Announcing our Annual Conference! 

Featuring the Honorable President 
of the State of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin
Givat Haviva 2015 Conference Invitation
Updates from our
International Department

During the course of the past month over 500 mostly young people participated in the International Department's seminars, guided tours and educational activities. Coming from very diverse countries, cultural backgrounds and political attitudes, the groups were very challenging in more ways than one.  However, our lecturers and guides - always willing to deal with the most sensitive topics involving Jewish-Arab relations - gave background to the conflict, educational messages from Givat Haviva, and much more.  The International Department received very rewarding and complimentary comments from participants at the end of their lectures and tours. 


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Ahmad & Aya at Peace Camp last summer.
Good Friday Prayer Breakfast Invitation, click for more information.
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Our Third Annual Conference

"Developing a Joint Vision for a Shared Society 
in Israel"

May 28th, 2015
President Reuven Rivlin, this year's Annual Conference keynote speaker.


Givat Haviva's high-profile conference will be held as a key milestone in a three-year "Joint Vision 2020"  program led by Givat Haviva together with partners to develop, promote and implement the first Jewish-Arab joint vision for a Shared Society in Israel.  International attendees will provide a global perspective and the Honorable President of the State of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, will be featured as the Keynote Speaker.  With the continued downturn in Jewish-Arab relations threatening democracy and peace in Israel, there is increasing importance in consolidating a long-term vision as a guide towards which policies and programs can be directed. The event will provide a high profile platform for launching the envisioned initiative, engaging diverse stakeholders in the process and gaining media attention for national impact.

Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro, the 2014 Annual Conference's keynote speaker.


Aya and Ahmad visit the
West Coast

Youth participants from Givat Haviva's Through Others' Eyes Program


Father Fred K. Bailey from Santa Clara de Asis Catholic Church in California, has graciously invited Aya and Ahmad, two Israeli Arab and Jewish youth, to be the keynote speakers for their annual Good Friday Prayer Breakfast on April 3rd.

The prayer breakfast is a celebration of people, like Aya and Ahmad, who choose not to hate and instead focus on dialogue, reconciliation and collaboration. 

Aya and Ahmad were participants in last year's Through Others' Eyes group, a program that engages twenty Israeli Arab and Jewish youth between the ages of 16 to 18, at least once a week over a year-long period.  During the sessions, the youth get to truly know and relate to one another through engagement in photography projects under the guidance of an Arab and a Jewish facilitator, who are also professional photographers. The art and dialogue components are organized around themes relevant to the lives of the youth, such as family, culture, religious celebrations, and self and group identity. In the program, youth from different backgrounds share personal and cultural histories and narratives to build a common group experience.