Let us inspire you with some great success stories below!
Also, please read about our greatest present need right now - a refugee camp in Congo.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF HOME OF HOPE – 2019 is already an amazing year of helping many children! Our goal is to help 5000 more children in Africa THIS YEAR. How?
"Makayla, what do you want for your birthday?"
"I want to give some shoes to kids in Congo who have never had a pair of shoes."
Joseph is 1 now and is so proud to be standing and walking! This amazing little boy was originally brought to us by Kenyan Police who rescued him from a child trafficking ring - his mother had sold him for $300!
(The sponsor named him Joseph from the bible - he was rescued out of slavery as well)
CALLING Medical Professionals!
In March 2020, Dr. Johann vanderVyver is planning to lead a team of medical professionals to Rwanda.
DID YOU KNOW that we are the only NGO helping 15,000 people in a refugee camp in Congo? We are currently feeding about 500 of the children, but we want and need to do more!
Thank you for your continued support!

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