Our First Double Digit Anniversary 
Celebrating A Decade of Helping Others 
Thanks to YOU, Our Valued Clients
April 1, 2019 - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' data on Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy, Finn Financial Group, LLC is a winner.

While they didn't specifically single out our firm as a success story, their tracking of business successes and failures reassures us that we must be doing something right.

Consider (figures rounded to nearest whole number):
  • 20% of businesses fail within their 2nd year of operation
  • 45% of businesses fail within their 5th year of operation
  • 64% of businesses fail within their 10th year of operation
Which means this boutique structured settlement and specialty financial services enterprise I started 10 years ago during the depths of The Great Recession has outlasted nearly two-thirds of all businesses started in 2009.

The oddsmakers suggest perhaps we shouldn't still be here.

Yet we continue to thrive, a testament to the faith and confidence our loyal clients have placed in us since Day One.

What Was I Thinking?

I mean, what person in their right mind opens a specialty financial advocacy firm when the financial world is collapsing around everything in sight?

Having spent 25 years working for a major insurance carrier, first as a claims adjuster, then eventually as a vice president of its in-house structured settlement operation, I knew there existed a market for a company that could deliver high-quality, personalized service to a wide variety of clients who require ethical, professional guidance.

In fact, by running head-first into the financial calamity instead of away from it, I reasoned people would by inspired by our confidence and would turn to us for honest, reliable, reassuring advice during times of crises more than ever before.

So, I took the plunge and today, nearly $300 million worth of individual annuity contracts to over 750 individuals later, our firm continues to flourish.
How We Did It

Simple. We're a lean organization committed to providing exceptional personalized service. We don't try to be everything to everybody. We just strive to be really, really good at our core competencies: structured settlements and related products and services.

These may seem like nothing more than a bunch of trendy buzzwords, but you'd be surprised at how many times new clients tell us how much more efficient we are than what they're used to. Here's one from a first-time plaintiff attorney we received just last week:

"I appreciate your prompt communication and quick turnaround. I will definitely call you next time I structure anything."

While I am personally involved in every case that comes our way on the front end - attending mediations, providing legal and insurance education, meeting with clients, generating and finalizing quotes - Sharon Kamp, who provides post-settlement administrative support services for our firm, has few peers in terms of the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience she brings to her role, not to mention her top-notch customer service commitment. Just ask this Claims Vice President who used us for the first time in January having been referred by one of our existing Claims partners:

"I look forward to working with you and Dan again. You are exceptionally responsive and that is refreshing in our industry these days!"

From the very beginning we understood our best advertising was a happy customer. Any growth we've experienced since then has been due to word of mouth referrals and recommendations from our ever-expanding list of satisfied clients.

Thank You

So, with 10 years now officially in the books, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who've made it possible for us to continue our mission of helping secure the financial futures of so many people.

Some of you have been trusting me to help with your and your clients' structured settlement and fixed income needs for nearly 30 years. I am beyond grateful that you continue to permit me the honor of working with you.

For those who've only recently become aware of the services we provide, welcome aboard! I hope you know how much we care and how committed we are to listening to your concerns so we can help put you on a path to the secure financial future you desire.

We hope you'll still be with us at our 15th anniversary and beyond. But between then and now, we hope you know you can count on us to help you during your time of financial transition or indecision.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and best wishes for continued success in your personal and professional lives.

Dan Finn, CPCU, MSSC™, RICP®
Master's Certified Structured Settlement Consultant™
Retirement Income Certified Professional®

NOTE: This newsletter is presented for educational purposes only using material freely available in the public domain and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. All rights reserved.

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