Directors Update

Hello CAHL friends and family,

I hope you all have been enjoying the start of this new decade!  I don’t know about you, but I am already thinking SPRING! Too soon?  Maybe because our family is headed to California mid-February for my nephew’s bar mitzvah! My nephew, Adam, was born the same year I started at CAHL and is turning 13 on February 6th. Thirteen is an important year in the Jewish culture, as this is the age regarded as ready to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship. As fun as Adam’s big day will be, we will also be spending a day at the beach as well as an adventure filled day at Disneyland. Everyone in the Vander Zanden household is excited about this trip and Laila and Roman have been diligent with a countdown. As of today, only 14 more days to go!  

In other important updates, you may have heard that the Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention and Control Program has released a Request for Applications for community-based tobacco prevention and control interventions. This is part of a program restructure to reduce tobacco related health disparities. I wanted you all to know that CAHL does plan to apply for funding through this RFA to continue our work on tobacco prevention. Locally, as well as statewide, CAHL has contributed to the decline in adult and youth smoking rates and helped usher historic public health policies like the state’s smoke-free air law, tobacco taxes, smoke-free multi-unit housing, and tobacco-free K-12 and college campuses. CAHL recognizes and is dedicated to continue this work to reduce tobacco-related health disparities. 
This RFA focuses on reducing tobacco’s burden in Wisconsin by eliminating tobacco-related health disparities and advancing health equity in the state. CAHL hopes to be part of this mission by writing a successful application to remain a funded part of the tobacco control program. If you as a member or friend of CAHL want to help contribute to our application, we welcome your input! Feel free to contact Wendy directly with ideas, or to talk through any questions or concerns you have regarding this opportunity. We look forward to continued success in tobacco prevention and control for years to come! 
As always, keep in touch! Working with all of you towards common goals in community health is why I love what I do! Let’s keep moving this important work forward, together!  Feel free to reach out anytime, I would love to meet with you.
Cheers to a happy, healthy and successful 2020!  Let’s do this!
Drug Free Communities
Reach Rises to the Occasion
D ecember was a BIG month for REACH. Our wonderful duo affectionately known as "Hannie", together with our good friends Rise Together, hosted 6 events reaching over 250 students and 67 parents!
  • 12/09 - RISE TOGETHER presentation to Stockbridge Middle and High School students
  • 12/10 - RISE TOGETHER and REACH launch the RAISE PROJECT with 12 selected Stockbridge High School Students
  • 12/10 - RISE TOGETHER community presentation 
  • 12/12 - RISE TOGETHER presents to Hilbert 7th, 8th and 9th graders, Trinity Lutheran, Hilbert 7-8th grade
  • 12/12 - RISE TOGETHER Self care and CRAAVE21 workshop for Hilbert 9th grade
  • 12/13 R- RISE TOGETHER Stockbridge teacher and administration workshop and REACH vaping presentation
Stay in the know
State Grades | State of Tobacco Control

The 18th annual “State of Tobacco Control” report grades states and the federal government on policies proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use, and finds that Wisconsin’s grade have remained virtually unchanged...

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The link between marijuana and e-cigarettes

Youth who currently use one or more tobacco products, like e-cigarettes, hookahs or combustible cigarettes, are more likely to report marijuana use 24 months later...

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Green Bay woman shares her experience with vaping disease

Allison Herger's doctors told her she had pneumonia. But a day into a hospital stay, she could barely breathe. Just one doctor knew what was wrong. She had the vaping disease...

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6.2 Million middle and high school students used tobacco ...

About 6.2 million U.S. middle and high school students were current (past 30-day) users of some type of tobacco product in 2019, according to new National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) data released in today's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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Historic low youth smoking rate overshadowed by...

As Teen Smoking Rate Hits Historic Low, Youth Tobacco Use Hits Record High Derailing Years of Progress and Putting a New Generation at Risk...

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Congress set to prohibit sales of tobacco products to...

Tobacco 21 is a step, but it's not a solution to the youth e-cigarette epidemic. Shifting attention away from the dangers of flavored e-cigarettes plays right into the industry's hand...

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Wisconsin Wins is a science-based, state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. Through Wins, investigations or compliance checks, are conducted to facilitate retailer compliance with the law. 

For more information about WI Wins, visit
In 2019, 378 WI Wins compliance checks were completed in 7 counties. Overall, 44 sales of tobacco products to minors were made.

CAHL continues to provide training and education opportunities to tobacco retailers, with emphasis on those who sell tobacco to minors.
Learning Opportunities
TPCM State Plan 2020-2025 Webinar
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Join this webinar to learn more about objectives in the new state plan to reduce the burden of tobacco by addressing disparities, prevention, treatment, and secondhand smoke and how you can help!