This Summer, “C” is for Change, Courtesy, and Cooperative.
As your Integrator, I am committed to honest, open, and transparent communication through our summer of change. Here is what I know today:

Change: Our Visionary, Owner & CEO Mitch Waks is taking a sabbatical through July. His plan is to regroup, and also visit a few home care companies across the country. He’s seeking best practices to bring back to Cooperative, focusing on modernizing what we do.

Our #CooperativeCourtesyCampaign is built on key principles that seem simple but are often overlooked. From now through Labor Day, we'll find opportunities for courtesy inside and outside Cooperative. We'll recognize our MAHC Volunteer of the Year, and celebrate our 35th with a grand outdoor event. Next, we'll extend our courtesy into our communities through service projects. Finally, we'll finish strong with our first ever Founder's Day event.
Cooperative turns 35 this summer. Our Founder, Fran Sontag, envisioned change for the young adults she served. She wanted to bring positive change to their lives. She added home care to their education services, and Cooperative was born. I'm excited to see what we will achieve, as we set our minds toward positive change.

Your Integrator,
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