Back to School Means Back to Work!
On September 8, 2020, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School began our 14th school year in a remote learning setting, with an opportunity for students to use Cristo Rey's building for tutoring, counseling, and activities.  

The remote learning platform allows faculty to provide meaningful, consistent and safe lessons without concern of having to switch between hybrid or in-person learning. Because our relationships with our students and families are paramount to our students’ and school’s success, Cristo Rey Jesuit’s building will remain open as a hub of safe, physically-distanced activity. We hope to build trust through a safe model, while also providing student access to the building and its resources.

98% Retention of Upperclassmen
129 Incoming Freshmen 
763 Graduates
Each student will receive a Dell laptop for academic and CWSP work.
Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 were given the preference of working on-site or remotely for their Corporate Work Study Program experience. Students in grade 9 will begin the year learning the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Additionally, corporate partners were given the option to elect to host students on-site or virtually. Roughly half of our companies have opted to have their students work at their offices. Companies opting for virtual work have either issued devices for their student workers to use, or, the student will utilize their school-provided laptop for work.
Some of the only Minneapolis students in a school building on Tuesday were scattered across a spacious classroom at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. There, seniors logged on to their corporate work-study placements.
Credit: Jaida Grey Eagle | Sahan Journal
We believe this is the safest way to advance our mission and provide stability in the constraints of COVID-19.
Remembering David Ramos '20
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is devastated to learn of the unexpected and tragic loss of graduate David Ramos on August 25th due to complications of Dengue and Leukemia. David was in Mexico taking a gap year to pursue his dreams of playing soccer professionally before going to college.

In the words of Jim Nelson, David's former teacher at his elementary school, Risen Christ, who now works at Cristo Rey, "David was funny and charismatic. He was always smiling and willing to encourage others."

David graduated in June 2020 and was a leader in the classroom, on the soccer field and beyond, working at Bell Bank. "David worked with our wealth management team and also assisted with marketing," said Kathleen Strombeck, Senior Vice President at Bell Bank. "David was beloved at Bell Bank as a young man who was kind, passionate about soccer and a very hard worker."

David will be dearly missed by the entire Cristo Rey Jesuit family. Our hearts go out to the Ramos family and we hold them in our prayers during this difficult time.
Ken Melrose Technology Lab Groundbreaking
On Monday, August 31, we began construction on a new, state-of-the-art technology lab!

The Ken Melrose Technology Lab will allow Cristo Rey Jesuit students to develop skills in coding, CAD, circuitry, and audio/visual editing through the use of high-tech equipment such as laser cutters, CNC routers, 3D printers, drones, robots, video and photography software and other industry-related equipment. This will maximize students’ preparation for work study positions and future careers.

Cristo Rey Network graduates earn college degrees at three times the national average for similar demographics. Our students then enter the workforce adding value to companies around the Twin Cities. Our fully-equipped Technology Lab will prepare Cristo Rey students for higher skilled in-demand jobs. The addition of technical skills training to our curriculum will help to meet the increase in industry demand for software developers, analysts, and employees in computer and IT roles
Alumni Spotlight: From teenage intern to top performer, Carmen Saldivar-Montano is ascending at U.S. Bank
When Carmen Saldivar-Montano '16 first walked into U.S. Bank in 2014, it wasn’t with a parent to open a savings account. Rather, it was her first day of work and the start of a new chapter of her life. Six years later, her story continues.

Through the Corporate Work Study Program, Carmen spent her final two years of high school working one day per week and rotating Fridays with the Prepaid team. That she held her own alongside her older, more experienced U.S. Bank colleagues is an understatement. Upon high school graduation, Carmen left the bank to begin her college journey, however, unforeseen circumstances necessitated her return to the Twin Cities area not long after starting. Undaunted and industrious, she contacted her Prepaid friends and mentors and was hired full time in the fall of 2016.
Carmen assumed the management of Cristo Rey interns and since then has emboldened the bank’s relationship with school administrators.
Since being hired full time, she’s already received a promotion, and was recently named a Legends of Possible recipient for 2019, an award presented annually to the top performing employees across U.S. Bank.

Carmen’s intern-to-full-time-employee story continues to inspire Cristo Rey students today.

Read Full Story written by Dan Endy of U.S. Bank.
Cristo Rey CWSP Partners Named as StarTribune's 2020 Top Workplaces
Congratulations to Corporate Work Study Program Partners Bell BankRyan CompaniesAllianzMortenson CompanyRSM, and AgMotion, Inc. for being named a 2020 StarTribune Top 150 Workplace! Thank you for investing in the development of a diverse workforce through our Corporate Work Study Program.
"The most successful companies attract talent of all types, bringing a diversity of teams and perspectives to the table. Do what we can to ensure the pipeline of talent is broad, that it’s not a siloed network. Make the diverse hire. Ensure that the right systems are in place to support that talent when they do join. Rigorously track, measure and make data-driven decisions. The data unequivocally shows that diverse teams lead to better outcomes. And let Minnesota be that first mover for change. Let innovation be born out of the national crisis we’re facing today."
-StarTribune Top 150 Workplaces 2020 Keynote Speaker, Mary Grove

A complete list of those selected is available at
Partner With Us!
We are always looking for new Corporate Work Study Program partners!

It’s easy for companies to participate—companies pay Cristo Rey directly for the students’ time, and the school handles all administrative details such as payroll, FICA, FUTA, W-4, I-9, etc. Participating companies get diverse, reliable and motivated talent for high-turnover positions, without the cost of additional benefits.

Join the 85+ Twin Cities companies who are ALL IN to partner with Cristo Rey this year, like Xcel EnergyLazardVärde PartnersDorsey & Whitney LLPAPi Group and the University of St. Thomas

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Student Spotlight
I work at Allied Solutions, which is a marketing, lending and insurance company. At work, I'd typically package and ship presentations that are ordered by people for meetings. I also facilitate opportunities for the companies we are aligned with and help keep our system up-to-date with our customers' contact information.

When I go to college, I am interested in studying to be either a K-5 teacher, professional photographer or a chef because I wish to do something with my creativity.

During distance learning, I have learned that our community really cares about our teachers, students and staff. I personally have gotten to talk to different staff in our community and connect with my teachers.That we are all close, deeply care and want the best for each other, is one of the best qualities of Cristo Rey.

Rainie C. '22
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
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