Olga goes above and beyond and is a passionate member of our Joint Health and Safety Committee. Never late to a shift, Olga is a steadfast pillar of safety within her neighbourhood and overall community.

We greatly appreciate her outstanding service and dedication to her important role.

Congrats again, Olga!

We are excited to announce the OSC Staff Employee of the Month title to Kristi Reynolds, our Senior Program Coordinator on the School Zone Safety team!

Starting as a Program Assistant in 2022, Kristi has flourished within the OSC, approaching everything with a positive attitude and a smile. Her colleagues have nothing but rave reviews of Kristi!

“Kristi has an unparalleled ability to go with the flow, and she tackles any task thrown her way, demonstrating remarkable adaptability. Her comprehensive knowledge of scheduling, the guards, and day-to-day operations of the OSC is unmatched, making her an invaluable resource for the team. Kristi's dedication and expertise not only contribute to the smooth functioning of the OSC but also set a standard for excellence in managing the intricate details of the Crossing Guard program.”

“Kristi is such a positive and calming presence on the OSC team. Despite her sometimes demanding and hectic workload, ensuring that our 350+ guards feel supported and know where and when they need to be, she handles it all with a smile and never seems frazzled! She is a great team player, dedicated and always keen to learn something new to be of help to the team!”

“Kristi is an awesome colleague to work with. I appreciate her attention to detail, being on top of things and her willingness to help others. Her dedication is unmatched and I am grateful for all the effort she puts in training me.”

Thank you, Kristi, for all that you do!

Did you know the OSC provides free road safety education to kids? Consider donating to the Ottawa Safety Council!

How often do you or your loved ones use our roads (whether walking, driving or cycling) to get to school, work and play?

The Ottawa Safety Council is a registered charity focused on promoting social impact through free education and engagement. Your donations support our free road safety programs such as WalkSafe, BestFit Booster, and CycleSafe.

All donations through Canada Helps receive a tax receipt.

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