We're thrilled to share our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities! Check out this summary or watch this video.
Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

In social and environmental justice movements, there is a significant call for gs programs that offer embodied transformation and leadership development, trauma-healing and resilience-building. In an effort to be responsive to this, an amazing Strategy Team of gs teachers, partners and staff met for over 18 months. We set out to ensure that as gs grows, our contribution becomes even more powerful and precise.

We are thrilled to share what we came up with -- our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities (here's a Strategic Priorities summary document and a video with more information)!

In these times, we're facing an escalation of white supremacist forces and an intensified crisis that is ecological, political and economic. Grave threats are targeting Black people, immigrants, indigenous folks, Muslims, Arabs, and our environment. In response, resistance movements are continuing to build powerful strategies to defend our communities and forward liberatory change.

Here at gs, we are committed and well-positioned to make a meaningful contribution. Today, we're inviting you to learn about where we are headed.

Thank you for all the ways you contribute to gs and make this work possible! Stay tuned - we'll be sending out more details about our Strategic Priorities over the course of September.

With hope and commitment,
Chris, Staci and the entire gs Strategy Team


PS. Excited about our Strategic Priorities and want to contribute today - wonderful - donate here! Interested in contributing with time and energy?! Fabulous - sign up to get involved with
Get Centered - a community fundraising effort that will take place over the course of September - raising $30K in 30 days to support gs to fully implement our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities!

PPS. SAVE-THE-DATE -- We're holding a Happy Hour event to celebrate the launch of our Strategic Priorities and cultivate some much needed resilience in these times. In Oakland, CA on Wednesday October 11th @ 6-8pm. RSVP here . (Not on FB? All good, email us to let us know you plan to come!)