DKT's 2021 Sales Results are in!
Dear Friend of DKT,

DKT 2021 results are in.

We had a record-breaking year, delivering 54.2 million CYPs across 90 different countries, an increase of 12% over the prior year.  

Despite the challenges of COVID, 2021 was a tremendous year of growth. DKT introduced essential products in new geographies, including the launch of misoprostol and emergency contraception in Chad, the introduction of medical abortion in South Sudan, and initial sales of contraceptive hormornal implants in Kenya and Uganda. We’ve started teleabortion services in Mexico and leveraged e-commerce in Nigeria and Pakistan.  

We are always transparent with our results. A summary of 2021 sales is below and a detailed breakdown of sales by country and product is on our website.

In 2021, DKT sold or provided:

  • 901.4 million condoms
  • 111.3 million oral contraceptive cycles
  • 20.3 million emergency contraception doses
  • 19.2 million 3-month injectable contraceptives
  • 895,000 2-month injectable contraceptives
  • 6.4 million 1-month injectable contraceptives
  • 4.7 million IUDs
  • 3.7 million contraceptive suppositories
  • 1.7 million 3-year hormonal implants
  • 52,000 4-year hormonal implants
  • 124,000 5-year hormonal implants
  • 84,000 female condoms
  • 5 million medical abortion combination packs
  • 25.5 million misoprostol pills
  • 300,000 manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) kits
  • 1.3 million MVA cannulae
  • 67,000 tubal ligations and vasectomies

Additionally, DKT sold:
  • 4.8 million lubricant sachets / tubes
  • 1.9 million oral rehydration salt (ORS) packs
  • 1.8 pregnancy test kits
  • 1 million erectile dysfunction supplements
  • 351,000 male enhancement supplements
  • 219,000 feminine care products
  • 103,000 HIV test kits
  • 33,000 lactation supplements

DKT’s results would be impossible without our dedicated employees, donors, and partners. We are thankful for their commitment to ensuring our products reach women and men around the world. We look forward to sharing our health impact results soon.

Christopher Purdy
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