June is the month to enjoy a slower pace and spend more time with family and friends. While there is a lot of news this month, I'm keeping the format concise and to the point ... articles and ideas for summer fun and activities, and a word (or two) on the real estate front regarding property taxes.

With the arrival of the 2018 Notice of Assessments, many homeowners are discovering that their home has appreciated more than they realized over the last two years. If you have not received your Assessment yet, and would like to see what your local tax office thinks is Fair Market Value, I have provided links to six county Tax Assessor websites. Appeal Forms are also available here.

While no payment is due at this time, it is important to read and review your Assessment, and ACT NOW if you want to contest the assessed value. Appeals must be filed within 45 days from the date of the Notice of Assessment.  If you disagree with your assessment, I can help with the first step in formulating your argument. Reach out by phone or email and I will be happy to lend a hand.

I hope to see you out and about this summer ... on a trail, at a local Farmer's Market, or under the stars at an outdoor movie. As always, please let me know if I can answer any real estate questions or provide assistance in any way.

2018 Property Tax Assessments
Check your Notice of Assessment carefully. If you disagree with the Current Year Fair Market Value, I can help with the first step in formulating your argument.

Did You File for All Exemptions?
When checking your Notice of Assessment be sure you are getting your Homestead Exemption. The link below will provide you with links to 11 counties in and around Atlanta to apply for Homestead and check on any others you might be eligible for. It's too late for this year but get a jump on next!

For Dad : Garages, Grills & Gorgeous Caves
Guys Gotta Grill
Answers to Burning Questions

My father was all about grilling ... and he was great at it ... although I never did break him of the "well done" habit! Couldn't resist sharing this picture of him on the grill around 1975. Happy Father's Day to all the other fathers in my life and yours.
Fun Heats Up Atlanta