January 17, 2018 | Cross Cultural Awareness in Houston
Better, Together
Explore Race and Culture Over a Cup of Joe
We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. as a nation on Monday.
I'm proud of being an African American and the strength, courage and sheer determination that Martin Luther Kind Jr. and others showed in extending the moral fabric and character of our nation. As Americans, we have come a long way.

And yet we have a long way to go. 

Whether in schools, including St. Anne Catholic School and Strake Jesuit where my children attend, or in workplaces across Houston, missteps, misunderstandings and misgivings emerge largely due to lack of awareness. Statements like:

  • "This company is not interested in diversity or really looking at what is happening here with non-White Managers"

  • "It took my son three days to explode about being called the N-Word at school
           (7th grade). Three days!"

  • "My Mom is a Red neck"

  • "When I was in elementary school, I called my cousin a wetback. He never let me forget it"

Although we live in one of the most diverse cities in America, we have a significant journey ahead of us in raising cultural awareness for ourselves, our children, co-workers, neighbors and the community. We have such a great opportunity to see each other more fully and to have a broader awareness and appreciation of who we each are in the world.

Join me in a breakfast discussion on race and cross cultural awareness to start in February and run every other month throughout 2018.

As a Georgetown University trained Leadership Coach, I would like to meet with people interested in broadening their cultural awareness over a cup of joe in the morning, after morning drop-off and before the workday begins. We piloted a similar set of discussions with Georgetown University Coaches and guests last year to explore the white/black dynamic in America (3 face-to-face groups, 2 virtual). The meetings were wildly successful. We laughed. We cried. We saw each other in ways we had not and could not, before. 

I'd like to bring this home to Houston and see what beauty and music we can unearth about race and culture over breakfast. I'd love to here your take on things and to share with you mine.

Join me. Bring a friend.

We've laid the groundwork to have a great experience this year and to learn from each other. I would be delighted to facilitate these sessions in Houston. In addition, please let me know if you'd be interested in working with me to select articles and other resources for the sessions.


I'm thinking we would meet downtown in a restaurant in the Marriott Marquis,  Hyatt or another location, depending on the composition of the group. The timing would be 8:00am-9:30am.

Your first cup of joe is on me.

The details will be fleshed out later this month in a follow-up email to those interested in joining me for the journey.


Email me at carmenjones@waterlightgroup.com by Wednesday, January 24th.
Martin Luther King had an amazing dream. I know we can build on his legacy, together. This is my America. Our America.

I'm looking forward to learning with you!

Tracy Carmen-Jones

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