DKT's 2020 Results are in!
Dear Friend of DKT,

We are proud to share our 2020 sales and health impact results.

In spite of a great many challenges associated with a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, DKT International had a record-breaking year, providing products and services in over 90 countries and delivering more than 48.6 million Couple Years of Protection (the estimated protection provided by contraceptive methods during a one-year period).

These results place DKT as one of the largest providers of contraception and safe abortion products, services, and technology in the world.

DKT efforts delivered major health impact, including:
  • 11.3 million pregnancies averted
  • 49,000 maternal deaths avoided
  • 12.8 million unsafe abortions averted

In 2020, DKT sold or provided:
  • 824 million condoms
  • 103.4 million oral contraceptive cycles
  • 15.8 emergency contraception doses
  • 13 million 3-month injectable contraceptives
  • 3.6 million 1-month injectable contraceptives
  • 4 million IUDs
  • 2.5 million hormonal implants
  • 3.1 million contraceptive suppositories
  • 5 million medical abortion combination packs
  • 19 million misoprostol pills
  • 251,000 manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) kits
  • 1.5 million MVA cannulae
  • 52,000 tubal ligations and vasectomies

In addition, DKT sold:
  • 3.3 million oral rehydration salt (ORS) packs
  • 1.4 million pregnancy test kits
  • 3.5 million lubricant sachets / tubes
  • 55,000 HIV test kits

Details of these results and sales are broken down by country and freely available on our website.

We thank the many employees, donors, and partners who have supported DKT during this past year. These results and impact would not have been possible without you.

Christopher Purdy
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