Email Newsletter: Jan 8, 2019, 2019 Part II - Vol 121 No 122
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Yes, 2019

has arrived and now it’s time to organize your taxes. This week, our Newsletter actually has quite a bit of really useful tax information about what this upcoming filing season will mean to you.
We will cover the Form 1099 requirements, the standard mileage rate for 2019 and more.

Since success in the trucking industry is measure in nickels and dimes, you have to really make sure the wheels keep rolling to make a dollar.
Next, I am proud to announce we have added another benefit to our website. The NTA & the NRA have struck a deal whereby the NTA will offer discounted rates for joining the National Rifle Association.

We will be offering One-Year Regular Memberships which are normally $45.00 for only $30.00, Three-Year Regular Memberships that normally cost $100 will be now $85 thru the NTA and a Five-Year- Regular Memberships that normally costs $150 thru the NTA will be only $100.00.

Life Memberships are discounted as well from $750 down to $500 thru the NTA.

New Members will get an NRA Hat and a choice of four magazines. Keep checking our website for new benefits. 

Join the NTA and let us help you shine. 

Remember, our motto is "Helping Others to Succeed in Business"
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If you engage the services of an individual (independent contractor) in your business, other than one who meets the definition of an employee, and you pay him or her $600 or more for the calendar year, then you are required to issue that person a Form 1099-MISC to avoid penalties and the prospect of losing the deduction for his or her labor and expenses in an audit. Payments to independent contractors are referred to as non-employee compensation (NEC).
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