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Dear All,

We are thrilled to announce we have finally gotten our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), FHA (Fair Housing Act) and CA Constitutional right to self defense against wireless radiation in the home lawsuit filed! However it is with great sadness that we also must announce the passing of one of our incredible EMF attorneys, Mark Pollock. His absence is palpable. He is sorely missed. Please see his Memorium at the end of this email.

Approx. one year and 9 months ago, we sent out a video message via Go Fund Me because we and all living beings are slowly but surely being killed by the wireless industry, utilizing laws written by them to favor their debilitating and deadly wireless radiation business model. So we set out to change the law and sue them, their enablers at the FCC and our legislative government...basically the whole cabal. Thanks to your incredible generosity and support we have now accomplished this goal! Although not in the way we initially envisioned it as you will see below, we do feel we now have some extremely viable lawsuits, including the FCC suit on RF standards we are party to in the courts aimed at setting precedents for us all.

In the Go Fund Me video, we spoke of partnering with the law firm from the Erin Brockovich film, Girardi and Keese, with whom we had a long working relationship with, having met with them on multiple occasions re: a mass tort smart meter suit nearly a decade ago and referring multiple clients to them over the years, (one or two of whose cases they actually took on), then introducing our cell tower attorney, Andrew Campanelli to them in order to bring our case with them attached as our pro hac vice firm. It is with more sadness today that I must announce Tom Girardi is no longer able to practice law in CA due to disciplinary actions taken against him by the CA State Bar Association. He stands accused of embezzlement of clients funds, the details of which can be publicly found online in multiple articles and his firm is now shuttered. Thus we are unable to move forward in this suit with him and his prolific, world famous law firm representing us.

After news of this came out, I reached out to Tom as I am so fond of him, but my calls and emails were not returned. It is also worth noting that one of the articles I read on this stated Tom had "late stage Alzheimers" which could explain some of these actions that are so out of character for him. I wish Tom nothing but the very best, both in his legal troubles and his health and I also wish his clients who filed the complaint to be made whole. I will always remember him as a bright shining legal star giving me real hope for justice. His absence from our suit and the legal world in general is a real loss, but necessary given the circumstances.

Moving on...

Shortly after we launched our fund raising campaign for these lawsuits, Covid 19 hit and the whole country went into lock down for well over a year. We are just now getting out of it, but the industry used this unprecedented block of time absent of public scrutiny, to stealthily roll out 5G. That was no accident that we were locked down while 5G was being implemented across the nation and world. I have my own theories as to why they did this - I believe 5G will be working in concert with the nano tech contained in the current Covid "vaccines" being administered globally, but I digress...

For a very long time we had been seeking a plaintiff for this suit, deriving from the Northern District of CA, as we were advised that was the best court for a favorable outcome. We even sent out a survey asking for your input when precious time was flying by and we had not yet been able to obtain a plaintiff from this area. Your preference was to wait to obtain a plaintiff from the Northern District, as was our preference and in a perfect world, we would be able to afford this luxury of waiting. However, after going through many potential plaintiffs that failed to work out for one reason or another (i.e., they wanted to be compensated which would be illegal, they said yes only to back out after we started working on their case causing us and our attorney to waste precious time and resources, they would not sign our agreement not to settle if offered funds from the industry, the list goes on) the most recent one where the guy just didn't want to attach any other lawsuits to his case (we were going to attach one suit per court district in CA to encompass all 4 - the entire state of CA and tie them altogether in the Northern District court), he also would not agree to not settling - an absolute must in our minds. So we realized obtaining the right plaintiff in the right district who shared our values of never settling, also came with the possibility of never being able to find this person and there was simply no more time to waste...the globalists and wireless industry are moving at lightning speed with 5G but we were going at a snails pace, my EHS has skyrocketed now that I am being exposed to 5G (at least that's what the telecom workers phone says and that's what the company tells me it is) on a daily basis from my neighbor, plus they just installed a brand new transmitter right near my home. This radiation makes me vomit, disables me for days with migraines, I experience what feels like organ failure and I believe this new exposure has caused even more serious health effects which I will not go into as I may soon be filing a lawsuit on that as well. We simply cannot wait any longer as who knows how long this waiting game will go on and quite frankly, I'm not sure I can last that long under the circumstances as I am now getting getting signals (EMF) that were not there before and my symptoms have escalated exponentially.

And finally, without going into too much detail (since this is a lawsuit after all) advances have been made since we originally put the call out for this lawsuit. Here is a statement on this from our lead attorney, Andrew Campanelli...

“While there are other ADA cases being filed in the country, this case is directly attacking the claim that the rights of the ADA and FHA are pre-empted by the Telecom Act. We were encouraged by the case of Brown vs LA Unified School District which appears to have recognized the expanded definition of disability under state law."

I am prohibited by our attorney from speaking more about this, but what is also included in our lawsuit is the Constitutional right to self defense in the home, also currently being violated by the wireless industry. So again, without going into too much detail, the Brown case's legal opinion on disability along with my firm commitment to never settling, the recent implementation of the new antenna near my home along with LA Countys denial of my rights, the fact that we were still at ground zero with regards to obtaining a Northern District plaintiff and the antennas just keep coming more and more rapidly, all helped form our decision to file in a court outside of the Northern district. Also the fellow from the Northern District who did not want to partner with us went ahead and filed his lawsuit without us, so it is entirely possible his case may receive a favorable ruling on this prior to ours, but we also run the risk of him settling and that was something I wasn't willing to wait for regarding the outcome of his case, which has the potential to leave us back at square one again with nothing on the books to protect us. Thus we filed.

If we do get a bad ruling - which we do not believe will happen at this point, but if we do, we will for sure be appealing.

One more word on our case, the Judge still must accept our change of attorneys which we do not believe will be rejected.

There are still more suits to be fought on this issue and we are still in talks with others re: other precedents that may be set by filing on their behalf. Thus we are still seeking funds for this and other wireless lawsuits. So if you are able, please do donate via our Go Fund Me page or directly via our website if you prefer. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated and very much needed.

We will be sending out a news letter on general articles and videos of import tomorrow.

And now for the really sad news...
Mark Pollock in Memorium

It is with great shock and sadness that we must announce the passing of one of our integral EMF attorneys, Mark Pollock. When I inquired, according to his partner at the firm, Mark had recently received the Covid "vaccine". I wanted them to do an autopsy on his body to see about the spike protein in relation to his death but I was not allowed to speak about it til weeks after he had died at which point it was too late. He was healthy prior to the shot, which I believe is what killed him. This was a total shock to all of us.
Mark was a fearless EMF advocate, willing to take cases other attorneys were not. I heard about him from a fellow anti EMF advocate whose anti 5G case due to lack of health claim insurance coverage by the industry he was working on in Newport Beach, CA. He was the CA attorney of record in our recently filed wireless EMF case and was also working on at least one other EMF case in the country. He was a sweet, kind, honest and brilliant man and attorney. He will be sorely missed. Here is is his obituary

With gratitude to you all and hope and action for our future and our planet,